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How is Slim Melt by Slim Lipo better than other conventional liposuctions?

Why we need Slim Melt By Slim Lipo at Nida Esth’?

Slimmer results than other methods of liposuction since fat will be melted into oil and instantly sucked out (there is almost no blood contamination during the process).


Smoother outcome with the Dual Laser System to break down fat and tighten skin while preventing wrinkles which are common after liposuction with other methods.


Safer from infection thanks to a one-time sterilized laser tip.


Smaller Wound since it utilizes a small needle-shaped laser tip which is only 0.3 mm. in size.


Single Treatment; it is only one time procedure so you do not have to waste both money and time.


  • It is the only technology in South East Asia that Nida Esth ’Medical Center has been selected to use for liposuction since it can melt the fat into oil and suck out at the same time with a tiny 0.3 mm laser tip which is safe according to the US FDA standards.
  • Suitable for those who want to get rid of fat in specific parts and adjust their body shape at the same time.
  • It is safer than any other liposuctions. It is totally free from infection thanks to an non-reusable Sterilized Laser Tip.
  • It provides smooth and firm skin after liposuction with the Dual Laser System to break down fat and tighten skin at the same time.
  • Complete with technology that can scan excess fat and simulate the virtual shape of the result after treatment called Vectra 3D, the only technology that allows patients to see the results after treatment in South East Asia.
  • It can evaluate a body shape of patients to see differences with Intelli technology
  • A Complete AI Plan informing every step of treatment so that patients can understand the process and results in every step
  • Successful experiences in designing body shape and fat melt with Slim Melt by Slim Lipo of Pol.Col. Dr. Piya Rungruxsiri for over 2 decades.
  • A team of skillful nurses closely supervising patients throughout the liposuction process with Slim Melt by Slim Lipo.
  • Liposuction with Slim Melt by Slim Lipo at Nida Esth’ is not just a usual liposuction but it has a program to keep patients in shape and we also continuously care for patients to maintain a slim and beautiful body shape with a Slim Firm 4D program without additional cost.

Where, in our body, can Slim Melt by Slim Lipo be done?