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"Comprehensive beauty laser technology that rectifies face skin issues

with 6 dimensions of energy to fill the firmness from the structure inside the oral mucosa to the outside of the skin layer and restore natural youthfulness”


 No Pain ● No Injection ● Non Surgery ● No Downtime!

Fotona 1D: SmoothLiftin®
Fulfill the firmness from within the oral mucosa: Intraoral Tightening

Fotona 2D: FRAC3®
Restore youthfulness to the skin: Skin Rejuvenation

Fotona 3D: PIANO® 
Lift and tighten the upper layer of the skin: Skin Tightening

Fotona 4D: SupErficial® 
Gently exfoliate old skin cells: Light Peel

Fotona 5D: LipLase® 
Adjust plump, firm & Fuller Lips

Fotona 6D: VectorLift®
Natural Forehead, Eyebrow & Eyelid Elevation


What Does The Expert say?

     Personally… I absolutely like FOTONA 6D LOCK YOUTH due to the fact that FOTONA 6D LOCK YOUTH is the only technology in the world that can fill in the firmness from inside the oral mucosa which makes it my All-Time Favorite Choice technology that I rank as the best non-surgical face sculpting technology. Nothing else on the market can produce results as excellent as FOTONA 6D

     “I'm 50+ now, but as a dermatologist specializing in aesthetic lasers…I made a commitment to myself that I could look younger and younger without fillers, fillers, and any surgery because I wanted to look young, good-looking, and naturally plump. As the doctor has been studying laser technology for 24 years… I am confident that it can be done.”

     “To maximize FOTONA 6D LOCK YOUTH's ability to produce remarkable tightening results and to achieve the greatest lifting effect that will make us look young, firm, and youthful while maintaining our natural appearance, I have continually improved by fusing the features of FOTONA 6D LOCK YOUTH with other technologies, based on the current trends”

     "My favorite and most well-known exclusive program is Baby Lift3 Inside-Out Lifting, which combines the strengths of 2 technologies: FOTONA 6D LOCK YOUTH and Clear lift 4D, as well as 6D Face Log LunchTime FaceLift, which combines the strengths of 2 technologies: FOTONA 6D LOCK YOUTH and SoftWave 6D Lift Face. Each program is suitable for different problems according to the Personalized Beauty Concept that I intend to apply to all my patients so that they receive the best solution that meets their own problems.”

Dr.Profile Fotona 6D Bkk Post

The owner of an exclusive column "Beyond Beauty by Dr.Nida"
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     “As for the FOTONA 6D LOCK YOUTH program, I call it an innovative treatment as it is designed to meet all dimensions and it is the most comprehensive beauty that I have ever encountered, especially the problem of acne-scars and uneven skin. The specialty of Fotona 6D Lock Youth is the 6 treatment modes that are outstanding in treating specific problems, and in addition, Fotona 6D Lock Youth is a technology that has been certified by dermatologists internationally to be safe and does not cause side effects and has flawless treatment efficiency.

     "To sum up, the benefit of FOTONA 6D LOCK YOUTH is that it is a program that adds firmness to the face and tightens the skin to make it firm, wrinkle-free, and bright-clear. It is excellent for people seeking for a non-surgical face lifting treatment and putting safety as the major priority because it doesn't require surgery and produces a young and natural look. Because it can correct issues from the inside out and provide flawless lifting effects that other laser technologies cannot, the Fotona 6D Lock Youth program differs from other treatments.”

How does Fotona 6D Lock Youth work?

Collagen and elastin synthesis may be successfully stimulated by the unique FOTONA 6D LOCK YOUTH program. As a result, they are separated into 6 different treatment modes can assist fill the firmness without the need for injection, including

Mode 1: SmoothLiftinTM

is the use of laser energy to tighten the cheek skin to make the skin smooth fill up with firmness by firing a laser from inside the cheeks on both sides, which does not feel pain. The patient must rinse the mouth with the solution provided to clean the inside of the mouth before the treatment.

Mode 2: FRAC3TM

The use of lasers on the face helps to modify the skin's tone on the face so that it is consistent and articulates external energy from the first step that is shot from the inside by shooting lasers all over the face and concentrating on the cheeks on both sides to lift and tighten the skin.

Mode 3: PIANO®

By spending the time in this stage to let the energy to penetrate down into the deep layers of the skin, a laser will be utilized to stimulate collagen fibers across the face to aid in deep skin layer skin tightening. The laser head also has a temperature sensor that shows the appropriate power. As a result, it is completely safe.

Mode 4: SupErficialTM Micro Peeling

The upper layers of the skin are gently exfoliated by the laser to lighten the skin and restore its smoothness without leaving scars. After treatment, there are no flakes, and the blemishes, freckles, and dark circles could be properly treated.

Mode 5: LipLaseTM

Using a laser, one may fill in and produce the perfect lip features, such as fuller, firmer upper and lower lips, and can also modify the pigmentation surrounding the lips to give them a more natural pink color.

Mode 6: VectorLift®

By raising the brow tail and naturally tightening the upper eyelids, using a non-surgical laser to elevate the forehead and upper eyelids can improve the appearance of the eyes and eyebrows.

How does it work Area treated

Expected results after FOTONA 6D LOCK YOUTH

  • Add firmness : Tighten the skin around the cheeks to make the skin smooth with firmness by using the laser from within the oral mucosa on both sides.
  • Face Lifting : Lifts and tightens the skin and also stimulates collagen fibers to function more efficiently.
  • Bright and clear skin : Gently exfoliates the top layer of skin cells, helping to brighten the skin and return smoothness to the skin which also helps treat blemishes, freckles and dullness effectively.
  • Youthful face with wrinkle-free : wrinkles are noticeably shallower as it lifts the forehead, eyebrows and eyelids, tighten naturally.
  • Plump and firm lips : plump lips without grooves, look naturally beautiful with pinkish-reddish color

Highlights of FOTONA 6D LOCK YOUTH

  • Rejuvenate and rejuvenate your skin without the need for surgery or fillers : Fotona 6D Lock Youth differs from other lifting laser treatments by addressing the root cause of aging skin by stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin.
  • The treatment is quick, comfortable and requires no post-treatment downtime : Fotona 6D Lock Youth takes only one hour and patients can return to daily activities immediately after treatment.
  • Addresses multiple skin concerns in just one treatment : It can address sagging skin, lack of volume and firmness, wrinkles, dull skin tone and uneven skin; these problems can be treated in just one treatment with Fotona 6D Lock Youth!
Highlights of FOTONA 6D LOCK YOUTH why fotona 6D at Nida Esth

Why FOTONA 6D LOCK YOUTH at Nida Esth’ Medical Centre

Look Younger Immediately

A world-class laser technology centre where is ready to create a perfectly different youthful result.

Worldwide Real Results

Result of "Firm Skin - Younger Looking - Lifting Results" over 10,000+ cases from patients around the world.

International Awards and Honors

    Awarded "World's Leading Skin Laser Centre" from regional rankings and Exclusive Interview from HELLO Magazine, Bangkok Post and 168AsiaTopTen.

Highly Experienced Medical Personnel

    The team is led by Dr. Nida, American Board of Aesthetic Medicine with a team of nurses with a lot of experience.

Advanced Technique

    Combining the science of laser with unique beauty techniques to answer all skin problems.

Excellent International Customer Service Care

    With a team of specialized nurses who is ready to take care of you 24 hours a day throughout the treatment process.

Your Personalized Beauty Plan

    Plan a personalized treatment program in the form of an AI Plan.

Advanced Analysis

    Software that analyzes skin problems and compares skin age with real age in the form of 2D&3D Camera

Complete Package

    Clearly compiles in-depth treatment packages for each case.

Exclusive Personalized Beauty

     From the first day of work until now I have always adhered to the concept of Personalized Beauty. The work of a cosmetic doctor is no different from other medical doctors. We need to thoroughly analyze the patient's problem as a starting point and design the treatment to the point. Currently, I use AI Software to help analyze the problem and design the treatment, both Skin•Hair•Slim.”

     At Nida Esth, we utilize German software called Skin Age Analysis to estimate skin age that can be compared to real age while treating skin conditions. It is also able to calculate the skin age on graphs. And, the AI will also measure the skin's hydration, pores, wrinkles, and melanin levels, along with the images from the 3D Camera and other examination, all of this data will be examined to create a personalized treatment plan and AI Plan”

     “To all of my patients, I will keep recording photos to analyze changes and compare treatment results with 3D Camera for patients to see all the time as, at Nida Esth', we dare to show results in real time because with our experience and modern technology, we are confident. that we can definitely make every case different. Therefore, the results of treatment at Nida Esth' are tangible and have proven the results in thousands of cases.”

Exclusive Personalized Beauty Testimonial

Real Patients with Real Results

Miss Bussakorn Juntaraworamate
(Chief Executive Officer rumPUREE World Dance Studio)

     “Honestly, aside from a combination of daily exercises and healthy diet, I would say that Nida Esth' is the secret for my beauty and facial youth that I’d love to share to everyone today. Personally, I would like anything non-surgical and less invasive like fillers and botox. But recently, when looking at a mirror, I realized that I looked older than before, affecting my self-esteem and confidence. So, Dr. Nida created the treatment approach, employing 3D Camera software technology from Germany called Clear Vision 3D & Skin Age Analysis to determine the causes of my problems which are sagging skin, loss of baby fat and sunken cheeks caused by descent and deflation effects from aging processes.”

     “Knowing the causes of my problems, she had designed a personalized treatment plan that of 6D FaceLog: Lunchtime Facelift that combines ‘Lift Face’ and ‘Lock Youth’ programs which really answered the problems that I had both. And, a combination of these 2 programs really helped sort out my concerns with no pain and non-invasive approach. I’m impressed with the result since the very first treatment. I can see that my mid-face area is lifted and full with baby-like result, not looking aged or sunken like before.”

Miss Piengporn Suvarnprateep
(Managing Director PO Corporation)

     “I always chose the finest for myself, especially when it comes to appearance as I'm a picky person. And, Nida Esth’ and Dr. Nida are always my choices. I can see that Nida Esth is careful and precise in every stage, especially Dr. Nida, she treated me with the idea of Personalized Beauty and treated me like a priceless work of art.”

     “If compared to the fashion industry, Dr. Nida’s works would be comparable to the ‘haute couture’ in Paris or Milan, and another important reason for me to trust Dr. Nida to take care of me for more than 10 years is because I am confident in the aesthetic medical technology that she selected which must be the best for sure."

     "Recently, Dr. Nida used the 6D Face LOG program that she specifically created for me to do a "Face Lift and Lock Baby Face" which I am very satisfied. My face's contours have become tightened. I can see the facial structure clearly which appears naturally youthful without any surgery or injections.”

Thank you Dr. Nida and the nursing team at Nida Esth' for always taking good care of me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."


  1. How long will it take to see results and how long does it last?

: Improvements can be seen right away, and depending on the person, treatment outcomes will continually exhibit clearer results in between two and three months            

  1. What does the procedure feel like?

It is painless since Fotona6D Pro treats a variety of skin issues from the face to the neck, thus how it feels during treatment will depend on the individual. Usually, there will be a little warmth on the skin in the treated area, which will go away.

  1. Does the procedure require any downtime?

Because it is a laser treatment, there is no need for recovery nonetheless, it can result in redness which will recover in two days. During the first week following treatment, the skin may be itchy or sensitive in some persons. However, a group of expert nurses and the doctor will constantly evaluate what's happening and offer support.

  1. What is the post-treatment care for Fotona 6D Lock Youth

- Wash your face with plain water for 3 days.

- Refrain from eating spicy food for 24 hours

- Refrain from applying various nourishing creams containing skin exfoliation extracts, AHA, BHA, RETINOL and TONER for 3-5 days.

- Avoid direct sunlight for at least 3 days.

- Use the AFTER MOISTURIZER prescribed by your doctor for 3 days.

5. How often for the treatment to be done?

It is advised to use Fotona 6D Lock Youth once a year to maintain the effects of treatment and keep the skin firm.


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