The whole new experience of hair growth at the bio-cellular level
 Combined with the non-surgical laser energy to stimulate hair thickness naturally.

“The ultimate innovation to increase hair thickness without surgery,
 using Bio-protein Technology (Biological Growth Factor),
 supported by Japanese studies, and merged together with
 Laser energy from Fotona Hair Restart: the most advanced laser technology from the USA
 for the efficiency of hair follicle stem cell stimulation
to produce new, thick, strong, healthy and long-lasting hair results.”


Its efficacy is confirmed by research from leading universities in Japan and FDA from the USA.
Let’s get ready to experience the change within 2-3 months.

Solve the problem of hair loss, thinning hair and baldness.
 The hair becomes thick, healthy and looks naturally younger.
 Absolutely suitable for those who do not want hair transplant surgery.

*Note: Response results vary in each individual.

Based on more than a decade of rigorous and continuous study by scientists at leading dermatological institutions from around the world, it was found that the human hair root is the source of a large number of stem cells which is why our hair grows longer all the time.  And, when the old hair falls out,there will be new hair growing instead which is the normal cycle of natural hair.


However, for people who have problems with hair loss, thinning hair, and baldness, this is not the case. Due to genetic factors and Androgen Excess, the imbalances in the level of Androgen hormones in the body that are all severely affected the division of stem cells in the hair follicles, it causes these cells to stop working, resulting in

  • The lifespan of each hair is shortened: normally, hairs last 2-6 years old.
  • When old hair falls out, the body cannot produce new hair to replace it.
  • Therefore, it becomes a problem with thinning hair, hair loss, and baldness.




Naturally, these problems will go away when we are able to stimulate the hair follicle stem cells that have stopped working to come back to create new hair again.





HAIR VACCINE BIO-LASER THERAPY is the latest technique invented by Dr. Sunida Yuthayotin, an American Board-certified dermatologist and a director of the Nida Esth' Medical Centre for Laser Dermatology and Surgery to increase the thickness and strengthens the hair's protective barrier to make the hair strong and healthy with non-surgical approach.

This non-surgical hair growth technique has been developed from research by a team of doctors and researchers from Japan based on the principle of "Stem cell science using biological proteins (Biological Growth Factor)" to stimulate the large number of cells around the hair follicle to divide and create new, thicker hair.



Combined with the latest laser technology from the United States, Fotona Hair Restart enhances the efficiency of creating thick hair. The laser energy from Fotona will stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp and also the production of cytokines and growth factors, which are important factors in naturally creating thick, strong, and healthy hair.



HAIR VACCINE BIO-LASER THERAPY program combines treatment with "Stem cell science using biological proteins (Biological Growth Factor)" with Fotona Hair Restart: the laser technology that stimulate hair follicle cells to create more thicker hair.  It also increases the efficiency of the hair's natural repair and rejuvenation process and takes care of the scalp to have healthy hair roots. Get ready to grow new hair naturally.


How does HAIR VACCINE BIO-LASER THERAPY create new hair?

Creating thicker hair with HAIR VACCINE BIO-LASER THERAPY consists of stimulating stem cells around the hair follicle in 4 steps as follows:



Step 1 Using stem cells from biological proteins derived from the patient's own platelets

The stem cells are extracted from the patient's platelets by means of Biological Growth Factor technique and taken through the Photo Activation process with Adi-Light, a special light wave that can activate the stem cells to divide efficiently.

Step 2 Using Pure Peptide Protein Biological Complex

The obtained stem cells were cold crystallized at -80C to maintain the active performance and viability of them.



Step 3 Hair Photo Activation

The use of light waves (Light Energy) in a specific wavelength accelerates the progenitor cell division in the hair follicle again to be introduced into the procedure for injecting stem cells into the scalp area.



Step 4 Fotona Hair Restart

Fotona Hair Restart is divided into 2 modes:

Step 1 Photothermolysis  laser energy helps stimulate blood circulation in the scalp in the problem area and the secretion of cytokines and growth factors in the head area that are important for hair growth.  As a result, new hair’s life cycle grows longer.

Step 2 The laser energy is delivered deep under the scalp surface to stimulate the hair follicle cells, generating enough heat to stimulate the micro-vascular circulation of the scalp makes the new hair grow thicker.


How long will it take to see results?


A noticeable change in thicker hair will appear after 3 months of regular treatment and become more noticeable when continuing treatment because of the nature of the hair life cycle, when 1 hair expires and falls out, there will be new hair to grow in its place in 3 months later.

However, patients will feel better hair and scalp health from the first 1-2 months.

The expected results?

  • Increased hair thickness
  • Larger hair size
  • Healthy hair and scalp
  • The life of each hair that will last longer

Do we have to take medication - apply anything during the course of treatment?

  • Home Use Topical Regiment is also used for effective results
  • Hair care products such as shampoos, conditioners and hair serums are also used as recommended by a doctor for effective results of thicker and healthier hair
  • Those who are taking antidepressants testosterone (Finasteride) can reduce the dose up to 10 times when treated with HAIR VACCINE BIO-LASER THERAPY

How often do we need to be treated?

  • Receive treatment regularly every 2 weeks for the first 3 months
  • And, every 3-4 weeks thereafter at the discretion of the treating physician

Are there any side effects?

No side effects have been reported. 


Who is it suitable for HAIR VACCINE BIO-LASER THERAPY?

  • Those who want to increase the thickness of the hair
  • Those who want to build strength of hair
  • Those who want to take care of the scalp to have healthy hair roots that are ready to grow new ones


Why HAIR VACCINE BIO-LASER THERAPY technique at Nida Esth' Medical Center? 



  • We provide a technique to extract stem cells from Bio-proteins derived from the patient's own platelets to obtain healthy Lived Cells to be implanted into the scalp, resulting in hair that becomes thicker and naturally stronger and healthier.
  • There is a Safety Policy, safety measures and cleanliness policy within the hair transplant center.
  • There are dermatologists and certified surgeons who are professional and experienced treatment.
  • There is an AI Plan with clear details of the treatment program from how to do it to the exact cost.
  • There is close supervision before and after the treatment by skilled nurses.
  • Hair transplants are performed in a standardized, safe facility that has been certified by international institutes.
  • There is a clear assessment of the results before and after the changes.
  • There is a good service with a Customer Service team that takes care and answers questions 24 hours a day.

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