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It is the fact that fat removal laser may sound pretty incredible for someone to be able to create a beautiful figure and get your dream body shape without liposuction, surgery, scars, pain, stitches and exhausting exercise.  But, with today's technology in Bangkok, Thailand, we must say that it is absolutely possible and it's not difficult at all to have a beautiful figure as we always dream.

Therefore, today Nida Esth' Medical Centre located in Bangkok Thailand has gathered information about fat removal laser technology, including various methods and questions to prep yourselves before making decisions. If you are ready, let's get started.

Table of Contents

1.Shape & excess fat problems you are suffering

In fact, there are various problems with body shapes of women and men that differ from person to person. Therefore, Nida Esth' Medical Centre divides body shapes into 6 types of problems for everyone to see more clearly and to be able to know the one that relates to you and what technology you should consider getting.

Body Shape Problems Main Causes
Mostly, it is caused by heredity which causes fat accumulation in many different areas such as upper arms, thighs, wattles, and especially the lower abdomen which is quite difficult to get rid of as no matter how hard you exercise or control diet, it is still hard or nearly impossible to destroy.
It is a health condition caused by many factors such as genetics, environment, lifestyle, consumption of high-fat foods or lack of regular exercise.  In addition, it increases risks of various diseases, including high blood pressure, Hyperlipidemia, diabetes, heart disease, paralysis and some cancers as well.
It occurs from the body's intake of too much fat nutrients into the body and the body just can't burn it all out each day. The fat will then penetrate and stick between the organs and abdominal muscles. The longer the fat stays, the harder it becomes to get rid of and it will eventually push the bloated belly out. This problem can happen to anyone, whether thin or obese.
It is a change in skin condition which becomes less smooth and firm. The cause of sagging skin may be due to sudden weight loss, causing the skin to not be able to adjust to its flexibility and cannot keep up with the smaller body or it can be caused by childbirth as well.
It is caused by liquid fat and toxins that remain in the body accumulated under skin layers more than usual until they change to "cellulites" that looks rough, wavy and not smooth.
It is caused by the fact that we do not exercise regularly so our physical muscles become weak and loose. Most of the time, many girls are afraid of having muscles because it will make them look like men but did you know that muscle is one of the best fat burning aids?


2.The most popular fat removal laser technology in 2021 with benefits of each technology

After we realize what kind of body shape problems we are facing, now we have come to the most important part where we get to know more about what kind of fat removal laser technology can help you. Nida Esth' Medical Centre has rated the popularity of fat removal laser innovations based on patients in Bangkok Thailand and other foreign countries as follows.

1. 3D Body Design by Triple T, Bangkok Thailand



The first technology we're going to introduce is the most popular one guaranteed by polls conducted with more than 1.5 million patients all around the world,  including in Bangkok Thailand, which is called 3D Body Design by Triple T, a licensed technology designed to answer all body shape problems in all dimensions as in an all-in-one solution.

It was developed by a leading innovation company, EVOLVE. Along with its safety standards for 3D Body Design by Triple T as a Hand-Free technology, it can help reduce touching between patients and caretakers to prevent various kinds of infection. In addition, with the all-in-one solution treatment technology, patients do not have to waste their time because they can solve all body shape problems in one go, including excess fat, sagging skin and untoned muscles.

Who is suitable for 3D Body Design by Triple T?

  • Suitable for people who want to get rid of excess fat with non-surgical approach 
  • Suitable for people who want to tighten their skin with non-surgical approach 
  • Suitable for people who want to tighten and strengthen muscles with non-surgical approach

Benefits of 3D Body Design by Triple T

  • All-in-One Solution for those who want a beautiful slim body shape that looks perfect in every angle
  • It can solve all types of body problems such as fat removal, skin tightening, and muscle stimulation
  • Hand-free technology that reduces the contact between nurses and patients so there will be no risk of contracting COVID-19
  • No surgery and no risk of scars
  • Safe, painless, high efficiency and suitable for all skin types
  • No need to recuperate after treatment



2.Robotic Fat Killer by SculpSure


The most effective and promising fat-dissolving technology of today that we’d love to talk about is Robotic Fat Killer by SculpSure with no surgery, no injection, no suction, no piercing and no pain. It is one of the cutting-edge technology from Cynosure, the giant technology company and the leading beauty laser industry in the United States.  By giving the design of this system a special consideration for safety, it can help reduce exposure to prevent infection of any kind. By using the fat dissolving laser robot concept, controlling the fat dissolution standard from the United States operating system, patients can receive the same treatment standards as if they had been treated there.

Robotic Fat Killer by SculpSure is the laser technology that can reach and destroy excess fat cells. It uses laser energy in the 1060 nm wavelength range to generate heat at a temperature of 42-47ºC inside fat cells until the cell shock and disintegrate. The body then gets rid of these dead fat cells through the lymphatic system.  It can be a solution for all areas with excess fat.  And, each treatment can reduce the amount of fat in the treated area by approximately 24-32%, thus reducing the treatment time considerably compared to other technologies. In addition, after the procedure, there is no need to recuperate so rest assured that it is safe and you can notice the results from the first treatment.

Who is suitable for Robotic Fat Killer by SculpSure?

  • Suitable for those who want to get rid of fat in specific areas permanently
  • Suitable for those who have problems with excess fat and want a firm and beautiful body shape
  • Suitable for those who want to get rid of fat without surgery


Benefits of Robotic Fat Killer by SculpSure

  • Slimmer as it kills more fat cells in wider area  (in the same amount of time)
  • Firmer  because it can kill fat cells and tighten the skin at the same time
  • Faster Result slimmer results as you can see the difference from the first time
  • Safer with no risk of contracting COVID-19  and dead skin problems from other technologies
  • Cheaper as it kills fat cells in multiple areas at the same time



3.Slim Laser Diet by Zerona 


The best technology for reducing weight for all over the body is Slim Laser Diet by Zerona, the world's only fat removal laser that can reduce body weight and excess fat within 2-3 weeks while also getting better internal health benefits as well. The program is coupled with the Slim Supplement and this technology is from the US-based developer of ERCHONIA, one of the leading laser energy technology companies. The highlight of this technology is the Hand-free operating system that reduces touch during the procedure thereby reducing infection, making it very popular during this COVID-19 outbreak situation.

It is also a Total Body Slimming and Firming Weight Control technology that is effective in

1. Whole body fat breakdown, resulting in the body weight that is reduced and the firm body shape
2. Glowing skin that younger looks all over the body
3. Tightening skin without sagging
4. Creating good internal health because it helps balance hormones that control our appetite

Slim Laser Diet by Zerona is another innovation that has become very famous and very popular in the United States in the past few years.  It uses Cold Laser energy that focuses directly on fat cells and produces biochemical reactions and transitory pores on the cell membrane and the fat inside the cells so the excess fat flows out of them.  This causes fat cells, which are large and full of fat particles contained inside the cells, become smaller and shrink within 18 minutes after treatment.

Who is suitable for Slim Laser Diet by Zerona?

  • Suitable for people who want to burn fat all over the body and want to reduce body weight
  • Suitable for people who want to make their skin look younger.
  • Suitable for people who want to have tight firm skin.
  • Suitable for health lovers

Benefits of Slim Laser Diet by Zerona

  • The only fat removal laser that can reduce body weight and excess fat within 2-3 weeks
  • 90% of fat will be melted within 12 minutes!
  • 99% of fat is released outside the cells and fat cells shrink instantly within 18 minutes!
  • Affects internal health and it can balance hormones and control appetite
  • No pain -> No surgery -> No recovery time



4.Slim Ultra by Accent Ultra, Bangkok Thailand


The only unrivaled intelligent technology, Slim Ultra by Accent Ultra, is a 360 degree Body Reshaping program.  "Abdominal fat removal" that no surgery or laser technology can replace it.  The most popular laser contouring innovation in South America. It is recognized by many surgeons of the abilities to adjust the beautiful figure from every angle. Be ready to eliminate the problem of excess abdominal fat in our internal organs.

Slim Ultra by Accent Ultra technology uses ULTRASONIC SYSTEM waves: HOT & COLD MODE & RF SYSTEM where the laser will react with body fat with vibration until the fat is broken out, then the body will gradually drive the fat out naturally.  It is a laser program for fat removal that does not require surgery. It causes no swelling and bruising but a feeling of relaxation during the treatment and it can be done in various parts of our body such as abdomen, hips, thighs, etc. It can also reduce the proportion on average of 2 – 5 cm from the first treatment, depending on the amount of existing fat.

Who is suitable for Slim Ultra by Accent Ultra?

  • People who have problems with fat accumulation in the abdomen that cannot be removed by liposuction or exercise.
  • People who want to get rid of excess fat but do not want swelling, bruising and surgery
  • People with skin problems and unevenness caused by cellulite
  • People who want to tighten the sagging skin

Benefits of Slim Ultra by Accent Ultra

  • Dissolves fat deeply into the abdominal fat layer that cannot be eliminated by liposuction. Also, it helps reduce rough skin problems from cellulite.
  • No surgery and no downtime so you don't have to worry about pain. It also gives a feeling of relaxation during the treatment.
  • It helps make the skin tighter without sagging
  • We can see results immediately from the first treatment (depending on the thickness of the fat layer and the body)



5. Slim Firm 4D by REACTION, Bangkok Thailand


A new high-qualified innovation in the medical science of beauty, dissolving fat and tightening the body shape thoroughly in all 4 dimensions of skin layers up to 8 inches Slim Firm 4D by REACTION.

Slim Firm 4D by REACTION is a technology that combines 4 frequency laser energies with a vacuum system that makes fat dissolving and slimming shape more thorough than conventional systems that use a single frequency. Therefore, it can dissolve fat and tighten skin up to 4 dimensions according to the depth of the skin layers. It can be done on many parts of the body with excess fat, cellulite or sagging skin. It also gives immediate results in terms of smoothness and firmness of the skin. The body becomes slimmer and firmer and the proportions are reduced. It also does not hurt and the patient will feel relaxed while undergoing treatment.

Who is suitable for Slim Firm 4D by REACTION?

  • Suitable for people who want to tighten sagging skin from weight loss or childbirth
  • Suitable for people who want a firm slender shape and not sagging
  • Suitable for people who do not want surgery and does not want to recuperate for a long time
  • Suitable for people who are afraid of pain and worried about scars

Benefits of Slim Firm 4D by REACTION

  • Dissolve fat and tighten the skin up to 4 dimensions according to the depth of the skin layer.
  • Immediate results in terms of smoothness and firmness of the skin, resulting in slimmer figure and proportions
  • It doesn't hurt and it feels relaxed during the treatment
  • It can be done in all parts of the body with excess fat, cellulite and sagging skin



6. Slim Smooth by Smooth Shapes, Bangkok Thailand


The best technology for rough skin and cellulite we would like to introduce is Slim Smooth by Smooth Shapes, another technology from Cynosure, a leading beauty technology company from the United States.  It is a technology that can smoothen and tighten rough skin and cellulite with 915 mm frequency laser beam energy coupled with 650 mm frequency for smooth and slimming of the legs and upper arms, which can help result in…

• 80% smoother skin
• 70% firmer and tighter skin
• 81% reduction in body proportion

Slim Smooth by Smooth Shapes is the first medical technology tested that actually works for cellulite treatments after a lot of experiments nearly over the years which can reduce thighs by an average of 3.5 cm. which is equal to 1 pant size and a maximum reduction of 8.7 cm, equal to 2 pant sizes.

Who is suitable for Slim Smooth by Smooth Shapes?

  • Suitable for people with cellulite accumulated in the arms and legs
  • Suitable for those who do not need surgery and recovery.
  • Suitable for those who are concerned about pain


Benefits of Slim Smooth by Smooth Shapes

  • Helps smoothen the skin and eliminate cellulite effectively and efficiently
  • Keeps the skin tightened
  • Reduce the proportion by up to 2 sizes (depending on the amount of fat)
  • No surgery, no pain, and no downtime and a normal life can be continued after the procedure


 7. Ion Magnum, Bangkok Thailand


The last one we would love for you to know is the Ion Magnum technology that was invented by the University of London from a team of researchers who invented a defibrillator for patients with cardiac arrhythmias.  This machine can release up to 3,000 Analogue waves, which are the same natural waves that our bodies create when exercising.  A signal is released from the muscles into the brain.  During that time, growth hormones, thyroid hormones and DHEA are released that help burn fat.

Therefore, when treating with Ion Therapy, it is like exercising without exercise.  That is, when treated with Ion Therapy, this machine will release Analogue Wave Form into our body. This Wave Form is sent to the brain.  The brain recognizes and understands that it is exercising.  The brain secretes the same hormones that are released during exercise.  That is, growth hormone, thyroid hormone and DHEA that help burn fat.

From the research, it has been stated that  5 sessions of Ion Therapy treatment, equivalent to 6 months of continuous exercise, resulted in fat loss, weight loss, body fit and firm result.

Benefits of Ion Magnum

  • Burn fat up to 5,000 calories within just 30 minutes of treatment with a reduction of up to 3-9 cm.
  • Strengthen muscles and tighten muscles
  • No surgery, no pain, no anesthetic injections. A normal life can be continued after completing
  • Safe, efficient and no side effects after the procedure


 3.The suitable laser fat removal technology for your problems

We can remove fat with laser technologies almost every part of our body.  It is most commonly used to remove excess fat cells from the upper and lower abdomen, waist, hips, flanks and buttocks.  However, fat removal with laser energy can also be used to treat smaller areas such as upper arms, thighs, forearms, calves and under the chin.  As well, it can be said that it can eliminate fat in every part of the body.

Laser fat removal technology

3D Body Design by

Triple T


Robotic Fat Killer By



Slim Laser Diet by



Slim Ultra by Accent



Slim Firm 4D by



Slim Smooth by

Smooth Shape

Ion Magnum          


4.Treatment procedure of laser technology for fat removal

For the laser fat removal procedure, starting from the first important step is Body Simulation Design by Vectra 3D, designing the dimensions of the body to simulate a virtual 3D image before the fat removal by laser energy so that you can co-design the future body with the doctor. In addition, Vectra 3D is the only technology in South East Asia and with this exclusive. It makes patients feel like crossing the dimensions of time to see the shape before making decisions. 

Body Simulation Design by Vectra 3D actually can

  • Assess the problem and physical conditions
  • Analyze external body
  • Simulate images for the treatment plan.
  • Measure proportions and choose the right treatment method
  • Specify the amount of fat that can be removed.
  • Compare before and after photos as well as pre-treatment simulated images for satisfactory results


In addition, for perfect results  We have also added treatment procedures along with Robo-Body Scanning Analysis technology, a technology that helps analyze the internal body and calculate the overall body composition, including

  • Body fat percentage
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Body weight condition
  • Muscle condition
  • Standard weight measurement
  • Basal metabolic rate (BMR)
  • Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDE)

Most laser-powered fat removal works by using heat from different types of laser energy to deliver to fat cells and liquefy them. When the fat cells in the treatment area receive sufficient heat, those fat cells will die. After that, these fat cells are heated until the fat cells break down and become liquid. And, when the fat cells are melted, these fat cells move into our lymphatic system, after which the fat cells are processed internally in the intestines and eventually they are transported out of our body through the urinary system.

The duration of treatment for laser fat removal treatment mainly depends on 4 main factors:

  1. The size of the area treated
  2. The area to be treated
  3. The amount of fat in the treated area
  4. The amount of fat you want to get rid of

However, on average in each treatment area, it takes about 25 minutes to an hour, so if we want to target 3 points per treatment.  We may need to allow 1 to 3 hours to achieve the desired results.  This depends on the treatment duration of each lipolysis technology as well.


5.Preparation before undergoing laser liposuction treatments

Before laser liposuction, you should drink a lot of room-temperature water in moderation, In addition, if doing laser fat removal in the abdominal area, it should be done at least 1 hour after eating and should not undergo laser fat removal in the abdominal area during menstruation. But since it's not a surgery; therefore, there is no need to refrain from taking vitamins - supplements.


6.Self-care after undergoing laser fat removal technology



After undergoing laser treatment for fat removal, you should drink a lot of water to allow the body to use the excretory system to drive out waste. This is because the broken fat cells will be excreted through sweat, urine and feces so drinking plenty of water is highly recommended. There is also no need to recuperate; we can go back to our daily activities and go back our daily life as usual because there will be no wounds and pain at all.


7.Differences between traditional liposuction vs laser liposuction

After getting to know laser fat removal, let's take a closer look at how conventional liposuction differs from laser liposuction.

Fat removal laser Conventional liposuction
You can go home right after the treatment  You have to be admitted at the hospital
No pain, no injections required General anesthesia or local anesthesia are needed
We can see results quickly which only takes 4-6 weeks to reveal visible results We can see results immediately but it has a recovery period so there can still be swelling and bruising after liposuction
It takes our body up to 6 weeks to get rid of all the fat cells naturally It can get rid of fat quickly immediately
Immediately noticeable firmer skin and circumference of the treated area Lifting technology must be used to help to prevent wrinkled and sagging skin
No swelling or bruising after treatment It causes swelling and bruising after treatment; the duration depends on the response of the individual
It feels relaxed and comfortable during the treatment It hurts but the pain can be relieved by using local anesthesia or general anesthesia
No risk of infection both during and after the procedure  There is a risk of infection if the wound is not properly cared for
 It results as in a total body effect  Results only at the suctionned areas

8.Does fat removal laser technology give permanent results?

The therapeutic effect of laser fat removal can last a lifetime because when the fat is removed, the body will not be able to create fat cells back. Therefore, the fat cells are destroyed permanently. But in spite of this,  fat cells may be enlarged from a lot of small fat cells. Patients still need to control their food intake and exercise regularly to remain the satisfaction with treatment results.

9.Always check the safety measures of the body sculpting center


Today, there is a variety of medical facilities that provide beauty and body services. The selection of a hospital is therefore another factor that should not be overlooked by considering the following things:

  • Safety Policy Various safety measures including prevention of COVID-19 and cleanliness in the body shape care center
  • It has the world-class body shape laser technology such as US FDA.
  • There are medical certified doctors, a specialist in laser technology and various lipolysis technologies
  • There is an AI Plan with clear details of the treatment program from how to do it to the exact cost
  • There is a close supervision before and after the treatment by skilled nurses
  • The procedure is performed in a safe, standardized facility that has been certified by international institutions
  • There is a clear assessment of the results before and after the changes.
  • There is a Customer Service team that takes care and answers questions 24 hours a day.


10.Always check the credibility of chosen doctors

After we know where are we would like to do the laser liposuction?  The first thing to check is whether there are review cases, professional licenses, doctor's experience, reliability and doctor consultation.

After selecting a clinic, we also need to study the information of doctors who are consulting and taking care of our treatment, whether they are specialists or not; a professional doctor should

  • Have clear diploma and professional certificates as we can check the list of surgeons at 
  • Have a lot of therapeutic works to be a guarantee of experience in his or her profession
  • Provide a technology that helps measure results before and after treatment to be concrete and abstract
  • Be able to provide a systematic treatment plan and ready to answer the problems of each patient

Consulting with a doctor directly allows us to know how to assess treatment, knowledge, expertise and the credibility of doctors by a doctor with real expertise who will explain to us  give us the right advice in order to plan an appropriate treatment and have a history taking including asking the patient's behavior to evaluate the treatment in detail.

From the above information about 10 things you need to know before deciding to burn fat and get the perfect slimming body with laser technology that Nida Esth' Medical Centre has gathered.  We hope it will be useful to those who are interested in getting treatment to adjust their beautiful shape. It does not require surgery and it can help make it easier to make a decision before going in for treatment. 

In addition, those who are interested can consult with a specialist, Dr. Sunida Yuthayotin, a No.1 dermatologist with over 22 years of experience in beauty and laser technology treatment at Nida Esth' Medical Centre, an aesthetic medical center internationally recognized and equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology combined with the expertise of a team of doctors, nurses and personnel in various fields to answer all the shape problems that you are worried about. Therefore, you can be assured of safety and premium results after treatment for sure.

You can get a consultation from a team of specialist nurses at Nida Esth' Medical Centre by calling 02-252-2121 or Line Official Account @nida_esth