Slim Laser Diet

Slim laser Diet

'The Only Whole Body Weight Loss Program'

Minimize fat cells all over your body from head to toe, leaving you youthful, healthy skin from the inside out

With the integration of 2 best laser technologies from USA

Zerona and Triple T by Evolve

Combined with US FDA-Approved 'Imaginary Fullness Peptide Protein'

Plus Frozen NAD

No Pain ● No Surgery ● No Safety ● No Downtime

Immediate weight loss throughout the body from the first time


What does the Expert say?

     ‘Dr. Sunida Yuthayotin' or 'Dr. Nida', American Board aesthetic dermatologist, CEO & Founder of Nida Esth' Medical Centre: Premium Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Institute”, the No.1 comprehensive beauty institute internationally accepted and guaranteed.

     With over 24 years of experience with the award of 'Fat killing & body reshaping center with world-class standard technologies’ 3 years in a row from ‘168AsiaTopTen' and the most recently with the ‘The Most Trusted Cosmetic Surgery Center & Leader In  Aesthetic Laser Technology Award from Editor's Choice’s Hello Beauty Magazine 2022'. And, the latest award 'The Honorary People' in 2023 from determination in finding the best technology to answer every problem and concern of all patients throughout her career.  
      And, today we will talk with Dr. Nida about the newest program which is the Slim Laser Diet Program.


      "The majority of my patients with body image issues are overweight or obese, which is caused by the body having more fat than usual and being unable to utilize it all. These fats are created by the body's inability to metabolize all of the food consumed, which is then deposited in various regions of the body as accumulated fat.

      Of course, when attempting to lose weight, ,many individuals try healthy diets, however because the body uses muscle mass before fat, this fat is not gone initially. Muscle is used as energy and plays a significant role in the metabolism of food.  Our metabolism becomes less effective when we lose muscular mass, which increases the storage of fat. 

     These fats, which are easily created yet stick with us for a very long period, are what I will refer to as "stubborn fats." Losing these fats with exercise or diet alone is exceedingly challenging. The majority of my patients quit up and, in some circumstances, go back to being as overweight or even more so. In terms of cosmetic medical practice, liposuction is the most often used method to address this extra fat. However, it necessitates surgery, which many of my patients hesitate as it has a significant risk of infection, discomfort, and an extended recuperation time. Most people also find major surgery to be inconvenient and uncomfortable.

     Recently, in an effort to always choose what's best for my patients, I created a new program just for those who struggle with their weight and have a BMI over the average but do not want surgery. Fearing discomfort and wanting to avoid an extended healing period? Consider the Slim Laser Diet program, which combines the two greatest laser technologies available in the US with peptide protein to help us achieve "Imaginary Fullness," a strategy that reduces body fat without causing pain, requiring no surgery and no recuperation.

     This approach will decrease fat in all areas. The average weight reduction associated with this program has been measured. The findings are rather remarkable: the average weight reduction in three areas: the waist, hips, and thighs was lowered by up to 6 inches in just two weeks. Furthermore, the research revealed that those who receive therapy utilizing this way Triglyceride levels dropped by 60%, cholesterol in the circulation fell by 85%, good fat (HDL) rose while bad fat (LDL) declined, and fat was eliminated from the body. So it not only provides a wonderful form and proportion. It also implies improved quality of life and health.

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What is Slim Laser Diet Program?

     The Slim Laser Diet program is the ultimate Total Body Weight Loss program that combines a form of body shape treatments using 2 quality laser technologies from the USA combined with ‘Imaginary Fullness Peptide Protein' that helps enhance the function of fat elimination with laser that is more effective than before. This program is divided into 3 sub-programs:

  1. Slim Duo Laser Program
  2. Slim Shot & Supplement Program
  3. Slim Burn & Detox Program

Slim Duo Laser Program

Slim Duo

     The Slim Duo Laser program combines the energy of Zerona's Weight Loss laser, which is the first and only Weight Loss laser technology in the world to dissolve fat in the world that can reduce body weight and excess fat within 2-3 weeks by using laser energy which stimulates fat cells to break down from within. The fat that has been broken down will be excreted outside the fat cells and eliminated by the body's lymphatic system. The result is that the millions of fat cells will become smaller, causing the size of the waist, hips, and thighs to become smaller. too It also helps Balances appetite regulating hormones, causing less appetite.

     And, another technology is Triple T 3D Body Design: Tone that helps in expelling fat cells from the body by using a unique three-dimensional Bipolar Technology that transmits RF energy (Radio-frequency) and Special Wave called EMS (Electro Magnetic Spectrum) to stimulate fat cells that break down to make Zerona's work more efficient, along with helping to tighten the muscles in every proportion of the body to be firm in every dimension and every angle.


How does Slim Duo Laser Program work?

     Photonic Energy from Zerona, which is a Cold Laser, focuses directly on fat cells. It causes Biochemical Reaction and small temporary openings (Transitory pores) on the cell membrane. Excess fat inside the fat cells flows out of the cell like a popped zit without the fat cells being destroyed. 99% of the fat inside the cells is expelled outside the cells. This causes fat cells, which are large and filled with fat particles, packed inside the cell tightly. Cells become smaller and shrink within 18 minutes! After treatment and Triple T: Tone technology releases electromagnetic energy to stimulate muscle contraction and expansion, the 4 hands-free applicators can help stimulate the expulsion of fat effectively.


Break down excess fat, where does the fat go?

Triglyceride & free fatty acid that is removed from fat cells is sent through the lymphatic system to organs with a high metabolic rate, such as the muscles, heart, and liver, to be used as energy within the tissues.