I Clear XL for Acne Reduction

I Clear XL for Acne Reduction I Clear XL for Acne Reduction

What is i-Clear?

Light is effective in disinfecting P.acnes which is the main cause of inflamed acnes, because P.acne infection can produce Porphyrins of Copro-prophyrins III type which can absorb light of 415 nm (Blue Light).When Prophyrinsabsorbts light, it will be able to disinfect bacteria.

How effective is I-Clear?

The Blue Light from i-Clear will destroy P.acne bacteria. Studies from several dermatology institutes provedthat Blue Light can effectively decrease acne inflammation by more than 70% within 1 month, which is considered much faster than conventional treatment by 3 times.


Acne is a common skin disease caused by sebaceous follicle which main locations are face, chest and upper back. Genetic is one important cause if acne, usually every sebaceous gland has its pores. When they produce sebum, it will secrete to the skin. Main cause of acne is obstruction of the pores and become a comedone.

2 main cause of the sebaceous gland obstruction

  1. Internal factor- this is caused individually and genetic plays an important role. When patients’ reach their puberty stage, the sebaceous gland becomes bigger and produce more sebum.
  2. External factor- this is caused by irritation of the skin from allergic reactions to cosmetic products, prolonged use of steroids, male hormones and stress.


2 Kinds of Comedones

  1. Open Comedo/ Blackhead- have a black pigmented on the surface comedone.
  2. Close Comedo/ Whitehead- is a small and hot substance inside comedone. If you leave the comedo without treatment, it will inflame because the close comedone have sebum that serves as a food for Propionibacterium acne (P. Acne) and will digest the sebum to free fatty acid, which is the main target for the White Blood Cells. So the patient will feel that the close comedone become swelling, red, painful and even become a cystic acne with pus.

Sometimes our natural body defense mechanism can cause acne scar on our skin. If you leave your inflamed acne for a long time, the White Blood Cells in your skin will secrete some kinds of enzymes to digest bacteria. This enzyme is not specific, it can digest both bacteria and the collagen structure at the same time. If you have your acne for a long time, you will develop collagen destruction and leads to acne scar.

How safe is i-Clear? What is its side effect?

- Clear utilizes advanced technology and only uses Blue Light which is effective in disinfecting only P.acnebacteria, and is UV-free while poses no side effect.

Treatment procedures for i-Clear

  1. Clean your face thoroughly before starting treatment with i-Clear equipment.
  2. The most suitable numbers of treatment is 8-10 times, twice a week.
  3. On average, each treatment lasts 30-40 minutes.
  4. While under treatment programme, if Comedone is found, topical application such as Retinoic Acid may help decrease the clogging.
  5. While under treatment programme, patients can use topical application such as Benzoyl Peroxide to prevent the return of bacteria and acne.

Benefits of i-Clear

  • Opitmal result within 1 month
  • Highly effective and safe
  • No side effect and pain-free
  • No need for oral anti-biotics
  • After the end of treatment, you can return to normal life like before
  • Applicable to every part of body; face, back and chest for instance.

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