Fotona 4D : TightSculpting™

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All-in-One Laser technology

to dissolve excess fat and tighten the skin

Perfect, slim and toned figure with no cellulite problems immediately after the procedure.

The best technology Multi-Laser-Therapy FDA standard from the United States

No Pain! ● No Surgery! ● No Downtime!


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What does the Expert say?

What Doctor Say

     ...‘Dr. Sunida Yuthayotin' or 'Dr. Nida', American Board aesthetic dermatologist, CEO & Founder of Nida Esth' Medical Centre: Premium Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Institute”, the No.1 comprehensive beauty institute internationally accepted and guaranteed with over 24 years of experience with the award of 'Body Reshaping Laser Centre with the Most Premium Technologies’ 3 years in a row from ‘168AsiaTopTen' and the most recently with the 'Editor's Choice’s Beauty Laser Technology Leader Award from Hello Beauty Magazine 2022' and HELLO Honorary Award 2023...Today she will talk about her impressions of Fotona 4D: TightSculpting™

"As for the issue of drooping skin, it affects many women. I discovered that most of us women get it through childbearing, aging, sagging skin, or losing weight too soon. As a result, the skin is unable to adjust in time. But wouldn't it be ideal if we could get rid of these problems without pain, surgery, or wasting time recuperating?"

     ..."Today, I have technology that can meet the needs of my patients in this group: Fotona 4D, an innovative treatment of Ultra-Multi-Laser-Therapy was created to address every aspect of attractiveness. From skin problems, wrinkles, sagging on the face or body, acne problems, scars, uneven skin, excess hair in various areas, including the problem of loose vagina, this technology has been certified by dermatologists who are experts internationally that it is safe and does not cause side effects, together with unrivaled beneficial efficiency."

     ..."The Fotona 4D has a unique mode that effectively treats sagging skin and excess fat." TightSculpting is the mode which employs a unique sort of frequency radiation that is specifically engineered to respond to fat cells, stimulating fat breakdown beneath the skin while causing no harm to the surface layer of skin. It can also help tighten the outer skin and boost collagen and elastin formation. As a result, we may fully disregard the concerns of wrinkled and sagging skin caused by fat removal technologies from the past."

What is Fotona 4D: TightSculpting™?

     ..."Fotona 4D: TightSculpting® is a dual-wavelength laser technology that works through an operating system that uses special heat energy that directly destroys adipose tissue while stimulating collagen production for slim and tight results." The procedure is quick, painless, and successful enough to replace liposuction surgery. So, we don't have to be concerned about scars.”

How does Fotona 4D: TightSculpting™ work?

How does it work TightSculpting

Step 1

  • Effectively tightens skin and reduces fat with PIANO® exclusive energy mode

PIANO® Mode is a one-of-a-kind Nd:YAG frequency that has been specifically engineered to deliver heat energy to fat cells. It is also safe and quick, focusing on the supply of energy to accelerate the metabolism of fat cells beneath the skin while leaving the outside layer of skin undamaged by swelling, redness, or bruising.

Step 2

  • Restructure skin elasticity with SMOOTH® exclusive energy mode 

The second step employs the ground-breaking Er: YAG SMOOTH® mode, which is ideal for tightening the skin by delivering heat energy to the outer surface tissues, stimulating the production of Collagen and blood cell production, resulting in a reduction in laxity and a noticeable increase in elasticity in the treated area.

Exclusive Highlights of Fotona 4D: TightSculpting™

hilight of tightsculpting
  • All-in-One Muti-Laser Technology

It is a multi-therapy treatment technology that covers many parts of the treatment and is therefore safe and effective.

  • Painless

There is no need to worry about pain, only a warm and soothing sensation during the treatment.

  • Obvious and Effective Results

Provides results that are as clear and effective as surgery.

  • No Downtime

No need to recuperate for a long time.

  • Gentle and Appropriate to all skin types

Gentle, ideal for all skin types and body shapes.

Who is suitable for Fotona 4D: TightSculpting™?

tightsculpting Area
  • Suitable for those who want to get rid of fat in specific areas permanently.
  • Suitable for people who have problems with excess fat and want to reduce their body size to look firm and tight.
  • Suitable for those who want to get rid of fat without surgery.

Why Fotona 4D: TightSculpting™ at Nida Esth Medical Centre?

Why Tightsculpting at Nida Esth


  • Look Slimmer and Younger Immediately

A world-class laser technology center ready to create a beautiful, firm, clearly defined figure that is perfectly distinct.

  • Worldwide Real Results

Results: "Beautiful and firm body shape" in over 10,000+ cases from patients around the world.

  • International Awards and Honors

Awarded "World's Leading Reshaping Laser Centre" from regional rankings and Exclusive Interview from HELLO Magazine, Bangkok Post and 168AsiaTopTen.

  • Highly Experienced Medical Personnel

The team is led by Dr. Nida, American Board of Aesthetic Medicine with a team of nurses with a lot of experience.

  • Advanced Technique

Combining the science of laser with unique beauty techniques to answer all skin problems.

  • Excellent International Customer Service Care

With a team of specialized nurses who is ready to take care of you 24 hours a day throughout the treatment process.

  • Your Personalized Beauty Plan

Plan a personalized treatment program in the form of an AI Plan.

  • Advanced Analysis

Software analyzes skin shape problems and compares actual age with complete body age.

  • Complete Package

Clearly compiles in-depth treatment packages for each case.

Exclusive Personalized Beauty

     ...From the first day of work until now I have always adhered to the concept of Personalized Beauty. The work of a cosmetic doctor is no different from other medical doctors. We need to thoroughly analyze the patient's problem as a starting point and design the treatment to the point. Currently, I use AI Software to help analyze the problem and design the treatment, both Skin•Hair•Slim.”

     ...Robo-Body Scanning Analysis technology has also been incorporated as a therapy method to ensure ideal results. This technology analyzes the interior body and determines the total body composition, including

Robo Body Scaning
  • Body fat percentage
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Body weight condition
  • Muscle condition
  • Standard weight measurement
  • Basal metabolic rate (BMR)
  • Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDE)

     ...To create a treatment plan that is appropriate and unique to that patient, since I believe that no matter how good technology is, if it is not used appropriately, perfect treatment results may not be obtained.

     ..."In addition, all of my cases will have photos recorded in order to analyze changes and compare treatment results with Intelli 2D, which creates movies for patients to watch all of the time, because at Nida Esth' we dare to show results in Real Time because of experience and technology." With modern technology at our disposal, we are convinced that we can make a difference in every case. As a result, the treatment outcomes at Nida Esth' are noticeable.  The effectiveness has been demonstrated in tens of thousands of cases."


1. What areas can be treated?

Answer: It can be treated in many areas throughout the body that have problems with sagging skin and stubborn fat, including…

  • Upper arms
  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Wattles
  • Buttock areas