FEM Laser

FEM Laser FEM Laser

Clear your skin with sparkling crystal beam.

FEM TM with the technology of FEMTM use the CuBr Yellow laser beam with the wavelengths of 578 nm and CuBr Green laser beam with the wavelengths of 511 nm, can solver numerous skin problems and correct the skin to the original state.


How does FEM TM Work?

“FEMTM” FAST AGE MICRO Technology, is a combination of two types of laser, which both yellow rays and green rays.CuBr Yellow Beam is used to activate the skin cells to produce more collagen up to 143%, reduce fine lines, wrinkles, tighten pores, reduce scare marks, reduce the infection of break outs, and slower the ageing process of the cells. Green beam is use to be move black spots due to the accumulation of melamine, reduce skin discoloration, can clarify the skin surface for Environmental damage skin. Dual Beam the combination of both green and yellow beams, in combination it is affective in order to remove warts, and moles without having to bleed, and recovering time take less than regular laser procedures.



FEMTM Facial Treatment Pimple

  • Pimple
  • Large facial pores
  • Improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun spot, Skin discoloration & Environmental damage skin
  • Slowing of the ageing process in skin. Facial skin will appear refreshed and youthful.
  • Remove mole & skin tumor

The treatment should be done to once every two to four week with the correct formulated medication, to see better and satisfying results, after the treatment there is no pain and make-up could be applied right.


Body Treatment

Stretch Marks Mole Sun spot & Skin discoloration & Slowing of the ageing process in skin

Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks are considered to be a permanent scare which is cause by the stretching of the skin surface which causes the skin to tear. In the first stage the scare becomes pinkish or redness, the next stage in turns in to a pale tone and develops to a deep tissue scare. Dr. L. Longo and his team has researched with the FEMTM machine to treat the stretch make in Italy in 2003, more than 90% of the patients have gotten results of 50% or up to 100% of the skin restoration, but the people who have no success are due to the stretch have developed to a permanent scare. For the permanent scare the combination of FEM and Dermal CO2 Infusion or EPS (ElectroPoration System) could help to reduce the marks. The treatment should be done 4 to 12 time, every two to four weeks there is no pain or the need to use the help of Anesthesia due to there is not cut.

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