Surgery to correct protruding ears

Surgery to correct protruding ears Surgery to correct protruding ears

Spreading ears and large ears can occur from birth. or happened later Although it is not an abnormality in health, in terms of society, people with protruding ears and large ears are often ridiculed by those around them. create dissatisfaction and make you feel ashamed until wanting to be corrected

And what is the ear size or shape? They are called wide ears. Normally, they are measured from the edge of the normal ear. Our ears are attached towards the back at an angle of approximately 25-35 degrees. The outer edge of the ear is slightly folded back.

Why do we need surgery to correct protruding ears at Nida Esth'?

Expertise of Plastic Surgeon Dr. Piya Rungraksiri has more than 19 years of experience.
There is an anesthesiologist on staff. and leading nurses with experience in caring for patients which is accepted both at home and abroad
Small wound, little swelling, you can live a normal life after surgery to correct protruding ears.

Procedure for surgery to correct protruding ears

Surgery to correct protruding ears is a minor surgery, not dangerous, and does not require a hospital stay. The surgery takes about an hour. Surgery method

Remove the cartilage and sew it so that it is folded back.

Surgery on the back If the skin is very lax The doctor will have to cut it out and tighten the sutures. This causes the ears to flip back. Each person will consider modifying and decorating the shape of the ear to make it beautiful in different ways.
In cases where the ear cartilage must be corrected and reshaped, there is missing cartilage. It may be necessary to use additional cartilage from another area to replace the missing part.
Caring for the wound after surgery to correct protruding ears
The doctor will close the wound and in about 5-6 days will make an appointment to open the wound. The stitches are then cut. On average, in 3-4 days the patient can wash their hair normally.

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