Breast Enlargement Fat Transfer

Breast Enlargement Fat Transfer
Nida Esthetic Cosmetic Surgery Bangkok

Breast Enlargement with Fat Transfer for Natural Breasts 

It would surely be better to fulfill what lacks with a more advancing technology developed by a medical team of Nida Esth’ leading by Dr. Piya Rungruxsiri, M.D. – who studied breast enlargement with fat transfer. The procedure utilizes excess fat to extract stem cells and combine with breast augmentation for the most natural outcome.



Why Breast Enlargement Fat with Transfer at Nida Esth’?

  • The expertise of a surgeon – Dr. Piya Rungruxsiri – who has a special technique of breast enlargement with fat transfet and more-than-19-year experience in surgical field. 
  • Anesthesiologists and nurse teams who have experiences in taking care patients and hospitalization both local and international 
  • We provide VECTRA 3D which can simulates a 3 dimensional photographs of an expecting result of procedures
  • Standardized and certified medical instruments, including a specialist in stem cell therapy
  • Patients will be receiving professional care from nurses who demonstrates post-operation care.

What is Breast Enlargement with Fat Transfer?

The procedure utilizes an amount of excess fat from abdomen, thighs or other areas there excess fat is accumulated to extract stem cells to inject into breasts for natural results. 

Who is a candidate for Breast Enlargement with Fat Transfer?

Breast enlargement with fat transfer is for people who have sufficient fat for stem cell extraction, especially abdominal fat where stem cells are richest and the most abundant. The evaluation is only done by a surgeon whether you are suitable for breast enlargement with fat transfer or not?

Processes of Breast Enlargement Fat with Transfer 

2 Main Processes are

  • Fat liposuction from desired areas to extract stem cells
  • Breast enlargement with fat transfer from the use of extracted fat stem cells

Liposuction for Breast Enlargement Fat with Transfer


Advantages of Breast Enlargement Fat with Transfer 

  • Natural breast result
  • No visible scars after the surgery
  • Less injury than breast augmentation with implants 
  • Less pain and faster recovery process
  • No risks of foreign substances 
  • No use of foreign substances
  • Reduce excess fat of a body
  • No risk of fascia and capsular contracture

Post-operation Care after Breast Enlargement Fat with Transfer 

  • No breast massage or warm packing within 1 month after the procedure to prevent fat loss
  • No smoking and collagen & vitamin consumption within 3 months after the surgery to prevent capsule contracture. 
  • Avoid places where often occur rapid changes of temperature to prevent fat absorption 





Surgery package

  • Hospital accommodations 
  • OR and recovery room charges
  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Preoperative routine lab test
  • Pre op medicines, anesthesia, medical gas
  • Professional fees (surgeons, anesthesiologist, nurses)
  • Post op care
  • Transportation (hotel-hospital-hotel)
  • Mobile SIM card

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