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A new dimension in skin peeling. Time never has mercy on your skin, but ….Microdermabrasion can help you.

Aging, stress, and constant exposure to sunlight, heat and environmental pollutants take away your skin’s softness and freshness. Black spots that increase with age, wrinkles, stretch marks, scars from acne and chickenpox can be removed using a new dimension in skin peeling, Microdermabrasion. Because this new solution works gently and slowly on your skin, it is a better choice than older treatments like chemical peels or laser, which are particularly troublesome for people with dark or tan complexions like most Thais, who usually end up seeking further treatment for black and red scars/marks.

Because Microdermabrasion isn’t a surgical procedure and doesn’t involve chemical peels, it doesn’t leave unsightly red or black marks. It’s a safe, painless treatment with immediately results.

Your skin will become perfectly beautiful in a very short time.

Under controlled conditions, this treatment shows results in just 30 minutes. Not only will your skin look softer, smoother, and younger, but the tiny black spots and wrinkles will all start to fade. Because it’s so fast, the procedure is popular with Europeans, who can have a Microdermabrasion treatment over their lunch break and still have time for a bite to eat and a little shopping right after.

SPP is more than just peeling

In addition to its effectiveness, this exfoliating treatment includes a step that promotes the rebuilding of new skin cells and is world-renowned for its powerful anti-oxidant protection. Proof is the popularity it has enjoyed in Europe for over a decade as well as approval from the US Food and Drug Administration. Even cosmetic surgeons overseas choose this treatment to accompany a facelift or a collagen injection to better remove deep wrinkles.

Are there any risks involved?

According to Professor Emil Bisaccia, a dermatology specialist at Columbia University, USA, Microdermabrasion is more effective than acid or chemical peels and is less likely to leave scars and dark spots on the skin as it doesn’t penetrate the skin as deeply as lasers or traditional peels.

How many treatments are required?

After only the first few sessions, your skin will feel softer and look tighter, and freckles from exposure to the sun and tiny wrinkles will start to vanish. However, damage to much deeper layers, such as stretch marks or scars from acne and chickenpox may require 10-12 sessions depending on the individual’s skin condition. For facial skin, weekly treatment is recommended, while for other parts of the body, two treatments a week are advised.

What skin types can be treated?

Because SPP allows precise control of skin layer penetration, dermatologists can prescribe appropriate treatments for each individual skin type.

  • small wrinkles
  • black spots caused by aging and exposure to the sun
  • skin damaged by the sun
  • scars from wounds and acne
  • stretch marks
  • blemished skin caused by a lack of oxygen

The Art of Skin Exfoliating Technology

Optimal active agent absorption

With Reviderm’s Skin Peeler Professional ‘Mircrodermabrasion,’ you can be assured that the absorption ability of your skin will be efficient after treatment.

Optimize Skin Regeneration

The layers of skin damaged by pollutants and aging will be gently and effectively removed, stimulating lower layers to generate new and stronger replacement cells, making your skin soft and radiant.

Effective Treatment of Damaged Skin

Even extremely damaged skin can be restored through ‘Mircrodermabrasion,’ a peeling technology suitable for skin suffering from the following:

  • acne
  • scars from wounds and acne
  • stretch marks
  • black spots or abnormal pigmentation
  • blemishes caused by a lack of oxygen