TwinLight Laser Acne & Laser Scar

TwinLight Laser Acne & Laser Scar TwinLight Laser Acne & Laser Scar

What is Fotona 4D™ 

Fotona 4D™ is an innovative therapeutic approach with Ultra-Multi-Laser-Therapy designed to meet all dimensions of beauty’s concerns from skin problems, wrinkles, sagging on the face or on the body, acne problem - scars  uneven skin, excess hair in various areas, including the problem of loose vagina.  This is a technology that has been certified by international dermatologists that it is safe and does not cause side effects as well as being perfectly effective in treating.

What is Fotona TwinLight Laser Acne & Laser Scar Treatment Program?

Fotona TwinLight Laser Acne & Laser Scar Treatment: 
Dual beam technology that effectively treats the root causes of acne and fades scars

“Acne” is a troubling problem that occurs in both men and women from their teenage years onwards.  In addition to acne causing insecurities and uneven faces, it still leaves many problems such as dark spots, scars, acne scars, etc. So is it better if we can really get rid of the problem at the root of acne as well as reducing the marks left from acnes with a single treatment technology?

Fotona offers a truly comprehensive acne laser acne treatment with the TwinLight Laser Acne & Laser Scar Treatment program that uses precisely controlled Nd:YAG laser light that safely penetrates the skin to target to the clogged sebaceous glands effectively and can also reduce the risk of future acne breakouts.

Additionally, for the treatment of acne scars, the TwinLight Laser Acne & Laser Scar Treatment program creates a therapeutic approach that increases the precise and gentle exfoliation process.  Using Er:YAG laser beam technology, it can vaporize the scar tissue and stimulate the production of new collagen in the dermis for scar filling to reveal new smooth skin without scars.

The function of Fotona TwinLight Laser Acne & Laser Scar Treatment program

Immediate results with no side effects

For pimples that are inflamed, the TwinLight Laser Acne & Laser Scar Treatment program reduces acne inflammation. The program's high-powered Nd:YAG laser safely penetrates the skin to the optimal treatment depth to destroy the sebaceous glands. In addition, the TwinLight Laser Acne & Laser Scar Treatment program also accelerates the healing process and stimulates the production of collagen.  This is an important step in treating acne in the long term.


A gentle and effective treatment for acne scars

For the treatment of stubborn acne scars, the TwinLight Laser Acne & Laser Scar Treatment program is ideal for the correction of gentle scars.  It uses the safe and effective Er:YAG laser energy that improves skin texture and tone and precisely exfoliate skin cells with laser energy. Unlike chemical peels and other exfoliation treatments, the laser gently transmits heat energy to the micron-sized acne scars to reveal a healthy skin that does not affect the skin below.  It's a quick, safe, and easy procedure, and it doesn't hurt.

Areas that can be treated

  • Facial area
  • Scars on the face caused by acnes

Fotona 4D™ Benefits

  • It is a treatment technology with multi-therapy that covers many parts of the treatment
  • Don't worry about pain
  • Give clear results, equivalent to surgery
  • No need to recuperate for a long time
  • Gentle and suitable for all skin types in all proportions of the body

Why get Fotona 4D™ treatment at Nida Esth'?

Why get Fotona 4D™ treatment at Nida Esth'?

  • Because of the expertise in skin problem analysis of Dr. Sunida Yuthayotin, a dermatologist and laser specialist with over 22 years of experience in beauty, Dr. Nida is the designer of therapeutic techniques that meet the needs and achieve satisfactory results for every patient.
  • Clear Vision 2D & 3D skin problem analysis and scanning technology that scans deeply into each layer of the skin in 2D and 3D, making it possible to know the true skin problems of each patient.
  • With more than 15 beauty medical laser technologies that meet world-class US FDA standards, the most numerous in Thailand, Nida Esth' is a specialized aesthetic medical center that treats each skin problem deeply and accurately.
  • Body Simulation Design by Vectra 3D design dimensions of the body Ready to simulate a virtual 3D image after the treatment, allowing you to collaborate with surgeons to design a cross-dimensional body at the only Nida Esth' Medical Center and the only technology in Southeast Asia. Also, the Robo-Body Scanning Analysis, a technology for analyzing body mass Along with assessing the age of the body compared to the real age and with these technologies, the patient is like crossing the dimensions of time to analyze and see the shape in advance before deciding on surgery.
  • We provide the standard of safety to Premium level with international safety measures of International GHA COVID-19 (Global Health Accreditation) to upgrade service and safety with beauty as "the Masterpiece of art" for the confidence of all patients with full of perfect beauty results.
  • There is a team of nurses with expertise in beauty who is ready to take care and solve the patient's concerns throughout the service.
  • Medical Customer Service team who will be able to answer beauty problems and ready to take care of you like a family member 24 h.
  • English-Speaking Nurses who can take care of patients of all nationalities and answer all concerns and all beauty problems.
  • Nida Esth' guarantees results by comparing images before and after treatment with state-of-the-art technology to see the difference every time you receive treatment for skin problems.

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