Slim Forever by Slim Melt




Forever Slim by Slim Melt 

Immediately melt fat with a 0.3 mm. laser tip, an alternative to a perfect body 

“A saggy body figure” from a traditional liposuction technique, a disaster that causes you pain

A lot of problems from traditional liposuction techniques with a large metal tip occur such as saggy and rough skin, fascia under the skin, internal bruises, a long-term recovery, and large incision sites. All these side effects are inevitable for those who need their body in shape.  

Experience the more advanced technology that can take care of all of these problems once and for all. It is also certified by the United States and, more importantly, there is no need for major surgery and a long-term recovery and you may immediately notice the difference form the very first treatment.

Slim Melt at Nida Esth’ is highly advanced technology that combines together the surgical expertise and the laser medical engineering to create a special long laser frequency that directly liquefies fat cell through a 0.3 mm. Fiber Optic which is also flexible and able to effectively melt fat and suction it out, causing no effects on other areas such as blood vessel, tissues, or even the nerves under skin. As a result, there will be no blood loss and no bruises after the treatment. Furthermore, Slim the Melt stimulates collagen under the skin to rapidly replicate itself, creating smooth skin and leaving no saggy-skin issues after the liposuction.  

Slim Melt, an alternative treatment that can “eradicate excess fat” in any parts of a body including tummy, waist, hips, thighs, knees, buttocks, arms or even in delicate areas such as a double chin. “No major surgery, no long-term recovery, small incision sites and a patient can get back home and live a normal life” which is totally different from traditional scorching liposuction techniques. 

Slim Melt is a final “best solution” that can give you satisfaction and safety that meet the standard of U.S. hospitals. With the techniques of surgeons, anesthesiologists and specialized nurses in a highly standard operating room, there is no need to be worried about. Moreover, it takes only 30 minutes to one hour for an operation. Also, you can notice the result from the very first time. Consequently, Slim Melt is valuable technology for the “best solution” at Nida Esth’ that is trusted for its cosmetic treatments for more than 18 years. 


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