Update 10 things you should know before breast surgery And the most popular breast implants of 2022 in Bangkok Thailand

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“Breast Surgery” or “Breast Augmentation” is one of many dreams girls in Bangkok Thailand have as they want to change themselves and enhance their personality, creating confidence and elegance to their body. But many people are still hesitant about the consequences and are still having questions; what type of breast surgery is suitable for them? What is the best method of breast augmentation? And, how do they to take care of themselves before and after the surgery?

Therefore, today Nida Esth' Medical Centre located in Bangkok Thailand has gathered interesting information to answer questions and help decision-making for those who are interested in starting planning for breast surgery. Breast surgery is a major operation; therefore, a large amount of information has to be studied and taken into consideration in making a decision. Both implants used and which one is the most suitable for us? Clinics or medical centers or even the operating hospital in Bangkok Thailand; do they have to provide a sterile and standardized operating room? Is there a good treatment design plan? Which technique for breast augmentation is suitable for us? And there's a lot of information that you should know before making a decision. If you're ready, let's get started.

1.Make sure which type of breast surgery is suitable for you?




Mainly, women who have breast problems and need various types of plastic surgery. But the most common are the followings:

Problems Causes Solutions
1.Sagging breast problems This is because our breasts and muscles tend to naturally sag as we age. And, another cause that can be found is after childbirth and breastfeeding. This problem can be corrected with breast lift surgery, which is to lift and tighten breast tissues to reduce sagging problems and still maintain balance with our body.
2.Unequal and small, flat breasts Most Asian women, especially in Bangkok, Thailand, have hereditary small breasts or abnormal breast development during puberty and some people have problems that both breasts have a noticeable difference so they need to be corrected to increase self-confidence. Breast augmentation using implants or patient’s own fat can be recommended. This depends on the original breast shape and surgeon's decision.
3.Breasts are too large It's not only small breasts that are a big concern for many girls, but there are also many girls who have breasts that are so large that they feel insecure. It is also difficult to find clothes to wear and cause problems with shoulder pain & back pain. because the size of the breast is too large This can be solved with breast reduction surgery by cutting off excess tissue to reduce the size and weight of the breasts.


2.Which type of implants to choose that is right for us?

Many people in Bangkok Thailand may be wondering about choosing implants for breast augmentation. How do we choose? First, we must look at what shape our breasts are like because of round implants and teardrop shape will give different results. For some people with smaller breasts and slender figure would be suitable for the teardrop shape while those who have larger breasts but want to adjust the shape, they should use round implants because, after a while, it will make the breasts look more natural. But if anyone wants to increase the size but still look natural. It is recommended to use a special technique for breast augmentation with the use of patient's own fat.

In Bangkok Thailand, implants for breast augmentation are diverse and have a higher quality with the development of the types, shapes and textures from the manufacturing industry; it is possible for anyone who wants breast surgery to choose a variety of implants that are suitable for them. At present, the types of implants are divided into main categories as follows:

1. Divided by shapes

Implant shape Illustrations
Round Shape
Teardrop Shape
Special Implants: Motiva (Ergonomix)

2. Divided by textures

Implants Type Smooth Textured Nano Texture

When touched, it feels soft and natural, closer to human skin.
There is less a chance to find the edge of the bag than textured implants

It can reduce the problem of moving implants after breast augmentation because the sand surface will help attach to the surrounding tissues. It is a new innovation from the manufacturer of breast implants called Motiva. The texture of this implant is smooth and also textured so we could say it offers both two advantages of textured and smooth surfaces.
Weaknesses Chance of fibrosis easily contracted can occur Textured implants may be associated with breast cancer but there is still no clear confirmation since the occurrence of breast cancer depends on many factors such as care, trade name, health, not just implant texture.  

3.Update the popular breast implants of the year 2022 in Bangkok Thailand

In Bangkok Thailand, the implants for breast augmentation is diverse and in a higher quality due to the development of types, shapes and textures of implants by the manufacturing industry. This allows those who are interested in breast surgery are able to choose a variety of implants that are the most suitable for themselves.

In 2021, Nida Esth' has done a study and research In Bangkok Thailand and have the conclusion of 2 popular brands of breast implants with outstanding features, international quality and safety standards, including

1. Motiva Ergonomix Implants has been developed to have advantages for the body made of gel implants with the latest technology Ergonomic method that is highly flexible. It can reduce the size of the long incision of the surgical wound. In addition, this material is a premium since its shape can be balanced with the body to be natural including the feeling that is like real breasts. It is considered one of the most premium and outstanding breast implants in Bangkok Thailand.

Advantages of Motiva Ergonomix Implant

  • It is distinguished by a new Nano Texture. It is super smooth and soft, combined with a texture that has good adhesion including flexibility and high durability.
  • The shape of the implants looks more natural than ever as it can move according to the shape of the body, whether sitting, lying or standing, the breasts will never look unnatural.
  • It has a super soft touch and natural similarly to real breasts. It can stretch and still maintain its original shape. This is an advantage over other implants out there in the market.
  • It is safe so we can no longer worry about the dangers of implant leaks.
  • It can build confidence in breast augmentation surgery to the next level with the most advanced model that comes with a chip implant technology as small as 12 millimeters inside Motiva implants to serve as a safety standard and to increase confidence in breast augmentation surgery.



2. Mentor MemoryGel Xtra Worldwide LLC (Johnson & Johnson) The distinguishing feature of Mentor implants is that it has a gel content of 98%, so it can feel like natural breasts, making it is another choice that is suitable for many women's physique. Mentor implants also have guarantees for 10 years of damage, as well as U.S.A. standards certified by the Food and Drug Administration USA (FDA) and Thailand. There will be no leakage, so it can be considered that Mentor is a high quality implants that many people in Bangkok Thailand are interested in.

Benefits of Mentor MemoryGel Xtra

  • Highly flexible when compressed; therefore, the original shape can be completely restored without deformation.
  • Strong since it has a strong adhesion between molecules. If implants are ruptured, there will be no leakage. It also has pressure resistance to temperature changes.
  • A softer and more natural touch with 98% gel, reducing rippling more than other implants.
  • Especially made for Asian girls and it is suitable for Asian physique and can be used in cases with small breasts.
  • Guaranteed safety after treatment because there is a guarantee for more than 10 years.

However, both brands of implants have different advantages. Therefore, before undergoing surgery in Bangkok Thailand, please do not forget to consult with a specialist surgeon to find out the implant that is most suitable for us.

4.Update on popular breast augmentation techniques in 2022 in Bangkok Thailand

In Bangkok Thailand, there are many techniques of breast augmentation that are used to achieve the most natural and satisfying results. Today, Nida Esth' Medical Centre has ranked the most popular breast augmentation techniques received which are

1.Hybrid Breast Augmentation in Bangkok Thailand

Hybrid breast augmentation in Bangkok Thailand is a surgery that uses implants in combination with stem cell transplants from your own fat. It brings together the advantages of both methods. It can increase the thickness of the skin around the chest and breast tissue, making breast augmentation with implant look and feel more natural. It also reduces the chance of seeing implant rippling.

But if breast augmentation with own fat cells alone may be a problem. Over time, fat cells may be absorbed causing the volume to disappear. Therefore, breast massage should be avoided in cases of breast augmentation with own fat to prevent the loss of fat cells. Hybrid breast augmentation, therefore, combines the advantages and reduces the limitations by using implants and fat cells for breast augmentation together.


Hybrid breast augmentation is suitable for

  • Patients with very small breasts
  • People who want to have bigger breasts and look more natural
  • People who have had breast augmentation with implants and are satisfied with the texture of the implant but want to modify them and want them to look and feel more natural.
  • Those who want to enhance their breasts to be larger but natural looking with volume.

The hybrid breast augmentation in Bangkok Thailand procedure consists of 2 main steps.

  • Liposuction from the desired areas to be used to extract and separate stem cells from fat.
  • Perform breast augmentation with implants combined with stem cells from fat injected to fill in the desired area.

2. Dual Plane Technique in Bangkok Thailand,



This method is a breast augmentation that the upper part of the breast implants is under the chest muscle and the lower part of the breast implant is above the pectoral muscles. This is a technique that combines the advantages of many techniques together with the injection of muscle relaxants to make the breast shape look beautiful, natural and looks natural. 

Breast augmentation with Dual Plane technique in Bangkok Thailand is suitable for

  • Those who want to enhance their breasts to be larger but natural looking.
  • People with breast problems that are not close together.

5.Pros and cons of the surgical incision areas of breast augmentation



Breast augmentation surgery in Bangkok Thailand can usually be done through 3 positions: under the armpits (Transaxillary), under the breast folds (Inframammary) and around the tits (Periareolar).

  • Under the armpit, this position will cover the wound less. But it's a good choice for women who don't want scars on their breasts.
  • Under the breast crease; it's a very popular position because the wound will be concealed under the fold of the skin under the breasts.
  • Around the tits, are the positions that can cover the wound the most.

Before the surgery, the doctor will explain in detail in each surgical position again and help you decide the best position for us.


6.Techniques for augmentation under the muscles or above; how are they different?

After considering the shape and appearance of each patient's breast tissue, a doctor will choose the best position to place the implants in along with telling the advantages and disadvantages for the patient to make a decision. Breast implants can be placed in 3 different ways.



  • Under the mammary glands (placed under the breast tissue but above the breast muscles) this method can shorten the time of surgery and wound healing but there may be disadvantages. The rim of the implants under the skin may be noticeable to the naked eye. In radiographic, breast cancer screening may be more difficult.
  • Under the muscle (Place under both the breast tissue and the pectoral muscles). This can reduce the chance of hardening of surrounding tissues. And, radiology breast cancer diagnosis is easier but the disadvantage is that it can lead to longer surgery and recovery time.
  • Dual Plane with Botox combines the breast augmentation using implants technique with Botox injections – the upper part of implants is placed under the pectoral muscles but the lower one is placed above the pectoral muscles. Botox will be injected to help reduce pain during breast augmentation surgery. It helps the breasts be closer together than placing implants under the muscles and it helps the breasts get into shape faster than normal breast technique.


7.The 3D Design of breast shape simulator, the only technology in Bangkok Thailand



Would it be better, if we can see the results of surgery before undergoing a procedure to plan and evaluate treatment appropriately and achieve the most satisfactory results?

The answer is Vectra 3D technology in Bangkok Thailand that gives patients access to the perception of the shape they desire before surgery. Vectra 3D technology is a tool that allows for more complete communication between a doctor and a patient. This helps to create a coherent understanding of what the patient wants with what the doctor assesses including the technique and the possibility to create the beauty that the patient desires.



The Vectra 3D, the system will capture and record images for 3 times to compose a 3D photo. The AI computer system will process and create the image. The resulting images can be viewed from multiple perspectives as a tool to help plan treatment to meet the patient's needs. The Vectra 3D technology allows us to visualize virtually after surgery. It can be used for a variety of surgical procedures such as breast augmentation surgery, liposuction, facial surgery, etc. to meet the needs and meet the beauty of the patient as much as possible.


8.How to prepare before breast augmentation surgery in Bangkok Thailand


Before surgery, doctors and nurses usually advise against taking medications, vitamins, and supplements because some of the properties of some medications, vitamins, and supplements do their job too well and may cause harm during surgery. The groups of drugs that affect blood clotting that doctors often recommend avoiding before breast surgery are:

  • Aspirin
  • Ibuprofen
  • Vitamin-E
  • Ginkgo leaf extract
  • Fish Oil
  • Garlic extract
  • Dong Quai
  • Ginseng
  • Other substances that have an effect is that it may cause hemorrhagic risk. or bleeding in the body with anticoagulant properties

9.Hospital VS Clinic in Bangkok Thailand; what’s the difference in terms of safety?



In Bangkok Thailand, Breast surgery is classified as a major surgery, therefore it is necessary to use general anesthesia to perform during the operation. Therefore, you should be in the care of an anesthesiologist in the hospital and recuperate at least one night after surgery. In order to see that there are no complications, the idea of having breast augmentation surgery should be decided and researched to make a decision for the safety of the patient as much as possible.

Once the surgery is complete, a patient will be brought to the recovery room to be taken care for approximately 1 or 2 hours while the anesthesia effect is exhausted. A team of doctors will come to make sure that the patient is able to breathe normally and there is no risk of choking. Some patients may experience nausea or feel cold after recovering from surgery. The medical team will provide close supervision for the safety of patients and be ready to provide treatment in the event of an emergency.

Therefore, when choosing a breast surgery clinic in Bangkok Thailand you should seek information in addition to the experience and expertise of the surgeon who performs the surgery. Another important factor is undergoing surgery must be performed at a hospital that has safety standards and technology available to emergencies.


10.After breast augmentation surgery, how should you take care of yourself?



  • Be careful not to expose the surgical wound to moisture or water until your doctor makes an appointment because there is a chance of causing inflammation of the wound and should not take a bath in the tub because there is a chance that water will seep into the surgical wound.
  • During the first month after breast augmentation, you should sleep in the supine position and should not be on the side because it will cause the implants to not embed in the proper position. The correct sleeping style is lying with your upper body elevated about 30-45 degrees which will help reduce swelling. It is recommended to lie down on high pillows, push your back 2-3 pieces and rest a lot after the surgery.
  • From the second week after surgery until 6 months or 1 year, it is necessary to massage the breasts to prevent and reduce the formation of fibrosis. And it will make the breasts soft and feel more natural. The principles of breast massage are as follows:
    • Step 1: Use both hands to push the implants into the middle of the chest so that they are close together and hold for about 10 seconds and release.
    • Step 2: Use your hands to push your chest from the center to the sides to push the implants out of the side of the body and hold for another 10 seconds and release.
    • Step 3: Use your palm to push the implants upward as much as possible by pushing and holding for about 10 seconds.
    • Step 4: Finally, use your palms together and push the implants downwards, hold for 10 seconds, then release, then return to the first massage again. Repeat this over and over again, massage for 5-10 minutes a day.
  • A sports bra should be worn for 6 weeks, after which a bra can be worn as needed. (subject to doctor's recommendation)
  • You should not exercise or lift heavy objects during the period 2-4 weeks after breast augmentation surgery.
  • Take medications as prescribed by your doctor and should go for check-ups as prescribed by the doctor every time. Discontinue taking aspirin, Brufen, vitamin E, cod liver oil, or other herbs for about 2 weeks after surgery as these can make it easier to bleed. Before taking any additional medication, you should consult a doctor first every time.
  • Tingling feeling on the side of the breast or nipple can sometimes occur and is considered a normal symptom that may occur temporarily. Most of the time, these symptoms will go away on their own within 3 months.
  • The first stage of the scar will become apparent in the first few months. The scar will become darker and thicker, but they will gradually fade and become softer within 1 year. Sunbathing should be avoided and you should apply sunscreen around the scar as well.
  • After a long-term surgery, you should regularly check your breasts yourself to see what's wrong with the breast or change?

From the above information, 10 things you must know before undergoing breast augmentation surgery that Nida Esth' Medical Center has compiled, there are 10 questions about those who plan about breast augmentation surgery must prepare and preliminary self-assessment about what kind of breasts would you like?, along with consulting with a surgeon who has expertise and expertise in breast augmentation surgery. There is also a safety factor and expenses that patients must take into account as well because large surgical operations are considered risky, so you should be carefully considered and choose an institute or a medical center with an experienced surgeon. It will help reduce the risk of breast 

Or if you are planning to have breast augmentation or have any other questions, you can get a consultation from a specialist of Nida Esth' Medical Centre in Bangkok Thailand by calling 02-252-2121 or Line Official Account @nida_esth


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