Robotic Fat Killer by SculpSure laser dissolves fat

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Kill Fat Cells ● Reshape your Body ● Tighten within 25 Mins!
The Ultimate Laser Robot that "Kills" Fat Cells, USA Standards.
Results Guaranteed by FDA
Fat Decreased Immediately after the First Treatment
No Suction! ● No Injection! ● No Pain! ● No Surgery!



What does the Expert say?

     ‘Dr. Sunida Yuthayotin' or 'Dr. Nida', American Board aesthetic dermatologist, CEO & Founder of Nida Esth' Medical Centre: Premium Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Institute”, the No.1 comprehensive beauty institute internationally accepted and guaranteed with over 24 years of experience with the award of 'Body Reshaping Laser Centre with the Most Premium Technologies’ 3 years in a row from ‘168AsiaTopTen' and the most recently with the 'Editor's Choice’s “The Most Trusted Cosmetic Surgery Center & Leader In Aesthetic Laser Technology Award” from Hello Beauty Magazine 2022' and HELLO Honorary Award 2023.    
     Today she will talk about her impressions of the Robotic Fat Killer by Sculpture:


     From my previous work experience in taking care of the patient's appearance, the problem that I frequently encounter is the problem of excess fat that they can't reduce no matter how hard they try." You will not lose weight no matter how you quit eating. Furthermore, many of my patients are still terrified of and refuse to have liposuction surgery. As a result, I have the ideal answer for folks who have tried numerous methods to lose fat without taking diet pills or exercising!

     Today…I have an exclusive tip for my patients which is robot technology that can help change the body shape to be beautiful, slender, and firm. It is better than traditional fat removal lasers which is the technology called "Robotic Fat Killer by SculpSure" that can directly get rid of excess fat but it is also gentle on the outer skin and the specialty of this technology is no need for surgery, no injections, no pain and no redness or swelling. Plus, it takes only 25 minutes for one session. "Robotic Fat Killer by SculpSure" can treat all areas with excess fat. By melting away excess fat and making it come back fat again!

     "Very impressed," said all of my patients who have tried this method for treatment. It is because the fat has definitely diminished and it causes no discomfort. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to complete, and you can return to your daily life with a stunning shape that is firm and unbelievably toned."

     Furthermore, "Robotic Fat Killer by SculpSure" is the world's first laser machine that has been certified by the Food and Drug Administration. It is a fat dissolving technology that does not invade the skin and can treat a variety of regions. Whether it's the stomach, waist, back, outer thighs, inner thighs, or double chin area, you can be confident that it's safe and that you'll see visible results.”

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The owner of an exclusive column "Beyond Beauty by Dr.Nida"
 In Bangkok Post

No knife 25 min Fat Reduction NOW Available!!! In Bangkok
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25% Fat Cells Killed In 25 Minutes With Robotic AI Sculpsure®
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What’s Robotic Fat Killer by Sculpture?


"Robotic Fat Killer by SculpSure is the best non-surgical fat removal method in my opinion." It is a US-developed technique that has
been approved by the US FDA to remove fat from the body with no surgery, injections and suction."

"Robotic Fat Killer by Sculpture is a laser technology that uses heat to reach and destroy excess fat cells by using laser energy in the 1060
nm wavelength range” inside fat cells at a temperature of 42-47oC till the fat cells are shocked and disintegrated. The lymphatic and urine
systems rid the body of these deceased fat cells."

"Robotic Fat Killer by Sculpture has good results on all areas with excess fat and each treatment can reduce the amount of fat in the treated
area by approximately. 24-32% and there is no need to recover because it uses laser principles to help after the procedure." Rest certain that
it is risk-free and will produce results."

Highlights of Robotic Fat Killer by Sculpture


Kills more fat cells and can treat a larger area in the same amount of time.


Breaks down fat and tightens the skin at the same time, unlike conventional fat reduction lasers that do not have a skin tightening mode.
Faster Result
It only takes 25 minutes for one treatment and you can see the difference from the first treatment.


There is no risk of skin death from freezing because it uses alternating heat and cold energy that makes you feel relaxed.


It can kill fat cells in many areas at the same time.

Robotic_Fatkiller_Nida Esth How does it work

Who is suitable for Robotic Fat Killer by Sculpture technology

• Suitable for those who want to get rid of fat in specific areas permanently.
• Suitable for people who have problems with excess fat and want to reduce their body size to look firm and tight.
• Suitable for those who want to get rid of fat without surgery.


Advantages of Robotic Fat Killer by Sculpsure®

• NO Surgery, NO Injection, NO Bruise, No Pain and NO Downtime
• Immediately tighten the skin while killing fat cells
• Various areas can be done at the same time including upper arms, back wings, stomach, waist and thigh
• Suitable for everyone, both men and women who want to get rid of excess fat permanently without surgery

Differences between CoolSculpting and Rootic Fat Killer

Robotic Fat Killer by SculpSure Why_Nida

Why Robotic Fat Killer by Sculpture at Nida Esth’ Medical Centre?

✦ Look Slimmer and Younger Immediately
A world-class laser technology center ready to create a beautiful, firm, clearly defined figure that is perfectly distinct.
✦ Worldwide Real Results
Results: "Beautiful and firm body shape" in over 10,000+ cases from patients around the world.
✦ International Awards and Honors
Awarded "World's Leading Reshaping Laser Centre" from regional rankings and Exclusive Interview from HELLO
Magazine, Bangkok Post and 168AsiaTopTen.
✦ Highly Experienced Medical Personnel
The team is led by Dr. Nida, American Board of Aesthetic Medicine with a team of nurses with a lot of experience.
✦ Advanced Technique
Combining the science of laser with unique beauty techniques to answer all skin problems.
✦ Excellent International Customer Service Care
With a team of specialized nurses who is ready to take care of you 24 hours a day throughout the treatment process.
✦ Your Personalized Beauty Plan
Plan a personalized treatment program in the form of an AI Plan.
✦ Advanced Analysis
Software analyzes skin shape problems and compares actual age with complete body age.
✦ Complete Package
Clearly compiles in-depth treatment packages for each case.

Exclusive Personalized Beauty

“From the first day of work until now I have always adhered to the concept of Personalized Beauty. The work of a cosmetic doctor is no
different from other medical doctors. We need to thoroughly analyze the patient's problem as a starting point and design the treatment to the
point. Currently, I use AI Software to help analyze the problem and design the treatment, both Skin•Hair•Slim.”
Robo-Body Scanning Analysis technology has also been incorporated as a therapy method to ensure ideal results. This technology analyzes
the interior body and determines the total body composition, including

• Body fat percentage
• Body Mass Index (BMI)
• Body weight condition
• Muscle condition
• Standard weight measurement
• Basal metabolic rate (BMR)
• Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDE)

To create a treatment plan that is appropriate and unique to that patient, since I believe that no matter how good technology is, if it is not
used appropriately, perfect treatment results may not be obtained.
"In addition, all of my cases will have photos recorded in order to analyze changes and compare treatment results with Intelli 2D, which
creates movies for patients to watch all of the time, because at Nida Esth' we dare to show results in Real Time because of experience and
technology." With modern technology at our disposal, we are convinced that we can make a difference in every case. As a result, the treatment
outcomes at Nida Esth' are noticeable. The effectiveness has been demonstrated in tens of thousands of cases.

Robotic Fat Killer by SculpSure


Q1 : Why choose Robotic Fat Killer by SculpSure?
Dr. Nida : Because it is the first type of laser in the world that has been certified by the US FDA to truly "Melt" fat into oil without surgery.

Q2 : How does Robotic Fat Killer by SculpSure work?
Dr. Nida : The Applicator of the Robotic Fat Killer by SculpSure will be placed on the location where excess fat is to be dissolved and Laser
Energy will be released to directly melt fat cells without affecting surrounding skin cells.

Q3 : Where will the “melted” fat go?
Dr. Nida : Fat that is “melt” goes into the bloodstream. Then, it is eliminated through the liver.

Q4 : How is it different from other fat-burning and slimming program technologies?
Dr. Nida : Patients can feel a reduction in their proportions after the first service without surgery at all.

Q5 : What are the highlights of Robotic Fat Killer by SculpSure?
Dr. Nida : Research has proven that it can melt up to 25% of excess fat within 25 minutes.

Q6 : Is it painful?
Dr. Nida : Absolutely not!

Q7 : Will the fat that has "melted" come back again?
Dr. Nida : No, the fat will vanish forever. However, it is also dependent on each individual's dietary habits.

Q8 : Does Robotic Fat Killer by SculpSure require exercise and diet control along with it in order to see results?
Dr. Nida : “It's not necessary.” With the innovation of Robotic Fat Killer by SculpSure, it can already help remove fat cells from the body.
Exercise and diet control will help us to be healthy and control our weight better.

Q9 : Who is it suitable for?
Dr. Nida : Suitable for anyone who wishes to lose weight and slim down using a belly fat reduction laser.

Q10 : Can it be done on every part of the body?
Dr. Nida : It can "melt" fat in every part.

Q11 :How much amount of fat will be lost?
Dr. Nida : Robotic Fat Killer by SculpSure can reduce fat by up to 25% on average each time.

Q12 : How long does it take?
Dr. Nida : 25% of fat will disappear within 25 minutes.



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