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No Medication! ● No Surgery! ● No Risk of Sexual Dysfunction!

✦Increase the amount and the thickness of the hair✦
✦Proven real results in thousands of cases of treatments✦
✦By the No.1 surgeon with over 24 years of experience✦


What does the Expert say?

     'Dr. Piya Rungruxsiri' or 'Dr. Piya', a surgeon who is a member of the International Society of Plastic Surgery and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. He is also the CEO and Co-Founder of Nida Esth' Medical Centre: Premium Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Institute, where has received international recognition and is backed by over 24 years of experience, including the award 'No.1 Hair Transplant Centre of Thailand for 3 years in a row from 168AsiaTopTen' and, most recently, the 'Editor's Choice's Beauty Laser Technology Leader Award from Hello Beauty Award 2022'.
     Today we will discuss non-surgical hair growth technology: UR Cell Hair MicroTransplant+, Thailand's only patented hair transplant designed by the doctor himself.    

     UR Cell Hair Micro Transplant+ is not only a new option for solving the problem of thinning hair, but it is also a hair transplant program that guarantees with more than 24 years of experience and expertise in treating hair loss and thinning problems of medical knowledge, both science and art, combined with meticulous care given to every patient in order to achieve the greatest results. “I understand that hair loss-thinning is a problem for many people, both men and women, young and old, if they have inherited hair loss-thinning. As a result, I tried to study and search for various techniques that will help solve these problems of hair loss and thinning until the birth of UR Cell Hair MicroTransplant+ by combining the science of increasing the number of hairs from Europe with the exclusive technique of increasing the thickness of hair from Japan, making it a non-surgical hair transplant that is very popular in Thailand, including Many of my patients come from neighboring countries in ASIA. Everyone who has had the treatment said the same thing: UR Cell Hair MicroTransplant+ is the greatest non-surgical hair transplant technology."

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What is UR CELL Hair MicroTransplant+?

     "UR Cell Hair Micro Transplant+ is a hair transplant program for persons with thinning hair that uses "hair follicle cells" It is retrieved to get Lived Cells that are alive and powerful, ready to be "implanted" with Stem Cells in problem regions of the hair roots. There is no need for medication, surgery, or the risk of sexual dysfunction. It is Thailand's only exclusive technology that combines the science of increasing the number of hairs from Europe with the copyrighted technique of increasing the thickness (Hair Regenerative Therapy) of hair from Japan that has been passed down from Professor Fukuoka Hirotaro, the father of the science of Cellular Surgery or Advanced Cellular Surgery. And, I brought all of this knowledge back to improve and grow until it became a non-surgical hair transplant, which is considered a new chapter in treating hair loss and thinning problems for the first time by employing stem cells for the first time for the results of thick, natural hair."

How does UR CELL Hair MicroTransplant+ work?

     Hair transplantation using "your own cells" is thought to be Thailand's first licensed hair transplant procedure that combines the science of enhancing hair growth from Europe with the technique of raising hair thickness from Japan in the cell nursery process. As a result, the results of treatment are efficient in raising the quantity of naturally thick and thick hairs.

“Harvest” approximately 4-5 healthy hair roots in areas not affected by hormones and genetics with a special tool of only 2 mm.
“Extract” the Live Cells Activation process to obtain hundreds of thousands of still-viable hair follicle cells, which is a technique that can extract the most living hair follicle cells.
“Implant” the extracted cells into the scalp in areas with thinning hair with a procedure called “Auto Transplant” which in medical terms is the transplantation of cells from the patient's own body. These living and healthy cells will go in to repair and strengthen new hair roots with the process “Cells-Heal-Cells” until they grow into natural and thick hair.


UR CELL HAIR How does it work? UR Cell Hair microtransplant

Expected Results After UR CELL Hair MicroTransplant+

     The extracted hair follicle cells protect the hair roots from the effects of testosterone, and they can prevent hair loss using the Cell Heal Cell Theory, which is to repair hair follicle cells that have atrophied as a result of the effect of Hormone Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) to return to a healthy state and adjust the abnormal hair cycle back to normal. As a consequence, new thicker hair grows with the usual life cycle, increasing the division of hair follicle cells and vital hair nourishment, which is required and helpful for hair growth. The result is new thicker hair that can grow naturally over time. This is considered to be the hair transplant procedure that produces the most longlasting results.

Process of UR CELL Hair MicroTransplant+

Pre-Micro Transplant

• Scan and analyze hair follicle cells with Nano Score Robotic System.
• Check out the Oxidative Stress Test to find free radicals in the blood that cause hair follicle cells to atrophy.
• Private consultation with the treating surgeon
• Design an Individual Micro Transplant with AI Plan.

Micro Transplant

• “Hair follicle cell transplant” by Pol. Lt. Col. Dr. Piya Rungruxsiri
• Low - Level Laser

Post-Micro Transplant

• Hair follicle cell nursery to ensure that previously implanted cells grow efficiently
• Hair Regenerative Therapy (HARG)
• Hair Hormone
• Hair Nutrition
• Low - Level Laser
• Scan and analyze hair follicle cells with the Nano Score Robotic System to compare treatment results.


Who is the best candidate for UR Cell Micro Hair Who is the best candidate for UR Cell Micro Hair Who is the best candidate for UR Cell Micro Hair

Why UR CELL Hair MicroTransplant+ at Nida Esth’ Medical Centre?

• It is the only technology currently that can directly treat hair loss and thinning hair problems from hormones and genetics at the
root of the problem at the cellular level.
• It is a technology that combines techniques for increasing the number of hairs from Europe and techniques for increasing hair
thickness from Japan. The result is that the number of new hairs grows thicker naturally.
• It is a hair transplant technology that gives good results without having to take medicine (no risk of sexual dysfunction) and without
surgery (no scars on the scalp. It does not need to recuperate and you can use your daily life as usual immediately after treatment.)
• Equipped with technology that can accurately analyze hair problems and the severity of hair loss-thinning problems at the cellular
level with the Nano Score Robotic System and guarantee treatment results in the form of an official report.
• Complete AI Plan informs every step of treatment so that patients can understand the process and results in every step.
• Successful experience in hair transplantation with UR Cell Hair Micro Transplant Plus+ of Pol. Lt. Col. Dr. Piya Rungruxsiri for more
than 2 decades.
• A team of skilled nurses closely cares for patients throughout the hair transplant process.
• UR Cell Hair Micro Transplant Plus+ is not just a hair transplant but it is necessary to nurse the hair follicle cells to be strong and
grow efficiently.


UR Cell Micro Hair Transplant Nano Score robotic system Result

Technology that Guarantees Real Results

     "I have imported Nano Score Robotic Systems technology, which is an advanced technology from Germany that is normally not found in clinics or general hair institutes because it is only used in national medical research centres, to treat the problem of thinning hair." I desire to invest in this technology in order to research the treatment of hair loss and thinning hair. Permanent hair transplant using Ur Cell Hair Micro Transplant yields incredible results." "Nano Score Robotic Systems are capable of analyzing the hair and scalp at the cellular level. It can count the number of hairs and the total average density of hairs, as well as measure the percentage of thickness of large, strong hairs, the number of hair follicles (Follicular Unit), and the average number of hairs in the follicles, Follicular Unit, to determine the percentage of hair there is.”

     "The results from this analysis enable me to accurately assess the cause and severity of the hair loss-thinning issue." As a result, if the analysis results are accurate, the treatment process will be much easier. If the research revealed that there is potential for hair growth and that the follicles had not closed, hair transplantation with Ur Cell Hair Micro Transplant+ should give good results. However, if the analysis results show that the hair follicles on the scalp are closed and unable to grow, I will honestly inform the patient that they may not be suitable for treating hair loss or thinning hair with Ur Cell Hair Micro Transplant+, in order to prevent the patient from having to incur unnecessary expenses.”


  1. How does UR Cell Hair Micro Transplant Plus+ work? Why is it possible to create new hair?
    : The extracted hair follicle cells will serve to protect the hair roots from the impacts of male hormones, preventing hair loss. Cell heal cells process is responsible for restoring hair follicle cells that have atrophied due to the effects of Androgenetic Hormone Alopecia (AGA) to a healthy condition and restoring the aberrant hair cycle to normal. As a consequence, new hair develops in accordance with the regular hair life cycle, promoting the division of hair follicle cells and providing essential and useful food for the growth of hair follicle cells. As a consequence, you now have naturally thick hair.


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