Revlite Laser

Revlite Laser Revlite Laser

State-of-the art innovation which combines the latest advances in laser technology with innovations in aerospace science

Photo Acoustic Laser 4 versions

RevLite : Peel

RevLite : Clear

RevLite : Laser Toning

RevLite : Hair & Tattoo

What is RevLite Fusion?

Rev Lite Fusion, a trademark of Photo Acoustic Laser, is a state-of-the art innovation which combines the latest advances in laser technology with innovations in aerospace science. Photo Acoustic signifies an integration of photo energy with the echoing power of sound waves.  Acoustic Energy, an aerospace technology.



Epidermal Reconstruction
Photo Acoustic Energy breaks up clusters of melanin that manifest as blemishes, freckles, and black spots on the skin. Melanin will start to thin out and peel off. Once the natural process of peeling takes effect, all these dark spots will start fading away, usually 7-10 days after treatment. 

Dermal Reconstruction
Laser and the echoing powers of sound waves from Photo Acoustic Energy cause collagen fibers under the skin to vibrate, which in turn leads to a complete restructuring of the collagen network. Immediate results include: tighter skin, narrower pores, fading dark spots and wrinkles, and smoother skin with holes from acne starting to fill up.



RevLite Version One : RevLite Peel

Smooth, radiant and rejuvenated skin

RevLite Fusion One Plus Cell Therapy 10 sessions or once every 1-2 weeks

  • Skin is 23.6% smoother after the first treatment.
  • Smoothness increases to 39% within the next two months.
  • No redness or swelling from treatment
  • No local anesthetic needed
  • Regenerated collagen for several years.

RevLite Version Two : RevLite Clear

Receive 1-2 sessions of Revlite Clear every month to remove blemishes and black spots and experience long-lasting rejuvenated, radiant skin.

RevLite Fusion Two Plus Cell Therapy 12 sessions or once every 1-2 weeks

  • Blemishes and dark spots visibly fade away after four weekly sessions.
  • 80-90% fading of blemishes after 10-12 weekly sessions.
  • A safe and gentle treatment for your skin.

RevLite Version Three : Laser Toning

Receive 1-2 treatments every month to experience long-lasting rejuvenated skin

Maintenance program RevLite Fusion Three Plus

This program will strengthen the collagen network under the skin using Photo Acoustice Laser technology, which helps to restructure the skin in order to slow down the natural aging process and from exposure to environmental pollutants.

  • Regenerated collagen lasts for several years
  • One month session recommended for people over 35 years old.

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