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Full payment / Deposit / remaining balance can be paid through the following

  • Bank transfer
  • Cash
  • Credit card - only for clients who are living in Thailand Currency:
  • Foreign currencies are accepted through bank transfer as long as the exact amount in Thai baht is provided.
  • Foreign currency payments are not fixed, it will depend on the exchange rate between a specific currency and Thai Baht.
  • Bank charges should not be deducted on the payment sent to Nida Esth’.
  • Only USD and Thai Baht are accepted for cash payments.

Please contact the following for Nida Esth’  bank account information.

  • Tel Numbers: +662-252-2121, +662-251-2552
  • Email: info@nidaskincosmetic.com

Please send us a copy of the deposit slip/ transfer slip of the payment sent to Nida Esth’on the following:

  • Fax: +662-658-4447
  • Email: info@nidaskincosmetic.com

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