Laser Genesis(3D)

Laser Genesis(3D) Laser Genesis(3D)


Have you ever want to do something with your facial skin, whether you want to tuck it, nip it, pull it, erase
darkspots or roll your skin out to make it smooth? Now the impossible becomes possible with 3D genius
laser program.


3 Dimensional Skin Rejuvenation is genius laser program that perfectly blends science of the skin 
treatment with Light Energy, Laser Energy and Infrared Energy to prevent aging and rejuvenate youthful 
state in the skin.

1st Dimension – Rejuvenate dull skin with LIME LIGHT

  • Light energy is the only energy that can adjust the length of the wave, the intensity of the light and even 
the temperature of the skin during treatment so it’s suitable for each individual’s dimensional problem.

  • Rejuvenate top dimension for smoothness of the skin surface and even skin color in a way that has 
never been done by other technologies before.
  • Visible result after initial treatment.


  • Uneven skin
  • Rough skin and enlarged facial pores
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Shallow acne scars

2nd Dimension – Bring smoothness back with LASER GENESIS

  • Soft laser light rejuvenates collagen structure on the middle layer of the skin. It increases circulation 
and increases cell renewal that generally decreases with aging.

  • With the length of the wave 1,064 mm, Laser Genesis can penetrate top dimension through second 
dimension, which is where upper dermis is. Patients will not feel any irritation at all but feel relax 
during treatment.


  • Uneven skin
  • Rough skin and enlarged facial pores
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Shallow acne scars

3rd Dimension – Bring tighten skin back with TITAN

The best source of energy “Infrared” is brought in to help skin firming, bringing it to youthful state. It also 
strengthens collagen structure in deeper dermis and even increases productivity of Fibroblast Cell, 
which is like a factory that makes Collagen and Elastin.

There is no pain, no applying treatment, and no injection. Infrared light can penetrate 1st and 2nd dimension through 3rd dimension, which is the deepest layer of dermis while 2nd dimension is 
protected by a cold mass. Patient can feel warmness slowly penetrating through the skin and slowly 
seeping out of the skin for the whole one hour of treatment. Make-up can be applied right away after 
each treatment.

After treatment, loosen skin is visibly tighten and is firmer. In some cases, it causes Collagen Triple 
Heiix to tighten and Collagen to thicken and spiral twisted.

In most cases, tightening happens slowly and gradually in 3-6 months after treatments and after 
Collagen regeneration and Fibroblast cells regeneration occur.

For pure benefit, 3 treatments every month along with Laser Genesis is recommended to regenerate 
collagen structure thoroughly


  • Tightening of facial skin and neck in order to maintain youthful state and fight anti aging process up to 
1-2 years after treatments.

Signs of aging are

  • Dull skin, dark spots and sun spots
  • Red spots from acnes and thinning in layer of the skin
  • Enlarged facial pores and rough skin
  • Wrinkles and fine lines especially around the eyes
  • Loosen skin that loses its firmness to gravity of the earth which causes facial skin, cheeks, chin, eyes 
and eyebrows to shift position.

Individual experiences aging differently in dimension, degree and rate of cell deterioration. Physicians 
will design a program to fit each individual’s need to maximize the result

A study in Tokyo, Japan found that usage of Laser Genesis along with Lime Light would increase the
effectiveness in reducing freckles and melasma.

Laser Genesis can be performed in a long-term period in every 2-4 weeks without any side effects. 
Continue usage of this treatment is the way to prolong youth to the skin. It s believed to be the true 
youth laser.

Q & A

Q1. Are there any pain, soreness and redness after treatment?
A: 3D Skin Rejuvenation Therapy is a pain-free procedure without anesthetic, there is no redness or 
swollen after treatment. Make-up can be applied right away after treatment.

Q2. How many times do I need to do the treatment before seeing any result?
A:Each treatment lasts about 20-40 minutes depends on the treated area. Each individual responds to 
treatment differently but each should get treated every 3 weeks for facial area and 2 weeks for body area

  • You can see visibly result after your initial Lime Light and Laser Genesis treatment. Skin is brighter 
and clearer. In case of dark spots treatments, spots will become even more visible after treatment but 
within 7-10 days, it will peel off and disappear.
  • You can feel the tighten in your skin in 3-6 months after your 3rd Titan treatment

Q3. What type of skin can be treated with the 3D treatment?
A: 3D is the treatment for any type of skin, any sex and any age.

Q4. How many times do I have to go for treatment?
A: Physicians will assess each patient’s skin and design a suitable program to fit each patient. But 
generally physicians would recommend to get at least 5 treatments.

Q5. Is 3D different from other laser treatments?
A: Other laser treatments can cure one problem at the time unlike 3D treatment, which can fix more than 
one problem under one treatment. Physician would design a program to fit each individual needs. 
This is called Tailor-Made 3D Skin Rejuvenation Program to fix each individual problem and bring the 
skin back to youthful state again.

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