The Appreciation of Beyond Beauty Hava3 Lift

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The Appreciation of Beyond Beauty Hava3 Lift, an innovation for tightening excess skin, Fulfilling the lacks And, creating an outstanding dimension on our face

In the era of aesthetics and healthy habits, not only a perfect vase-shaped body but as we grow older, age is a problem to all living cell in our body, including the cell under our skin. Age can deteriorate the skin structure, making our skin appears older since the collagen and elastin growth becomes less effective, resulting in a major change in our facial structure. From a number of researches, it is said that there is a change in 3 structures of our skins. Medically, it is considered as “The Youth’s Essence”; as a result, collagen, elastin and Hyaluronic acid have important roles to rejuvenate our facial skin for a young look. It is because, with this age, there is a lower rate of hormone growth, causing faster skin deterioration which creates saggy facial skin, wrinkles and deep lines.

Hava3 Lift is an innovation that deeply recovers our skin and improves our beauty, capturing everyone’s attentions. Although a beauty compass has been limited with time, our facial skin, no matters what, should get a proper care to be ready for a change of time. To keep the balance of our skin is the essence that could help bring the youth back to our skin.

A professional dermatologist at Nida Esth’ Medical Centre concluded about the concept that it is a natural technology to fulfill our skin without filler injection and to create a v-shaped face with no surgery and any other injection with the process of skin revitalization by the laser innovations, the stimulation of collagen & elastin growth and molecules of Hyaluronic acid & vitamins that could take care of our skin in the cellular level; as a result, our skin becomes more vibrant and less rough.

Hava3 Lift an innovation that fulfills and perfects the skin with 3 processes: the appreciation of beyond beauty to be ready for natural pollutions.
1)    Hava Super-Energy Lift: A micro laser technology that adjusts collagen and elastin in the skin structure to create more flexibility and less wrinkles.
2)    Have Deep-Cell Lift: Technology that uses Hyaluronic acid and essential vitamins for antioxidants to reveal firmer skin.
3)    Hava Lift Serum: The revolution of antioxidant skin cares to slow down the skin aging as well as hydrate the skin, support and adjust the skin structure, remaining the elasticity to our skin.

Let’s experience the conclusion of the appreciation of beyond beauty - Hava3 Lift - an innovation for tightening excess skin, fulfilling what’s left and creating an outstanding dimension on our face with a professional dermatologist, offering a variety of innovations that can answer to all problems for skin, body and surgery. Create all aspect of beauty in every regions of Asia for more than 18 years at Nida Esth’ Medical Centre.


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