Breast augmentation surgery with the Ultimate Breast 360 ° technique

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‘Beauty Beyond Nature’ with Ultimate Breast 360° Technique 

Naturally beautiful in every degree of movement with special the technique at the Premium level.

With 'Dr. Piya', Thailand's No. 1 Breast Augmentation Surgeon

‘precise and perfect, as one wishes’  

"When the best of quality and beauty come together, it is like a luxurious beauty like Hermes in the world of breast augmentation surgery."

‘Ultimate Breast Implant Ultimate Technique Ultimate Surgeon Ultimate Service and Facilities’


What does the Expert say?

    Dr. Piya Rungruxsiri, MDor Dr. Piya, a licensed plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specializes in the science of cosmetic surgery, stands out in the field of breast augmentation, particularly among Asian celebrities and Thailand's leading superstars and actresses who have come to consult and become his patients. 

     Dr. Piya's finest achievements, according to word of mouth, are neat and focus on natural results with very minimal scars, as if no knife is involved. Along with providing premium services that cover everything from pre-treatment to post-treatment, which leave impressive results. Therefore, Dr. Piya rises to prominence and is now a surgeon on the short list of many people seeking breast surgery, including breast augmentation and breast lift in Thailand.

     'Dr. Piya Rungruxsiri' or 'Dr. Piya' is a surgeon with certificates in cosmetic surgery from the International Society of Plastic Surgery and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and holds the position of CEO & Co-Founder of Nida Esth' Medical Center: Premium Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Institute where is internationally accepted and guaranteed by more than 24 years of experience with the award ‘No.1, The best breast augmentation medical center 3 years in a row from 168AsiaTopTen' and most recently with the 'Editor's Choice for ‘The most trusted cosmetic surgery center & leader in aesthetic laser technology' from Hello Beauty Award 2022'. And, lastly 'the Honorary People' in 2023 from our determination in finding the best technology to answer every problem and concern of every patient throughout his past work.


     Therefore, today we are going to talk about the Ultimate Breast 360° Surgery Technique with 'Dr. Piya' who is known as the most favorite surgeon of  superstars, important leaders and celebrities all over Thailand and Asia due to his outstanding performance of the art of surgery which is “precise and perfect, as one wishes” with customization techniques in every case, causing many patients to be intrigued and come to consult with him from both Thailand and other countries.


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What is the Ultimate Breast 360°?

       It is a breast augmentation surgery called Ultimate Breast 360° that produces more natural-looking results using a unique breast enhancement technique that combines premium-level expertise in the science of beauty and the art of design. With Surgical Technique and Premium Implants that generate teardrop-shaped breasts in every position and constantly maintain them naturally beautiful in every movement, breasts are still in a naturally exquisite shape whether sitting or lying down.

     The breast augmentation technique at the premium level with ULTIMATE BREAST 360° is able to elevate breast augmentation surgery to a whole new level by combining between 

Ultimate Breast Implant: Premium breast implants with safety standards from the USA.

Ultimate Technique: The technique has been developed to be superior to conventional breast augmentation.

Ultimate Surgeon: A surgeon with more than 24 years of experience in breast augmentation

Ultimate Service and Facilities: Premium Medical Centre that is 24/7 available to provide impressive care

Ultimate Breast Design: 3D imaging simulation for breast design with ultra-high resolution color image capture by Vectra 3D.

Ultimate Safety: Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Anesthesiologist, Medical Team and Professional Staffs. Equipped with Modern Technologies and Medical Equipments.

       In order to provide such beauty at a premium level, Nida Esth’ Medical Centre incorporates special techniques of over-24-years-of-expert aesthetic surgeons and implants that have been developed with more advancing technology. Nida Esth’ also offers the safety standard of an operating room, resulting in the natural outcome with higher flexibility.  No matter which postures, the breasts are still stunningly elegant. The procedure also comes with greater security thanks to the unique technology of implants that is made from more durable materials, along with a MicroChip that can be checked with the specific information of implants. With the specific technique of the surgeon and the flexibility of the implants, there is no need to be worried about scars and bruising since the surgical wound is very tiny just about 2 c.m., making them almost impossible to see. Plus, the recovery period is also lesser.

Why Ultimate Breast 360° is more Premium?

Tiny wounds + Safety standard +  High flexibility + Natural feelings + Natural results


As Ultimate Breast 360 ° is a breast surgery that meets the need for natural beauty and almost 100% of perfection for those who seek for the natural breasts with small wounds, regardless of any movement in motion. It also provides the highest safety. Therefore, the Ultimate Breast 360 ° is the key to these problems.

breast breast Before - After Ultimate Breast 360 ° Before - After Ultimate Breast 360 °

The specialty of premium implants for the Ultimate Breast 360° technique

Natural softness, high elasticity, like real breasts

Super soft and natural touch, similar to real breasts. After stretching, it will return to its original shape. This is an advantage that it has over other implants. 


The surface of Nano Texture is smooth

It is outstanding with a new Nano Texture surface that is smooth and ultra-soft combined with a surface that has effective adhesion, flexibility and high durability.


Reduces the occurrence of fibrosis and tearing

It is safe, so you don't have to worry about the dangers of leakage. 


Natural results with many shapes and sizes

The shape of the silicone is more natural than ever. It moves according to the shape of the body. Whether you sit, lie down or stand, your breasts won't look unnatural.


Chip implant technology can record details of breast surgery for later examination

Build confidence in breast augmentation surgery to the next level with a nano chip technology, only 12 mm., inside the implants to serve as a safety standard and enhance your breasts to the next level.

     The Ergonomix implant has a 12 mm chip implanted inside. It is a safety standard that records evidence of breast augmentation surgery, such as silicone size, medical centre where breast augmentation surgery was performed, location, which can be checked using external inspection tools. Patients do not have to worry about having problems later.


Position and area for breast augmentation surgery

     Breast augmentation surgery using the Ultimate Breast 360° technique can currently be performed in three main areas, depending on the size of the implant. The recipient's original breast size. The surgeon will advise on the appropriate position with the following options:

  1. Inframammary Technique: There may be a slight scar as the incision, but this is a location that is rarely noticed. Because of the nature of the breast, it will sag slightly due to gravity, causing the scar to be covered.
  2. Transaxillary Technique: It is another option for people who do not want to have a scar under the breast, but the surgery requires a lot of expertise and endoscopy is required during breast augmentation. Also, it is more difficult to take care of than the inframammary t
  3. Periareolar Technique: There is a slight scar or may not be noticed at all, but it is more subtle. Surgery is more difficult because an endoscope may be required to assist in the surgery.
Position and area Vectra 3D Before - After Ultimate Breast 360 ° Before - After Ultimate Breast 360 °

VECTRA 3D State-of-the-art technology that plays a role in the design of the breast augmentation plan

     The Vectra 3D Simulator is Thailand's only 3-dimensional technology that I usually use to discuss with my patients. This technology allows patients to view what their breasts will look like following surgery, causing patients to determine whether or not to use this approach or implants, but if they are not pleased, we can experiment with the patient's needs, freely. Whether it is a question of the nature of the shape and the form of breasts, Vectra 3D can aid in the design of the treatment plan, offering highly exact results for almost 100% of the time.

     The technology will capture and record 3 images to build 3-dimensional photos. The computerized AI system then processes and creates images which can be seen in multiple perspectives as a tool to help plan the treatment to meet the needs of patients. Vectra 3D technology is a technology that allows us to visualize after surgery such as breast augmentation surgery, nose surgery, or even liposuction. However, the processing of Vectra 3D technology should also rely on the experiences of professional and well-trained surgeons as well in order to assess the aesthetic techniques and needs of patients.

Precautions for the Ultimate Breast 360° technique


  • Refrain from taking blood clot-dissolving drugs (Aspirin and Ibuprofen), vitamins A, E, C, herbs, ginseng, ginkgo biloba leaves and fish oil 2 weeks before surgery.
  • Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol at least 2 weeks before surgery.
  • Take a shower, wash your hair, and clean your body thoroughly before surgery.
  • Prepare to wear loose, comfortable clothing and easy to put on and take off such as a shirt with front buttons
  • Abstain from food and drink for at least 8 hours before surgery.
  • Take a shower and clean yourself thoroughly before surgery.



  • During the first 4-5 days, you should wear a Support Bra to help support the shape of your breasts and reduce movement to decrease chances of pain and swelling.
  • Apply medicine regularly. Your doctor may give you medicine, cream, or ointment to apply to the wound periodically to prevent infection. It's important to ask your doctor how many hours you need to take your pain medication and what types of medicines are prohibited from taking.
  • You should wear comfortable clothes by choosing loose clothing, not tight, it will help you feel more comfortable. No need to twist your body back and forth when you want to move.
  • Your surgeon may recommend that you come and receive a breast massage at Nida Esth' Medical Centre with a specialist 10-14 days after surgery to prevent hardening of the membrane around the implants. This step should be done with caution because it may affect the wound.
  • Receive Soft Laser treatment to help heal wounds and reduce swelling and bruising.
  • Reduce activities that involve a lot of movement in the chest or armpits, such as running, lifting things up high, etc.
  • Eat nutritious food that is high in protein, along with vegetables and fruits because protein helps repair various parts of the body.
  • Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol until your surgeon gives you permission.
  • Stitch removal period: 7-10 days after surgery

Ultimate Breast 360° Technique Breast Augmentation Package

Pre – Operaton

  • Doctor consultation Fee  
  • Vectra 3D Breast simulation from USA  
  • The physical examination program in the laboratory before surgery includes:
  • Chest x-ray
  • Check the completeness of white blood cells
  • Kidney function test
  • Blood test
  • Anti HIV Test
  • ECG Test
  • Covid-19 Test


  • Premium implants for breast augmentation
  • Expenses for operating rooms and recovery rooms in Platinum / Gold A Prestige wards in Samitivej and Phayathai group hospitals
  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Medicines taken before surgery, anesthesia, and other medically related medicines
  • Professional fees (surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses)
  • Post-surgery care includes chest compressions and Soft Laser treatment to reduce swelling and help wound healing

Post – Operation

  • Home medicine.
  • Wound dressing and stitch – off.
  • Follow up with surgeon.


Why Ultimate Breast 360° at Nida Esth’ Medical Centre

  • The 24-year expertise of a well-known plastic surgeon, Dr. Piya Rungruxsiri with special techniques to perform breast surgery.
  • The professional anesthesiologist and specialized nurses with experiences inpatient care which are accepted in both Thailand and other countries.
  • There are modern equipment and tools such as the Vectra 3D that can simulate three-dimensional images of the shape of breasts and the results after the procedure.
  • Utilize the breast implants which are standardized by CE MARK. Breast implants are selected only for each individual with a serial number and a chip card for checking data
  • After breast augmentation, patients shall receive ultimate care from a professional nursing team, including breast massage instructions and post-operative wound care after breast augmentation for the wound to heal even faster.


A Committed Surgeon Described as the Most Attentive and Meticulous Surgeon in Every Step

     I'm a plastic surgeon who has always pay attention to my patients' overall beauty, especially when it comes to breast surgery to make it appear as natural as possible. In every case, as I put in my full efforts and dedication, it is possible to say that I'm the most attentive and meticulous surgeon thorough in every stage of enhancing my patients' beauty.

     I constantly remind my patients that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way and that everything is a work of art. Each patient has a unique body type, shape, and size. Furthermore, needs vary; therefore, it is my responsibility to plan and design the correct treatment to produce the artwork on the patient's body that is to be "tailor-made", following the Personalized Beauty Concept, which alters each person's appearance so that it appears natural and beautiful.

     As a result, when performing the operation, I will take into account each patient individually, offer consultation, and give the patient the opportunity to ask questions and thoroughly explain what the patient wants and what can be done. With my experience in cosmetic surgery, I am able to select the best techniques that are secure and as suited to the patient's preferences as possible.”

     In order to appear beautiful in our best version, everybody who is interested in treating breast problems whether they have issues with breasts that are too tiny, too big, drooping, or have uneven breasts and in order to construct and create a customized treatment plan, you can come in for an evaluation with the specialized surgeon - Dr. Piya - who will use VECTRA 3D to evaluate the body and breast. So, Personalized Beauty Plan is properly created to address each unique issues.


  1. After breast augmentation using the Ultimate Breast 360° technique, can I breastfeed?
    Answer: You can breastfeed normally.
  2. After breast augmentation using the Ultimate Breast 360° technique, how many recovery days are required?
    Answer: It depends on the patient's physical condition. A typical estimate is 1 night in the hospital and 5-7 days at home after leaving the hospital.
  3. After breast augmentation, is it necessary to stay in the hospital to recuperate?
    Answer: Because it is surgery that requires general anesthesia and is considered major surgery. After surgery, the patient should stay in bed to recuperate for at least 1 night.
  4. Can breast implants using the Ultimate Breast 360° technique last for a long time?
    Answer: About 10 – 15 years or more

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