Tummy Tuck Operation

Tummy Tuck Operation Tummy Tuck Operation

Who is a good candidate for tummy tuck?

Tummy tuck; abdominoplasty is suitable for those who want to tighten and remove fat at tummy. In some case is needed to get muscle operated. This operation can tighten tummy and make it firm to increase self-confident.

What is tummy tuck?

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty removes excess fat and skin at abdomen that protrudes or is loose and sagging. The area that is operated is tummy including hip and lateral bones.
Tummy reduction can be done in several techniques. If there are excess skin on specific area, this problem can be helped by liposuction. If you have loose and saggy tummy, it is needed to be removed by tummy tuck. Moreover, diastasis can be solved by tummy tuck.

However, tummy tuck cannot replace diet or exercise even its result lasts permanently. Therefore, people who plan to lose their weight or have a baby should avoid tummy tuck.

  • Do not have a life-threatening illness or medical conditions that can impair healing
  • Non-smoker
  • Realistic expectations
  • Moreover, people who had been operated tummy including pregnant women is suitable for tummy tuck because

What should start for tummy tuck?

For the first process, a patient should be advised from the surgeon because facts before tummy tuck are important. FAQ are included

  • A patient’s expectations and evaluation
  • Another choices for tummy tuck 
  • The result after tummy tuck and side effects
  • Treatment course advised by the surgeon


Overall health and personality are main factors that affect the result of tummy tuck. Therefore, the evaluation for treatment should be done carefully. The success, safety and satisfaction also depend on patient’s given information.

  • Reveal explicitly the desire of the result
  • Inform a medical history, present treatments, intakes of vitamins and herbal supplementary food and alcoholic drink, and smoking history
  • Understand the result of the treatment and expecting result of tummy tuck
  • Strictly follow instructions given by a surgeon


To carefully listen to a consultation with a surgeon and to follow the instructions given are important to reach the safety of tummy tuck.

A surgeon obtains a certificate from Thai Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Thailand – which is given to only trusted and certified plastic surgeon.

When should we undergo tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck solves individual problems such as

  • Accumulated fat in tummy area
  • Saggy skin in tummy area
  • Weak muscles from pregnancy, weight loss and age

Some patients may find just one problem out of the above or some may suffer from all of them which can be fixed by tummy tuck. However, tummy tuck cannot reduce stretch marks.

Tummy tuck can usually be done with liposuction. Tummy tuck depends on level of severity evaluated from excess skin. However, it depends on individuals’ preferences as well and medical assessment.

Liposuction can be considered to perform with tummy tuck or tighten other parts of a body to reduce excess fat. Other tightening innovations can be done either separately or together with tummy tuck. However, not every patient can do several procedures at the same time; an evaluation with a surgeon is initially needed. 

How to Tummy Tuck

Incision site of tummy tuck is horizontal in the area of mons pubis to navel. A size and length of scars will be evaluated, depending on the measurement. During a tummy tuck procedure, weak abdominal muscles will be fixed; fat, tissues and excess skin will be removed. The second incision site around a navel can be done in case that patients need to remove excess skin in the upper part of an abdomen.


The size of scars depends on an amount of excess skin removed. If the area is located lower than a navel, the incision site for tummy tuck will be very small and located at hip bones which can be done with liposuction. However, the problem is that if there is too much amount of fat, only liposuction may not be the right solution.

The result of tummy tuck delivers an immediate result which is flat, tighten and symmetrical abdomen which is proportionate to the size and weight of a body. But, the perfect result may not be seen in the first stage of recovery process due to swollen and incapability of standing straight. Within 1-2 weeks, you may find the more satisfying result.


A surgeon usually explains in detail the process of tummy tuck before the procedure so patients should know that

  • Pre-op facts, assessment, analysis and the procedure
  • Dates of surgery and instructions both pre and post operation
  • Information about anesthesia 
  • Post operation care and follow-ups 

Moreover, you may have to sign a consent form to confirm that you acknowledge all the process of treatments, what could happen and risks of complications from a surgeon’s explanation.

Risk from tummy tuck can be such as blood clots, bruises (Hematoma), infections and slow healing process. Any surgery can cause risks such as in anesthesia. But, these risks should be clearly explained before signing a consent form.

Another important thing is that you must directly ask everything you are confused with a surgeon. It is normal to be worried with the expecting result or there can be stress before the surgery.

What to see from tummy tuck  

A proper tummy tuck should be done in a proper operating room certified by plastic surgeons, out-patient surgery centers or hospitals. Although local anesthesia can be used in tummy tuck, general anesthesia is more popular. But, a surgeon and medical staff will be responsible for taking care of this.

Follow-ups after tummy tuck 

After the procedure, patients will be bound with elastin bandages or special garments to reduce swollen and support abdomen during recovery process. There might be a small tube to drain accumulated blood. Patients and everyone involved should know about

  • Pre-op care and blood draining 
  • Medications for recovery process and less chance of infection
  • Overall health issues and post-op instructions 
  • Follow-ups with a surgeon

Recovery process of tummy tucks

The first stage of swollen and pressure around the incision areas; medications for pain relieve will be given. Patients should walk as soon as possible to decrease blood clot (Deep vein thrombosis) and other complications.

Patients should avoid bending, stretching out and carrying heavy things for several days. A surgeon may recommend not standing straight to decrease pressure that could happen in the wounds. Also, patients should lay their legs on a pillow. For good results, patients should strictly follow instructions and chilling activities around 2-3 days after the procedure.

Wounds healing would take about 5-10 days. Stiches will be out after that. Patients are ready to get back to work and do normal activities. Lifting heavy stuff and doing exercises can be done 2-3 weeks afterwards.

Wounds healing can take several weeks. Swollen will get better and the wound as well. Patients should avoid sunlight until the healing process is complete. Instructions of a surgeon should be followed carefully and continuously.


Results of tummy tuck are immediate. However, the result may fully take several months. Numbness might be gone several months. Wounds can also take years to fade. Although it turns to scars, it can be cover by clothes.

A new body with permanently tight and flat abdomen will last as long as you are regularly on a healthy diet and doing exercises. As we age, abdominal tightness’ will be gone. However, the abdomen looks better after tummy tuck.

Tummy tuck

This information is brought to you by The American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. All information is for educational purposes. It is not guaranteed the treatment results and it cannot be substituted as a consultation from professional medical teams.


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