Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Breast Reduction
Nida Esthetic Cosmetic Surgery Bangkok

What is Breast Reduction?

Breast Reduction is to reduce the size of huge breasts by removing excess tissues to decrease both size and weight of breasts to be more appropriate to the body because some have too-huge breasts which can lead to chronicle backache.   



Why Breast Reduction at Nida Esth’

  • The expertise of a surgeon – Dr. Piya Rungruxsiri – who has a special technique of breast reduction and more-than-19-year experience in surgical field. 
  • Anesthesiologists and nurse teams who have experiences in taking care patients and hospitalization both local and international 
  • We provide VECTRA 3D which can simulates a 3 dimensional photographs of an expecting result of procedures
  • Standardized and certified medical instruments.
  • Patients will be receiving professional care from nurses who demonstrates post-operation care.

Who are Suitable for Breast Reduction?

  • Patients who has unsymmetrical breast size
  • Patients with huge breasts that cause backache
  • Patients who’d like to correct their postures
  • Patients who previously underwent breast augmentation with unsatisfying result
  • Patients who are healthy and have no severe disease which can affects recovery process

How to start Breast Reduction? 

  • Consult with a surgeon to evaluate possibilities of breast reduction 
  • Inform reasons of breast reduction 
  • Consult about the size of breasts after breast reduction
  • Inform all medical history 

Facts before Breast Reduction 

  • Risk of bruises and swollen
  • No medicine and vitamin consumption 
  • No smoking before breast reduction at least 2 weeks 
  • Incision sites of breast reduction
  • Inform all allergies to a surgeon and nurses 

Evaluation before Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is to correct individual breast problems so differences will be as follows 

  • Size and shape of breasts 
  • Size and positions of areolas 
  • Skin condition, elasticity of skin and an amount if excess breast skin 

Preparation before Breast Reduction 

  • Assessment, evaluation, analysis and treatment of breast reduction
  • Dates of treatments and follow-ups
  • Information about anesthesia
  • Post-operation care and follow-ups 
  • No vitamin consumption 
  • No smoking and alcoholic drinks

Post-operation Care and Recovery Process 

  • Avoid water to get in contact with wounds after breast reduction after a surgery 
  • Take medications to help recovery process and chances of infections after breast reduction 
  • Patients should be aware of post-operation care and overall health such as no smoking and alcoholic drinks because it can affect a recovery process
  • Appointment for follow-ups with a surgeon 
  • Wear special bras for breast support




Surgery Package

  • Hospital accommodations 
  • OR and recovery room charges
  • Medical equipments and supplies
  • Preoperative routine lab tests
  • Pre op medicines, anesthesia, medical gas
  • Professional fees (surgeons, anesthesiologist, nurses)
  • Post op care
  • Transportation (hotel-hospital-hotel)
  • Mobile SIM card

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