Slim Firm 4D

Slim Firm 4D Slim Firm 4D

Ultimate solution to strengthen skin's elasticity, restore collagen flexibility and improve skin firmness

The New Dimension in Aesthetic Beyond Single Frequency Limitation Immediate Smoothing and tightening Results


Q & A

Q: What is Slim Firm 4D?

A: Slim firm 4D is one of the most recommended treatment to treat cellulites and skin firming. This technology is a combination of frequency and vacuum that concentrates on different levels of skin.



Q: Why Slim 4D?

A: It has 4 modes that can go deeper into your skin levels and dissolves fat tissues and firms skin away.

Q: What's the different of Slim 4D than any other lasers?

A: Other normal lasers has only 1 dimension to treat only one level of the skin, but Slim 4D has 4 Dimensions that divides the skin levels and can concentrate more on specific level for losing cellulites and skin tight.



Q: What do we expect from Slim 4D? 

A: You can see immediate result. In one treatment you will see smoothness and tightening

Q: What areas can Slim 4D treat?

 A: All area that has fats, cellulites and skin laxity



Q: Is it painful?
A: No, it’s not painful. This treatment is very relaxing.


Q: How oftern should we do Slim 4D?
A: Once a week for 8-12 sessions
1st to 2nd session: Skin will become smoother and firmer
 4th to 6th sessions: reduce circumference on the treated area



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