Hava3 Lift

Hava3 Lift Hava3 Lift

Hava3 Lift Truly Natural Beauty

  • Enhance Skin Elasticity 
  • With No Use of Filler
  • Creating a V-shaped Face
  • Without Surgery and Injection 

As we’re getting older, signs of age start to appear on every single cell of our body, including skin cells. When our skin structures decay and skin cells turn older, collagen and elastin growths become less effective, causing negative changes to our facial skin.

Medically, from a number of researches, it has been found that there are 3 significant changes in “The Hearts of Youth” or our skin structures which are 

  • Collagen
  • Elastin
  • Hyaluronic Acid

As stated, it causes changes to our face, causing us to look older.
As a result, “filler” injection in collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acids plays an important role in the medical field to fulfill and rejuvenate our face. 
However, filler is still not the answer for anyone who is afraid of pain injection and unnatural chemicals. 

“When we age, Our Skin age, too”

The research finds that the deteriorated structures that are the Heart of the Skin show different side effects as follows 

Collagen – Decreased Elastin Network

  • Wrinkle 
  • Facial Laxity 

Decreased Hyaluronic Acid

  • Facial Aging 
  • Deep Line
  • Loss Facial Elasticity 

Natural – Based Medical Technology 

3 Technologies  3 Innovations From 3 Continents (USA – France - Israel)
Tighten…facial skin Fulfill…facial skin Create…facial distinctiveness 

  • Immediate Result 
  • Safe              
  • No pain  
  • No Injection  
  • No Surgery    

Why Hava3 Lift at Nida Esth  

  • Nida Esth’ offers a professional dermatological and laser team, leading by Dr. Sunida Yuthayothin, M.D. who has more-than-19 years of experiences 
  • We are a one-stop service for both surgical and non-surgical procedures
  • We offer a number of laser innovations that can solve problems of each individual patient
  • We possess technologies certified by USA that can evaluate results and illustrate differences before and after the treatments
  • We provide internationally certified equipment
  • Treated with Hava3 Lift by a professional dermatologist 
  • We have nurse teams who are well-trained in taking care of patients through processes of procedures
  • We provide professional care performed by medical and nurse teams to lessen patients’ concerns 
  • We evaluate and follow results of procedures with a customer service team that is always available to answer all patients’ concerns 
  • We – Nida Esth’ – is trusted by a number of both famous Thai celebrities and international patients  
  • The location is at the Heart of Bangkok, well-decorated and clean to give patients a sensation of relaxation

Who are suitable for Hava3 lift? 

  • Who has sagging skin problems
  • Who has wrinkles 
  • Who has fine and deep lines
  • Loss of facial elastin
  • Who wants to have brighter facial skin 
  • Who does not want to undergo filler injection

How does Hava3 Lift work?
Hava3 Lift contains 3 natural-based technologies that help
The hearts of Youth

  • Collagen
  • Elastin
  • Hyaluronic Acid

Hava Super Energy Lift > Revive

A micro laser technology that adjusts the structures of collagen and elastin, revealing the perfect smoothness and less sign of ages

Hava Deep Cell Lift > Fulfill

Special technology that transmits Hyaluronic acids, vitamins and minerals which are significant to skin in cellular level, preventing free radical and revealing the perfect skin

Hava Micronised-Hya Blam Lift > Nourish

The 40 KD micronised hyaluronic acid molecule – the only masterpiece in the world that can penetrate through skin with no injection to fulfill what caused by age and pollution  

How does Hava3 Lift work?

Hava3 Lift contains 3 natural-based technologies that helps
The hearts of Youth

  • Collagen
  • Elastin
  • Hyaluronic Acid




Hava3 Super Energy Lift


The technology that can adjust collagen layers under skin and elastin to be as effective as before.
Source – Pure Laser Energy (1,064 nm.)
Action - @Collagen – Elastin Network




  • Reconstruct
  • Collagen – Elastin
  • Network in Deep-Dermis
  • Tightening Facial Skin, revealing “distinctiveness” 


  • Strengthen
  • Collagen – Elastin
  • Network in Mid-Dermis
  • Healthier Facial Skin with Elasticity 


  • Collagen & Elastin Production
  • Wrinkle-Free Skin without Filler


  • Epidermal Cell turn: Overate
  • Smooth, Rejuvenated and Radiant Skin


Hava3 Deep Cell Lift to fulfill the skin in its cellular level


  • Free Hyaluronic Acid 5 mg/ml
  • 12 Vitamins
  • 23 Amino Acids
  • 6 Co-enzymes , 5 Nucleic Acids , 1 Anti-Oxidant
  • 6 Minerals


Epidermal Turnover Rate – accelerate a process of a facial peel that naturally deteriorate and a process of new cell reproduction 

Collagen – increase collagen under skin, creating a firmer skin 

Hydration – Improve an exhausting and dehydrated skin to be healthy again 

+72%        Fewer Sign of Age and Wrinkles on Our Face 
+103%    Healthier Skin 
+132%    More Hydrated Skin 
+144%    More Radiant Skin 

    *A research on 40 participants illustrates that each of them had being receiving Hava3 Deep Cell Lift for 5 times and the results were tested 3 months afterwards.

Hava Lift Serum


The 40 nm micronised hyaluronic acid molecule – the first one of its kinds – that can penetrate through skin with no injection to fulfill what caused by age and pollution  

1.Maintain Skin’s Optimal Hydration > 1,000 Times
    Perfectly Skin Nourishment

2.Strenght Anti-Oxidant
    Anti-oxidant Enhancement for Younger Skin

3.Improve & Support
    Alleviate and Hydrate the Skin

4.Firmness & Elasticity our skin
    Strengthen Skin Structure and Improve the Elasticity 


  • Perfect Skin Hydration 
  • Firmer & Younger Looking Skin 
  • Vibrant, Radiant & Healthy Skin 



Post-operation care after Hava Lift

No recovery needed after the procedure; make-ups and daily activities can be done as normal

Let’s find out a new experience to fulfill our facial skin without filler creating a new aspect of beauty with no surgery and injection by tightening and fulfilling to become wrinkle-free as before at Nida Esth’

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