Return youth while firming your face through nature-based technology.
How does it work?
ENDERMOLOGIE .. FACE is a nature-based technology that can restore youth to your skin through the principle of Tridimensional Cutaneous Stimulation in stimulating the production of Collagen & Elastin under the skin. Moreover, it also stimulates the blood circulation around the facial area, enabling nutrients and oxygen to better-nourish your face. As a result, wrinkles begin to fade and your face becomes firmer.

ITS POWER, its technological efficiency makes the result trustworthy.
ITS INTELLIGENCE, the number-one genius against signs./span>
ITS EASE, no complication, no complex treatment procedure.
ITS GENTLE, for your skin and better skin health./span>
ITS INOVATIVE, one of the nature-based innovations that can make your skin youthful by copying the natures process.
ITS FUTURISTIC, one of the nature-based innovations that can make your skin youthful by copying the natures process.
1. Rejuvenate your skin within 4 weeks after treatment.
2. Erase signs and wrinkles, as well as reduce numbers of signs while making them shallower.
3. Benefit the production of COLLAGEN under the skin.
4. Strengthen ELASTIC NETWORK under the skin.
5. Retain the treatment result for a long time after the end of the treatment.
6. Reduce fat around cheeks and chin, making your face leaner.

92% of those who received this treatment want to continue although it is over.


Note: the response may vary to each person differently.
Note: the response may vary to each person differently.
Face Consultation With Vectra
They say that the eyes are the window to our soul, we believe in that- but in Nida Skin we say that the face is the center of beauty. And beauty is what we create.

Upon coming to our center for consultation, our dermatologist will assess your skin condition. They will carefully inspect the causes and tendencies of such flaws. Aside from that, our center provides an innovated technology from USA to let you see your skin condition like pigmentation, melasma, pores, wrinkles, blemishes, acnes, comedones, rosaceaetc that you cannot see upon looking at the mirror. This technology is called Vectra.
Vectra is a 3D imaging system that assesses skin deeper and ultra high resolution to define smallest details of your skin. In this way, you will be able to identify your condition and you will correlate to what the dermatologist is explaining to you.

You can discuss thoroughly with the dermatologist your concerns and we will be able to simulate your photo captured and you can predict what will be the outcome of your laser treatment. We can show you the possibilities and expected result with Vectra 3D. It is always advantage to have a good technology to let our patient understand their condition, and let them see the development and completion of their recommended treatment.

Because in Nida, We don’tgive you imagination.

We show you the future.
What the Expert says?