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Say Farewell to thin hair and baldness and create naturally healthy hair by "Hair MicroTransplant" with no medication, no surgery and a complete AI plan for effective treatment results.

Why UR Cell Hair Micro Transplant Plus+?

It is the  technology available nowadays that is able to directly treat the hair loss problem from hormones and genetics at that root causes at the cellular level.

The technology combines a technique of increasing the number of hair from Europe and a technique of increasing hair thickness from Japan together. Therefore, the result is a new healthy hair which is natural and also stops the hair loss problem as well.

The hair transplantation technology works well* (based on researches in Spain) without medication (no risk of erectile dysfunction) and without surgery (no wound on a scalp and no need for recovery since patients can resume their normal daily routines immediately after treatment).

The technology is able to analyze hair problems and severity of hair loss and thin hair problems at the cellular level precisely with the Nano Score Robotic System and guarantee treatment results in the form of a report paper.

A Complete AI Plan informs every step of treatments so that patients can follow all processes and results in every step.

Successful experiences in hair transplantation with UR Cell Hair Micro Transplant Plus + of Pol. Dr. Piya Rungruxsiri, for more than two decades.

A team of nurses who is expert in taking care of patients closely throughout the hair transplant process.

UR Cell Hair Micro Transplant Plus+ is not just simple hair transplantation since the process needs to nurture healthy hair follicles to be ready to grow into a new thick healthy hair.

Who could be a candidate for UR Cell Hair Micro Transplant Plus+?

It is suitable for people who have hair loss and thin hair problems from hormones and genetics such as Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA).

How does the UR Cell Hair Micro Transplant Plus+ work? Why is it able to create new hair?

The extracted hair follicles act as a "Biological" to protect hair follicles from the effect of male hormones which can create hair loss.

“ Hair Micro Transplant” process is the reparation of hair follicle cells that have been weakened by the effects of Hormone Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) to become healthier by implanting a healthy hair follicular cells. It also adjusts the abnormal hair circuit to be normal as well. The result is new hair that grows in a normal life cycle.

It stimulates hair follicle cell division and gives nutrition needed for the growth of hair follicle cells.

The Processes of UR CELL Hair Micro Transplant Plus+

First of all, we "harvest" the strongest hair follicles in areas that are not affected by hormones and genetics, approximately 4-5 hair roots with a special tool, only 2 mm.

Next, we "extract"  to obtain hundreds of thousands of living hair follicles.

Finally, we "implant" the extracted healthy follicles into the scalp on the area that has thin hair problems with the procedure called "Auto Transplant", which is hair follicle implantation by using patient's own healthy hair follicles in which these living and strong cells will repair and strengthen the new hair root with the process called "Hair Micro Transplant" until they eventually grow into real thick natural hair.



The differences between hair transplantation with UR Cell and other methods