Hybrid Breast Augmentation

Hybrid Breast Augmentation Hybrid Breast Augmentation
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Perfect Breasts with Hybrid Fat Transfer Technique for Breast Augmentation

Small breasts can be a disaster to a number of women who dream of breast augmentation but fail due to very few breast tissues. Let’s talk about the way outs for this type of problems. 

With unceasingly efforts of trying to develop a new technique of Nida Esth’ – Bangkok, Thailand, we discovered a new technique of breast augmentation with implants and fat transfer to make the result look even more natural and fascinating than conventional breast augmentation. With special instruments of Patrick Tonnard and Varpelle from Europe for transferring fat cells, it can create the most natural breasts of all other techniques since a result of the same breast augmentation with only implants is determined by the breast tissues of patients. 

A combination then creates the Hybrid Technique that fulfills the lacks and naturalizes the result unlike no one has ever seen before. Implants and fat cell transfer shows the success of natural breasts for those who have very few or none breast tissues. Breast augmentation can sometimes develop a breast gap but with the help of fat transfer in the Hybrid Technique, the breast gap will be less wide. And, for anyone who has very few breast tissues, the technique can also help to cover the implants’ rims, resulting in the more natural sensation. 

What is Hybrid Breast Augmentation?

Hybrid Breast Augmentation is a technique that utilizes implants and fat cell transfer from patients’ own stem cells. It brings out 2 benefits of breast augmentation techniques. First of all, fat transfer can create more breast tissues, resulting in more natural result of breast augmentation. It also decreases a chance of implant rippling. But, with only breast augmentation with fat transfer, a problem might be found because fat cells would usually be gone. So, breast massage should be avoided to prevent fat cell loss. As a result, Hybrid Breast Augmentation combines both benefits of the use of implants and fat transfer in one.  

Why Breast Augmentation at Nida Esth’

  • The expertise of a surgeon – Dr. Piya Rungruxsiri – who has a special technique of breast augmentation and more-than-19-year experience in surgical field. 
  • Anesthesiologists and nurse teams who have experiences in taking care patients and hospitalization both local and international 
  • We provide VECTRA 3D which can simulates a 3 dimensional photographs of an expecting result of procedures
  • Standardized and certified implants from USA, individually selected for each patients with serial numbers.
  • After Hybrid breast augmentation, patients will be receiving professional care from nurses who demonstrates how do breast massage and post-operation care for a faster healing process

Who is a competitor for Hybrid Breast Augmentation?

  • Patients who have very small breasts
  • Patients who previously underwent breast augmentation with implants and did not satisfy with a result and texture of implants and would like a more natural result 
  • Patients who’d like to have big but natural breasts at the same time 

Two Main Procedures of Hybrid Breast Augmentation

  • Liposuction from areas to extract stem cells from fat cells
  • Breast augmentation with implants and stem cells from extracted fat cells

The period of time is approximately  4 -  5  hours

Incision Sites 

  • Hybrid breast augmentation usually can be done in 3 incision sites which are under armpits (Transaxillary Incision), Inframammary incision and periareolar incision
  • Liposuction areas  

Recovery Period: 3-5 days

Period of Stitching Off: 7-10 days after a procedure

Pre-operation Care

  • No water and food for at least 8 hours before a procedure

Post-operation Care 

  • Stretch incised areas within a month after a surgery to prevent fascia adhesion, especially for under armpits 
  • No breast massage or warm packing within a month after a surgery to prevent fat cell loss
  • No smoking and taking collagen and vitamin C within 3 months after a procedure to prevent capsular contracture.
  • Avoid places that include rapid changes of temperature to prevent fat reabsorption  





Surgery Package

  • Implants and fat transfer procedure for breast augmentation 
  • Hospital accommodations 
  • OR and recovery room charges
  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Preoperative routine lab test
  • Pre op medicines, anesthesia, medical gas
  • Professional fees (surgeons, anesthesiologist, nurses)
  • Post op care
  • Transportation (hotel-hospital-hotel)
  • Mobile SIM card

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