ADSC Younger, pure stem cells for young facial skin. youthful face


A miraculous shortcut to 10-year younger result with the power of Micro & Nano Fat Transfer with the best 2 techniques for the facial reshaping & skin revitalizing deeply at the cellular level.


Facial contouring by Baby Micro Fat Stem Cells
to create a unique perfect dimension  


Cellular Rejuvenation by Natural Growth Factor and Nano Fat Stem Cells
to make you look younger than your real age

Stem Cell for Facial Rejuvenation from Adipose-Derived Stem Cells

No foreign substances
Safe with no scars
One single treatment
Natural & long lasting result


What does the Expert say?

       'Dr. Piya Rungruxsiri' or 'Dr. Piya' is a surgeon with certificates in cosmetic surgery from the International Society of Plastic Surgery and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and holds the position of CEO & Co-Founder of Nida Esth' Medical Center: Premium Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Institute where is internationally accepted and guaranteed by more than 24 years of experience with the award ‘No.1, The most effective facial contouring medical center 3 years in a row from 168AsiaTopTen' and most recently with the 'Editor's Choice for ‘The most trusted cosmetic surgery center & leader in aesthetic laser technology' from Hello Beauty Award 2022'. And, lastly 'the Honorary People' in 2023 from our determination in finding the best technology to answer every problem and concern of every patient throughout his past work.

      Therefore, today we are going to talk about ADSC Younger by Bio-Z-tem with 'Dr. Piya' who is known as the most favorite surgeon of superstars, important leaders and celebrities all over Thailand and Asia due to his outstanding performance of the art of surgery which is“ precise and perfect, as one wishes” with customization techniques in every case, causing many patients to be intrigued and come to consult with him from both Thailand and other countries


What is ADSC Younger by Bio-Z-tem?

     “ADSC Younger is a program that combines the science of surgery and biological science with a unique technique to change the facial structure and skin to look naturally younger than the actual age, using Stem Cell for Facial Rejuvenation or ADSC Stem Cell of a patients undergoing treatment. This is considered an important turning point from traditional fat injections.”

     “ADSC stands for Adipose-Derived Stem Cells. It is the extraction of stem cells using Bio-Z-tem technology, which is the latest cell extraction method that was invented to obtain Younger Stem Cells in the form of Micro ADSC and Nano ADSC and then used to change the facial structure and restore youthfulness miraculously.”

      I received this patented method from Dr. Tonnard and Dr. Vapale, the two famous Belgian plastic surgeons who invented this technique by using ADSC Cell to help patients who have facial problems and birth defects, including cases where the facial appearance is deformed caused by an accident or other deformities such as illnesses. The two surgeons have jointly invented and developed advanced techniques for extraction Pure Youthful “stem cells” or ADSC Cells in a complex form together with actual use in patients until results are successfully achieved. Therefore, I took that knowledge and developed it to suit the faces of Asian people until it became ADSC Younger by  Bio-Z-tem.

How does ADSC Younger by Bio-Z-tem work?

     “As ADSC Younger has been devised to suit the structure of Asians, he then applies his own distinctive art to build upon the original European Surgical Technique that he has learned to prove outcomes with the difference without waiting, based on the safety of employing stem cells for facial youth or the patient's own ADSC (Adipose-Derived Stem Cells) to repair and rejuvenate the face and aged skin with Bio-Z-tem Technology, the most recent cell extraction method that can restore youth in two steps:

1. Bio-Contouring

     It is the science of constructing a new dimension of facial contour (facial dimensions) with ADSC that has passed a specific procedure of extraction and screening in a laboratory by trained cellular physicians until the alive ADSC and Micro-Fat Globule have been kept in order to fill the structure of the face and marvelously make it look younger.

2. Bio-Filling

     It is to "add Pure ADSC" stimulated by Low level laser for growth factor secretion from your body to the skin's top layer in order to replace any lost or aged cells. It also strengthens the "cell-heals-cell process" to reverse and slow down aging without the use of non-surgical procedures by increasing the production of collagen and elastin at the cellular level.

The pure stem cell for face youth (Stem Cell Younger) or ADSC stem cell, extracted by this exclusive technology, has been clinically analyzed to be healthy and able to divide into new cells effectively and has been accepted with success by top medical journals on a global scale.”

Benefits of ADSC Younger by Bio-Z-tem

Benefits of ADSC Younger by Bio-Z-tem

Single Treatment

One treatment is needed, no time wasted and no repetition

 Very Long Lasting Result

Long-term youthfulness that brings you the eternal youth look


Because the baby fat stem cells are extracted from "your own body”, not foreign substances

 Immediate and Effective Result

It creates a dimension to the facial contouring and rejuvenation immediately after treatment; there is no need to wait

Process of ADSC YOUNGER By Bio-Z-tem

Process of ADSC YOUNGER By Bio-Z-tem

1. Pre- ADSC Transplant

  • Facial structure and skin layer analysis using technology from Germany, Skin Age Analysis and 3D Facial Analysis from USA.
  • Get a personal consultation with a medical team to design a treatment.
  • Oxidative Stress Test measures free radicals that cause cellular aging (for patients who decide to receive the treatment).

2. ADSC MicroTransplant

  • The surgeon will design and simulate the facial position to be treated with a 3D camera based on anatomy medical principles in order to create a personalized beauty with specific details that differ depending on age, problems, and original facial anatomy to achieve the results of beauty and youth that cannot be imitated.
  • Apply anesthetic cream on the designated position to feel comfortable and relaxed while receiving treatment.
  • The surgeon will use a special tool to "aspirate" fat tissue from the body, usually fat around the abdomen or the inner legs. Thanks to this special technique, the extractable ADSC maintains its perfect viability.
  • The resulting adipose tissue is extracted ADSC from adipose tissue using the Bio-Z-tem method, the advanced medical technique copyright from Europe.
  • Pure ADSC obtained will be passed on to the surgeon to "add" to the face and skin layers, dividing into 2 techniques
    • Bio-Contouring Technique – Facial contouring that creates a unique dimension by adding more dimensions to the face.
    • Bio-Filling Technique – Rejuvenation of the skin by adding firmness to the skin and ton all over the face to make it look younger than the real age.
  • Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) – A low-intensity laser – will be scanned onto facial skin to enhance an ADSC cell repairing cells process.

3. Post ADSC Transplant 

  • Daily: ADSC Growth Factor Extract, prescribed for home use 
  • Weekly:
    • Go to follow-up with the surgeon.
    • Continue rehabilitation with LLLT to enhance the effectiveness of treatment.
ADSCYounger ADSCYounger ADSCYounger ADSCYounger

Why ADSC Younger by Bio-Z-tem at Nida Esth’ Medical Centre?

     With the concept of working with "meticulous preciseness in every degree of beauty" combined with "specific expertise in Facial Design" of Dr. Piya Rungruxsiri, a surgeon certified by the Medical Council and a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Thailand Membership of the Thai Association of Plastic Surgeons and membership of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery make Dr. Piya's ADSC Younger Premier internationally recognized.

     I and Nida Esth' have been chosen as the only stem cell for face rejuvenation (Stem Cell Younger) or ADSC Younger technique providers in Thailand and this region, and we admit that it is a  exclusive modified European technique. Patients from all over the world have attested to the effectiveness of the treatment in reducing the signs of aging and adjusting the face proportions for a flawlessly youthful appearance.

     Accurate facial structure analysis is possible with Vectra 3D, a US-developed technology for recreating 3D facial features. This technology is ready to identify the root cause of facial aging at the cellular level using an oxidative stress test.

     Additionally, the science and artistry of this non-surgical stem cell for facial rejuvenation (Stem Cell Younger or ADSC YOUNGER by Bio-Z-tem) transforms the history of facial surgery by making the face firm, youthful, and rejuvenating. According to the principle of auto-transplantation (using one's own cells for transplantation), a face is given a new dimension that lasts for a very long time. In the hands of a skilled surgeon using a procedure that is the sole highest privilege in Southeast Asia, it is risk-free, hypoallergenic, and produces perpetual rejuvenation.”


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