Grand Re-opening with Complete Aesthetic Services

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“Grand Re-opening with Complete Aesthetic Services”

Thailand’s boarder is now open as well as the Cosmetic Surgery

and Advanced Laser Centre: SKIN-SLIM-SURGERY-HAIR

Comprehensive Medical Care for Beauty

            Due to the resolution to fully open boarder on "May the 1st 2022" and cancel "Test and Go" procedure, Nida Esth' Medical Centre for aesthetic beauty has responded to this policy by reopening all departments of beauty services both cosmetic surgery and aesthetic laser departments which offer "SKIN – SLIM - SURGERY - HAIR" services in the hopes to stimulate the economic sector in health and beauty for foreigners who will travel to Thailand.

            Despite the recent COVID-19 epidemic crisis, Nida Esth' Medical Centre never stops developing to be at the global level. So, throughout this period, Nida Esth’ has prepared GHA COVID-19 (Global Healthcare Accreditation) and, currently, Nida Esth' is the first and only laser and cosmetic surgery center in Thailand that has been certified to this standard. Therefore, patients can be confident that they will receive services with international standards and that we are constantly innovating and developing.

            In addition to the safety standards that we consider as "the heart" of our organization, Nida Esth' Medical Centre also selects 10-million-baht-worth multi-advanced laser technologies that meet the US FDA and CE Mark standards from all over the world to create and combine beauty programs from head to toe that meet all aesthetic problems for Thai and foreign patients.  In the way on the path of beauty for over 22 years, Nida Esth' Medical Center has created a number of "masterpiece of art" in the hands of "specialists" who have been trusted by leading national figures all over the world. Nida Esth' is said to stand as one of the comprehensive aesthetic medical centers with world-class technology that is more advanced than anywhere else in the region.

            Starting with the latest program that breaks the old rules of facial tightening, this program is invented and designed by "Dr. Sunida" with her special techniques that combine 2 of the best technologies from 2 continents that will transform and awaken the youth in you. Let’s "bring back a rejuvenated face" forever with Baby Lift: Inside Out Lifting. Nida Esth's exclusive beauty technique with Super Smooth Inside Lifting, filling in the firmness of the skin from within the oral mucosa, revealing "V-shaped and tightened face". The program that can lift up the face from the deepest skin layer of today. Be ready to show your natural firmness and create dimensions for a v-shaped face from inside to outside. The program is also combined with Super 4D Outside Lifting energy, a special technique that breaks down laser energy into 4 dimensions and enhances youth from the outer layer of the upper layer into the deeper layers of the skin. No injections, no pain, immediate results and no need to wait.

            Nida Esth’ also offers the world-leading technology for body shape which is 3D Body Design by Triple T, the latest intelligent technology from the United States to take care of your body concerns with a hand-free slimming method, responding to the treatment in the COVID-19 era without the need for a doctor or nurse during treatment. The only technology that answers all body problems "TRIM-TITE-TONE" whether they are excess fat in specific areas, untoned muscles and cellulite problems. With a software of an all-in-one solution operating system, the perfect beautiful body result in all angle and every degree can be achieved.

            With the reputation for beauty treatment, resulting in the birth of a "Feminine Aesthetic Centre" to create the perfect beauty for women (Beauty Triangle) to be radiant and complete above the level, such as beautiful majestic breasts, sleek  compact body and the private area that is full of youth. Be ready to restore confidence to be youthful like a young girl from both inside and outside perfectly.

            Led by "Dr. Nida" or Dr. Sunida Yuthayotin M.D, a medical director of Nida Esth' Medical Centre with the American board certificate of aesthetics from the United States who has experience in laser and beauty and "Dr. Piya" or Pol Lt. Col. Dr. Piya Rungruxsiri, a certified plastic surgeon who is a top surgeon that patients consider as "a skillful surgeon" behind the beauty of top celebrities in Thailand and abroad, including many senior executives and leaders of various countries.
            For over 22 years, Nida Esth' Medical Centre has meticulously created beauty in the hands of medical professionals, along with continuous research and development of the organization. For this reason, patients are told about the beauty results; therefore, it can be said that “the determination, dedication, care, and seeking the best in return for the trust given by patients” are important factors that have made Dr. Nida and Nida Esth' become internationally recognized for more than 22 years until now.

Grand Re-opening with Complete Aesthetic Services

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