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In 1999, Nida Esth’ Medical Centre was established through the cooperation of Dr. Sunida Yuthayothin , MD, an efficient dermatologist, and Pol Lt. Col Dr. Piya Rungruxsiri , MD, a qualified plastic surgeon, who have gathered competent personnel in various fields of beauty industries including a team of medical experts with over 21 years of experience in the field of beauty and plastic surgery – graduated from the highest-ranked university in Thailand and received specialized training from leading countries around the world such as USA, Europe and Japan – together with a team of well-trained anesthesiologists and nurses from reputable institutions of Thailand. Nida Esth’ also offers innovative and high quality medical technology recognized by leading medical experts around the world, especially in European and American and also the Food and Drug Administration of the United States in terms of efficiency and safety which means that these innovations are able to solve all kinds of distinctive beauty problems. The team of doctors and nurses at Nida Esth’ is well-prepared to give advice – clearly and directly to the point – to everyone who suffers from problems or concerns in all forms of beauty together with cutting-edge technology used during consultations so that ones can be confident in an outcome as they wish for.

  As the current situation of epidemic crisis, it has enhanced people to more and more realize the value of life and to pay attention to their health by taking care of themselves. With regard to quality of life and safety as the number one priority, no matter what you do with your body; even if the price is high, it would still be considered worthwhile if safety and desired results are to be obtained. Therefore, with more than two decades of experience in the field of specialized beauty and in delivering aesthetic services to more than 15,000 patients from all over the world, both Thais and foreigners, Nida Esth’ deeply understands every problem and all kinds of beauty concerns. We are, therefore, confident to say that “Nida Esth’ Medical Centre" is the number-one beauty destination for those who love and seek the best for their life.

  Our advantages are the meticulous medical care of the team of personnel and the modern technology in creating complete beauty in terms of skin, body contouring, cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation, As a result, once you trust us to take care of your concerns, all imperfections will certainly be corrected to return the confidence and beauty as the masterpiece of arts.

Meet With
Nida Esthetic Cosmetic Surgery Bangkok
Dr. Piya Rungruxsiri, MD

For more than two decades in surgical fields, no one has never heard of Pol Lt. Col Dr. Piya Rungruxsiri, a highly experienced surgeon, widely known among a number of celebrities and elite people in Thailand due to his “neat and delicate” pieces using his “Customize Technique” in cosmetic surgeries so that he can manage to meet all individuals’ satisfactions. “Since everyone has different

Nida Esthetic Cosmetic Surgery Bangkok
Nida Esthetic Cosmetic Surgery Bangkok
Dr. Sunida Yuthayotin, MD, MSc

For more than 21 years of words of mouth about phenomenal experiences and successes of her laser innovations in cosmetic industry, Dr. Sunida Yuthayotin, MD, MSc - as known as “Dr.Nida”. thanks to more than 10,000 worldwide patients from both Thailand and other countries, she is trusted with her excellent masterpieces in creating beauty for each individuals with obvious results just in the very

Nida Esthetic Cosmetic Surgery Bangkok

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