Slim Smooth

Slim Smooth Slim Smooth

Reduce Cellulite & Provide bodyslimming

From high credible medical researchers….
Reduce 3.5 centimeter in average treatment
Reduce 8.7 centimeter in maximum treatment



What is SmoothShape?

Photomology Technology with 915nm Laser Plus 650 nm Light. The 915 nm Laser dissolves fat cells without damaging the whole cell system.



The dissolved fat will go directly and easily wash out to the lymphatic drainage system.



650 nm Light will modify the membrane of the cell, thus it leaves perfect shape of the cell membrane which leaves skin smooth and rejuvenated.



It will change the collagen formation under the skin to correct dimpling of skin and reduce cellulites.
As any woman can tell you…

  • 80% SMOOTHER
  • 81% cicumference reduction



Recommended Protocol

  • 8-12 sessions, twice a week.(at least 4 weeks)
  • Maintenance treatment can be done anytime as desired.


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