10 Things to Know before Facial Lifting & Tightening and Update the Best Facial Reshaing Technology of 2022, in Bangkok, Thailand

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Nowadays, a lot of young women and men are interested in taking care of their appearance to always look bright and healthy in order to boost up their confidence by improving their facial skin, body shapes and overall look. All of this can be achieved by exercising, eating nutritious food, getting enough sleep and using moisturizers and sunscreens regularly.

However, it is not all aesthetic problems can be solved by ourselves; therefore, various beauty technologies in Bangkok, Thailand are developed to help solve and get rid of these problems once and for all such as a laser technology that helps tighten the skin or a facelift surgery which is the quickest and direct answer for facial sagging problems.

In addition, there will be a certain age when there are changes in the facial structure, such as facial bones that collapse due to fatty tissue layers and deteriorated skin collagen and elastin. This usually occurs at the age of 30-40-50s. These are problems that cannot be solved with regular self-care approaches. It requires various technologies to help, so today Nida Esth' Medical Centre in Bangkok, Thailand has concluded 10 interesting useful facts for anyone who is concerned about the problem of loose and sagging face and seek for some advice on how to reshape the facial shape with the most advanced and popular techniques and technologies in 2021 in Bangkok, Thailand.

List of Contents

1. Facial shape problems we often see

Naturally, there are various facial shape problems from a number of reasons and factors but to give a clearer explanation, we have divided these problems into four main concerns as follows:



1.1 Facial shape problems from muscles

Most of the time, the main cause of square-shaped face is large jawbones caused by muscle and bone structures that are larger than the overall facial proportion. We can easily notice by trying to hold the molar teeth; then, try to feel the area of both jawlines. We will find that there is a convexity of the muscles. The more we feel, the more jaw muscles we have. And, we could say that this is the main reason for square-shaped face of Asian people.



1.2 Face problem from fat accumulation

Fatty and chubby cheeks occur from the accumulation of excess fat. It is a common problem in women which is often caused by heredity, increasing age, lifestyle behaviors and, especially with irregular diet and lack of exercise.

1.3 Problem of sagging skin

Wrinkles and sagging skin are one of the very first signs that you can notice about aging skin. They usually occur when the skin lacks moisture, elastin and collagen which naturally decline with increasing age, along with the sagging of the muscles that support the facial structure. It is usually found around eyes, jawlines and neck. Smoking and excessive exposure to UV rays from sunlight are external stimuli that can cause faster aging. As our age increases, the muscles begin to loose and lose its firmness. Also, gravity and excessive weight gain are additional factors that cause sagging problems. 

1.4 Older-looking and dehydrated facial skin 



The problem of aging skin usually occur when we are at the age of 40-50 years, together with the amount of Hyaluronic Acid, which is the source of youth, greatly reduces, causing the deterioration of the facial structure, including skin problems, resulting in an imbalance of fat and the deterioration of facial muscles that help support the fat layer. All of these cause wrinkled face and aging skin.

In addition, the function of collagen and elastin that deteriorates can cause dull skin, unsymmetrical  face, large pores, etc. that are the obvious signs of aging skin that women aged approximately 40-50s usually  have to be facing.

2. Update on the technique of facial reshaping of 2022 for wide, square-shaped face caused by muscles in Bangkok, Thailand



Botox® injection

Botox® injection: Botulinum toxin is the only alternative that can help reduce muscle masses and the results can be seen very quickly. The cost is not very high compared to other methods. Plus, there is no surgery needed. But, Botox injections to reshape the face are only suitable for people with large face problems from muscles. If it's caused by fat, you may want to consider other techniques instead. In addition, the benefit of Botox is that it helps reduce wrinkles around the face and can also reduce sweating in areas that sweat a lot.

Disadvantages: Results may not last forever. The procedure should be repeated every 3-6 months to maintain the results for as long as possible.



Facial Threading

Facial Thread lifting: It is a method that can adjust the facial shape up to the muscle layer, which requires the expertise of a doctor who specializes in thread lifting to tighten the muscles to the correct contours of the elegant face. But, the disadvantages of facial thread threading are: 

  • It cannot fix the problem of square-shaped face caused by muscles. 
  • It cannot provide permanent results as the facial thread will dissolve in about two to three years, causing the face to become sagging again.
  • There is a risk that the web of the silk thread can cause facial deformity.

There is a risk that the web of the silk thread can cause facial deformity. 

Botox ร้อยไหม
No risk of infection after the procedure There is a chance of infection if poorly maintained and cleaned.
Longer results but requires repeated injections regularly One procedure can last for about two to three years.
Less painful More painful
 No swelling and bruising after the procedure. It may cause swelling, bruising and bleeding.
 Reduce the size of the Masseter muscles, creating slender facial shape for a long time. Inability to reduce muscle size; it can only just stretch the skin


3. Update on the technique of facial reshaping of 2022 for facial fat accumulation

Laser technology for facial reshaping with gold energy: Deep Lock Gold Laser Triple V Effect

Deep Lock Gold Laser Triple V Effect: Laser technology from Europe with safety standards and guaranteed results from CE Mark. It is the only laser technology powered by gold-based ceramic for a non-surgical face and neck lifting. It provides the best treatment results that combines laser science with gold particles as a pure energy source. Based on the research results of a team of researchers in France, it is a light wave technology that has the pure energy of gold that emits Fractional High Intensity Focus Ultrasound waves into the skin to adjust the skin layer. This will help adjust the facial shape to be slender, lifted up and rejuvenate the skin by increasing the smoothness and brightness of the face, reducing wrinkles, making you look younger without surgery and pain. It can be called All-in-one laser for all skin problems.



Tips: Anyone who wants the "Small-Rejuvenated-V-shaped" face with immediate results and no surgery, no injections, or tired of having to apply contouring makeup with tons of steps, we recommend the Deep Lock Gold Laser Triple V Effect program, a laser program that helps tighten the face since the first treatment.



Liposuction injections

Liposuction injection is another highly popular method of liposuction around cheeks in Bangkok, Thailand that can produce visible results within one to two months after the injection.  The advantage is that the price is not very high but those who wish to dissolve fat with injections must accept the risks that may arise which include

1.Most of the substances used to dissolve facial fat have not been approved for safety by the Thai FDA.
2.To reduce the side effects of such injections, steroids are often mixed with, causing dangers from steroid injections into the body such as skin atrophy and unnaturally thin skin.
3.The depth of injection and the distribution of the fat solution are difficult to control. There may be a long-term problem in a crooked and unsymmetrical face. 


Buccal Fat Removal

Buccal Fat Removal: this is a minor surgery performed in the oral area that is very popular in Bangkok, Thailand because it can permanently remove the buccal fat area but since it's a surgery, at least 5-7 days of recovery may be required to allow the wound to heal completely to reduce the chance of infection.

Comparative table of advantages and disadvantages of facial reshaping techniques from fat accumulation problem

Deep Lock Gold Laser Fat Reduction Injection Buccal Fat Removal
It is a laser technology that is painless, non-injectable and non-surgical It is an injection into fat layer. It is an oral surgery. If the wound is not properly cared for, it may cause infection.
No side effects after the procedure: no pain, swelling and bruising There may be some bruises for a few days after injection
 and swelling from the saline mixed into the drug.
Severe swelling lasts at least 7-14 days
Results are seen immediately after the first treatment
It takes about 1-2 weeks so you can see the results clearly. It is a permanent removal of fat.
 But, we may have to wait to see the results in about 3-6 months

Provides results in all dimensions of the skin layers

 D5 : LIFT : Tighten (SMAS muscles that support the facial structure)

 D4 : FAT : Help reduce excess fat for a slimmer and firmer result. Also, the fat layer becomes thinner.

 D3 : FIRM : Strengthen Collagen Elastin Network

 D2 : LIGHT : Adjust skin color to look radiant and smooth.

 D1 : YOUTH : Photobiostimulation using light waves to stimulate the DNA of skin cells to look younger and shine again

It helps tighten some parts of the skin but it also has disadvantages;

1.    Substances used to inject fat in the face are often not certified for safety by the FDA in Thailand
2.     Often, steroids are mixed, causing dangers such as skin atrophy and sensitive skin
3.     The depth of injection and dispersion of the fat solution are difficult to control.  There may be a long-term problem in a crooked or unsymmetrical face.

No effect on skin tightening

4. Update on the technique of facial reshaping of 2022 for sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles in Bangkok, Thailand

Fotona 4D™ Inside-out Lifting

Fotona 4D™ Inside-out Lifting is a very popular non-surgical face laser lifting program in the USA and in Bangkok, Thailand that is effective for firming, wrinkle-free and radiant skin. It is perfect for those who are looking for a safe, non-surgical facelift method. The Fotona 4D™ Inside-out Lifting program can help fully increase the collagen, resulting in the skin that is lifted and also increase firmness as well as continuously reduce wrinkles without injection of any fillers; the program is divided into 4 different treatment modes:

Mode 1: SmoothLiftinTM is the use of laser energy to tighten the cheek skin to make the skin smooth and tight by using the laser from the inside of the cheekbones on both sides and it does not give you pain.
Mode 2: FRAC3 is a laser used on the surface of our skin in order to combine the external energy from the first step to lift the skin; this mode also helps adjust the skin tone and appearance.
Mode 3: PIANO is a laser that stimulates collagen fibers to deliver energy to the deeper layers of the skin to help tighten the skin from the deep skin layers.
Mode 4: SupErficial TM Micro peeling is a gentle laser exfoliation of the top layer of skin, helping to brighten the skin and restore smoothness to the skin without causing injury and no scabs after the treatment. It is also able to help treat melasma, freckles and dullness effectively.



All 4 modes can treat the 3 layers of skin structure, namely the deep skin, the middle skin and the upper skin, and they can also target different skin areas at the same time and can also help…✓    Give different results immediately after the first treatment

  • Turn the skin plump and firm
  • Decrease cheek wrinkles
  • Create fuller prominent lips
  • Raise droopy mouth corners



Face lifting with Titan® laser technology

Face Lift with Titan® Laser Technology: This is another skin-tightening laser program that is very popular in the United States and in Thailand. Dermatologists and experts around the world agree that the Titan® Lifting Laser is as effective in lifting the face as a facelift surgery which does not cause any pain as the Titan® Lifting Laser uses infrared light to stimulate heat under the patient's skin, giving results comparable to facelift surgery.

Infrared energy is developed to help tighten the skin look young because it strengthens collagen in the deep under the skin layer. It also stimulates the function of Fifroblast, which is the main structure in collagen production and elastin in the dermis layer. The Titan program will be performed by a specialized plastic surgeon because they know which areas of the muscles of the face should be emphasized for the best results. You will feel the difference after the treatment because the collagen will shrink and tighten.





Facelift Surgery

Facelift surgery is a surgery to correct sagging facial skin caused by age-related changes such as bone mass, muscles, and facial flexibility, including the drooping skin on the forehead, cheeks, jawlines, chin and neck. Facelift is the quickest way to make your face look brighter, firmer, and younger again.



Comparison table of advantages and disadvantages of facial reshaping techniques from sagging skin - wrinkles



Fotona 4D Titan Facelift Surgery
Non-surgical Non-surgical Major surgery
No pain and no downtime No pain and no downtime Must recuperate for at least 2-4 weeks
See results immediately after treatment. See the difference immediately Tightening results immediately after the procedure but we have to wait for the swelling to be gone to see clear results
No risk of infection No risk of infection  There is a risk of infection if the wound is not properly cared for.

Other Advantages 

 - Replenishes the firmness and youthfulness to the face without injecting fillers.

- Fill in the cheekbones

- Raise droopy mouth corners

- Fuller lips

Other Advantages 

- Slimmer facial structure

- Reduce sagging

- The results are similar to the facelift surgery

Other Advantages 

 - Surgery must be performed by a specialist plastic surgeon in a hospital only

- Anesthesia is required to perform the procedure

- Approximately 1-2 nights stay in the hospital


5. Update on the technique of facial reshaping of 2022 for facial fat loss, skin aging, and old-looking facial skin in Bangkok, Thailand

ADSC Younger Premier by BioZtem program, youthful beauty from the cellular level, filling the youthfulness with the Stem Cell to create a new dimension of youth


ADSC Younger by BioZtem: is an advanced medical science that combines Surgical Science and Bio-Cellular Science with proprietary techniques to modify facial shapes and skin to look naturally younger than your real age with baby face stem cells, also known as ADSC Stem Cells of the patient's own, completely changing the history of traditional surgery.


This proprietary science was invented by Dr. Tonnard and Dr. Vapale, two famous Belgian plastic surgeons. They invented techniques for using ADSC Stem Cells to help patients suffering from facial problems and congenital disabilities, including the case of deformity from accidents or abnormalities from various diseases.


“ADSC Younger Premier” or baby face stem cells is designed to be perfect for the Asians’ facial structure which shows the immediate difference. On the basis of safety by using the patient's own ADSC Stem Cells to repair and restore the facial structure and skin, an auto-Transplant process with BioZtem Technology, the latest cell extraction technique, can create youthfulness in 2 steps as follows:   

1.Bio-Contouring is the science of creating a new dimension of facial structure with ADSC that has undergone cell extraction and separation by special procedures in a laboratory by specialized doctors until lived ADSC and Micro-Fat Globule are preserved in the most perfect form to fill the facial structure to look young, youthful and create dimension to facial shape like a miracle.

2.Bio-Filling is “Pure ADSC Filling” using pure ADSC Stem Cell from your own body to fill the missing and deteriorated cells from aging to the skin layer. It also increases the production of Collagen & Elastin from the cellular level together with various types of Biological Growth Factor to strengthen the “cell repair process”, reverse aging  and slow down aging without surgery.

The pure ADSC Stem Cells extracted by this proprietary process have been clinically analyzed as cells that are still viable and able to divide into new cells efficiently which has been accepted by leading medical journals at the international standard.




Filler Injection

Filler injection is “Hyaluronic acid” that is injected and goes under the skin in various areas of the face that needs to add more volume or create dimension such as the forehead, temples, under the eyes, cheekbones, cheeks, chin and mouth. It helps retain water in the skin by filling in the gaps in the skin cells. It can also make the cheek grooves that show aging become shallow, hydrated, and look smoother and younger.



Comparison table of advantages and disadvantages of techniques for for facial fat loss, skin aging, and old-looking facial skin

No side effects because stem cells are extracted from our own fat As it is synthetic; therefore, it may cause side effects
Long term results as it combines both stem cells and fat cells Results last 1-2 years, depending on the type of fillers used
There is a recovery period of 3-5 days  Swelling from 1-3 days
Liposuction must be performed to extract stem cells and injected into facial areas No liposuction; it uses Hyaluronic acid
Helps solve facial shape problems and restore skin problems Helps to solve facial contour problems but it doesn't help solve skin problems
 The most natural results Unnatural results that create an unnatural feeling when touched

6. How to take care of your facial skin to be away from aging wrinkles

  1. Stay away from the sun, especially in Thailand because UV rays can damage the inner skin layer, causing the skin structure to deteriorate. In addition to darkening the skin, it can also cause wrinkles, too.
  2. Drink a lot of water. We must say that it is a method that give results easily, quickly and more  importantly, very accessible. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day, in addition to making the skin bright and far away from wrinkles, it also positively results in the body's internal systems. The excretory system also improves and the body does not accumulate toxins. So, don't forget to drink a lot of water.
  3. Get enough rest. Our bodies are amazing because when we sleep our bodies secrete growth hormones to rejuvenate our bodies. Therefore, it is time to go to bed with enough sleep which can make the skin healthy and recover back to be bright and exceptional again.
  4. Avoid alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. I believe that everyone who reads this article should be aware that alcohol and cigarettes are not good, not just for skin health but also overall health. So, I would like to repeat that if you want your skin to look good and healthy. You should definitely avoid them.
  5. Exercise regularly.  Exercises will help tighten the muscles and skin to be firmer and not saggy. The body excretes waste products through sweat, also helping clear skin without having to rely on moisturizers at all.

7. Is it safe to undergo non-surgical facial reshaping procedures during Covid-19 in Bangkok, Thailand


During Covid-19, many of us living in Bangkok, Thailand, probably wonder if we can undergo facial procedures or not. The answer is that it can, of course, be done. But, we need to study the measures of a medical centre whether there are effective screening measures, for example, a Rapid Test Kit (ATK) is provided to clients as well as nurses, including doctors. Did the staff receive the full dose of vaccination?  In addition, the medical center should have standards and policies in patient care during the COVID-19 relief situation.

During a procedure, doctors and nurses should take preventive measures such as wearing masks, face shields and gloves to ensure that patients receive 100% safe service.


8. Scanning technology, analyze skin problems, and compare the results before - after; the only treatment that dares to guarantee

For the process of taking care of that facial shape, we can see the results before and after the procedure more clearly than just taking simple pictures. It starts from the first step which is very important. Imagine with the Clear Vision 2D&3D Camera to compare the results before and after the procedure to see clearly verifiable changes. 

Clear Vision 2D&3D can also analyze pigmentation, dark spots and redness. It is an advantage that we can see various problems clearly to be used as a guideline to consult with a specialist dermatologist to design a treatment plan that is suitable for each patient.


9. Verify the credibility and expertise of a dermatologist


Today, there is a variety of medical facilities that provide beauty and body services. The selection of a hospital is therefore another factor that should not be overlooked by considering the following things:

  • Safety Policy Various safety measures including prevention of COVID-19 and cleanliness in the laser center
  • It has the world-class facial reshaping laser technology such as US FDA.
  • There are medical certified doctors, a specialist in laser technology and various facial laser technologies
  • There is an AI Plan with clear details of the treatment program from how to do it to the exact cost
  • There is a close supervision before and after the treatment by skilled nurses
  • The procedure is performed in a safe, standardized facility that has been certified by international institutions
  • There is a clear assessment of the results before and after the changes.
  • There is a Customer Service team that takes care and answers questions 24 hours a day. 


10. Verify the credibility of a dermatological skin and laser center

After selecting a clinic, we also need to study the information of doctors who are consulting and taking care of our treatment, whether they are specialists or not; a professional doctor should

  • Have clear diploma and professional certificates as we can check the list of surgeons at  https://www.thprs.org/find-doctor 
  • Have a lot of therapeutic works to be a guarantee of experience in his or her profession
  • Provide a technology that helps measure results before and after treatment to be concrete and abstract
  • Be able to provide a systematic treatment plan and ready to answer the problems of each patient

Consulting with a doctor directly allows us to know how to assess treatment, knowledge, expertise and the credibility of doctors by a doctor with real expertise who will explain to us  give us the right advice in order to plan an appropriate treatment and have a history taking including asking the patient's behavior to evaluate the treatment in detail.

From the above information about 10 things you need to know before deciding to undergo facial reshaping with laser technology that Nida Esth' Medical Centre has gathered. We hope it will be useful to those who are interested in getting treatment to adjust their beautiful facial shape. It can help make it easier to make a decision before going in for treatment. 

In addition, those who are interested can consult with a specialist, Dr. Sunida Yuthayotin, a No.1 dermatologist with over 22 years of experience in beauty and laser technology treatment at Nida Esth' Medical Centre, an aesthetic medical center internationally recognized and equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology combined with the expertise of a team of doctors, nurses and personnel in various fields to answer all the shape problems that you are worried about. Therefore, you can be assured of safety and premium results after treatment for sure.

You can get a consultation from a team of specialist nurses at Nida Esth' Medical Centre by calling 02-252-2121 or Line Official Account @nida_esth