Slim Laser Ion Magnum From UK

Slim Laser Ion Magnum From UK Slim Laser Ion Magnum From UK

Lose up to 5000 calories in one treatment and reduce 3-9 cm in 2 hours

It is very amazing that this technology took over 30 years to invent by a team of researcherswho invented the"Pace Maker" (cardiac pacemaker) from the University of London, England.
Let's hear it from Dr. Xanya Weiss, PhD. in Neurophysiology, University of London
Dr.Sunida: What is “Ion Therapy”? How does it burn fat and sculpt the body without surgical need?

Dr. Weiss: Ion Therapy has been developed for more than 30 years by the same University of London research group who invented Cardiac Pacemaker. It is neither surgical- nor laser-based protocol, but it releases about 3,000 analogue wave forms towards treatment spot areas, resulting in the secretion of growth hormone, thyroid hormone and DHEA. As a consequence, metabolism process increases and balances naturally. The superior outcome takes place in the shorter period than the result of normal exercise.

Dr. Sunida: This method DOES burn up to 5,000 calories within 2-3 hours, doesn’t it?

Dr. Weiss: During the study, metabolism level was measured several times. We found that the patients lost 5,000 calories after a 2- or 3-hour treatment of Ion Therapy.



Dr. Sunida: Will the body size be reduced in every case since the first treatment?

Dr. Weiss: The shape will decrease averagely 3-9 cm., depending on the location of fat deposit. For example, visceral fat will be reduced slower than subcutaneous fat. This treatment is the most effective method for women after childbirth, particularly 3- or 4-month postpartum, reducing average 7 cm.



Dr.Sunida: How frequency does the patient get the treatment?

Dr. Weiss: As frequently as possible. This is because Ion Therapy resembles “Compact Exercise in a Box”. i.e. daily work-out, but burns more fat in short period without any attempt to do exercise. Treating with Ion Therapy every other day for one month gives the same result as doing exercise 2-3 times a week for 6 months, much more noticeably than treating once a week.



Dr. Sunida: How long does each treatment take?

Dr. Weiss: It takes about 1-2 hours, depending on the amount of fat deposit and body size.

Dr. Sunida: How long does the result of Ion Therapy last?

Dr. Weiss: The result lasts a long time when it combines with frequently light exercises and balance diet.

Dr. Sunida: How does the patient feel during the treatment?

Dr. Weiss: One of the advantage of this therapy is “no pain”. In the spot of treatment, it is just like the muscles contract rhythmically.

Dr. Sunida: Are there any side effects?

Dr. Weiss: an evidence of side effects has not been reported so far. This method is very safe, and approved by CE Mark for European countries as well as US FDA.



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