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The fastest and safest way to bring back your youth

No need to wait….With the dream to bring your youth in safe level. Revitalization program in cellular level by your own cell.Everyone is unique by nature and as we call it “sui generis” ,each human is created differently among all other beings, certainly including our cellular level and DNA.Study evidently shows that aside from taking medicines, our body’s cells defense mechanism is the first line protection and self repair system.

What is u cell program?

U-Cell is created by doctors and specialists in US and Australia. According to top researchers, Our own cells has the capability of reviving loss or and repairing damaged cells as what they call “Cells heal cells”. As being individually unique, our stem cells know their own kind. Not even your family members’ DNAs are not equally parallel to yours. We have to use the stem cell with the exact DNA lineage to heal our body to have the “perfect match”.

How to get U – Cell?

Blood is the very important source of stem cell. As we know that blood is the main source of life. Blood perform many functions in the body, it is the supply of oxygen supply of nutrients, removal of waste, immunity, signaling of tissue damage and many more. Aside from those functions, blood contains growth factors and Messenchymal Stem Cells that has the ability for self renewal. The cytokines consist of biological proteins that are essential in cell signaling. That makes blood one of the best medium to get our stem cell. It has millions of stem cells in our blood that plays a big part in our system.

Nida Skin will provide the best laboratory to culture the stem cells. We will send the blood samples extracted from the patient to Australia Stem Cell Laboratory.

Steps for U-Cell

Step 1 : We extract small amount of blood from patient

Step 2 : Ship it to Australia within in a few hours, your blood samples will be in the Laboratory to culture and regenerate.

Step 3 : The Laboratory will now cultivate your blood stem cells in 10-15 days to reach its maximum growth.

Step 4 : Upon cultivating, you will have new millions of active stem cells that contains boost growth factors and powered cytokines plus biological protein that is invaluable.

Step 5 : The laboratory will send back the empowered stem cells to Thailand in their respective containers.

Step 6 : ​​​​​​​In 24 hours you will receive the U-cell in exclusive youthful form. Now your way to ageless beauty is right in your hands.

Why U – Cell?

  • 100% natural from your own cells
  • Chemical free. No added chemicals from other substances.
  • Safe. Because it is from your own cells, no cells will hurt their own kind.
  • Visible result. It has a pronounced effect. Your friends and family will notice the changes of your skin.

U cell procedures

  • U cell program is divided into two parts
  • U cell therapy in clinic

You will have a laser treatment in our clinic for focusing on your skin problem. In combination with your specialized U cell, the doctor will provide medical innovation appropriate with your skin type and condition, to boost the effect of the U cell and will aid in enhancing the best result to your skin.

  • U cell broth for home use

U-Cell is continuously working its function for younger skin 24 hours.
“Highly Concentrated U cell Broth” Rejuvenates your skin and return younger looking for you progressively.


  • Store your U cell broth in the refrigerator in 4-8 degree Celsius
  • You can store the unopened U cell in the freezer
  • Do not mix or store you U cell in the refrigerator where there are food or other beverages
  • Do not mix or store with perfumes or other cosmetic products


  • After cleaning your face, use your U-cell broth with 1-2 pumps and apply directly to your face every morning and evening.
  • Leave the U cell broth in about 15 minutes until it dries and penetrates to your skin properly.
  • Apply the U-cell broth first before applying anything on your skin. Then you can apply other cosmetic products as usual.


  • Do not mix your U-cell broth with other cosmetic products specially night creams and day creams products because they contain chemical ingredient that may destroy U-cell properties. Apply the U-cell separately among others.


  • 5 months after production


  • U cell broth can penetrate in about 15 minutes to your skin
  • After 30 minutes upon applying U cell broth, the stem cells have already penetrated in their designated areas. You can now go to exercise or any outdoor activities because the U cell broth will not get washed off by your sweats or water.

Marriage Process

U-cell is best coupled with laser and cosmetic products.

  • With laser, we can focus on your main skin concern.
  • The process of skin rejuvenation and repairing your skin condition will be expeditiously.
  • Laser will aid in enhancing the effect of U cell completely, rather than applying it manually.

U cell marriage Process

  • Fraxel: for wrinkles, acne scars, skin roughness, dilated skin pores, uneven skin colors and sign of aging.
  • Baby Fraxel: fine wrinkles, pores, brightening, photodamaged skin
  • 3D: pigmentation, melasma, pores, skin tightening

U cell Lift Bio-Signal Energy

  • Bio-signal will lift your face without surgery. It can go deeply to your facial muscles to your jowls and to your skin sagginess.
  • New dimension of technology to achieve slim and lifted face you haven’t found before.