DNA Age Log

‘Retouch Your Skin & Renew Face’

"Reverse" the age to look 10 years younger "at the DNA level" with deep sea fish

stem cells.

No Surgery • No Laser • No Downtime

Under the Concept of Inside-Out Beauty

A personalized program created by Dr. Nida, a skin aesthetic specialist at Nida Esth' International

Safety Standards from South Korea



DNA Age Log is a deeply formulated skin care program to 'reverse' aging skin to be full, firm and look 10 years younger, while reducing wrinkles and filling deep grooves at the DNA level by using stem cell extracts from fish DNA. It contributes to the stimulation of new skin cells effectively because stem cells are extracted from deep sea fish DNA, which has been medically certified in South Korea, which is the closest to human DNA. Therefore, there are 10 different benefits.


Benefits of DNA Age Log

✓ Skin & Neck Lifting Effects

✓ Minimizes Pores

✓ Improves Skin Texture & Tone

✓ Reduces Dead Skin Cells

✓ Regenerate Skin Barrier

✓ Balances Skin Oil&Moisture

✓ Improves Skin Elasticity

✓ Reduces Sebum Oil Secretion

✓ Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles

✓ Clinically Proven Safe


Why deep sea fish DNA stem cells?

1. “Efficiency”

"Deep Sea Fish DNA Stem Cells" have the ability to repair skin cells at a deep level. Therefore, it can alleviate various skin problems that are caused by the deterioration of skin problems, whether it is a difficult-to-treat skin problem such as inflamed acne, large pores, blemishes, freckles, dark spots, and uneven skin tone. Therefore, it has been developed into a Rejuran Healer product, a product to restore and regenerate skin cells with a new concept of profound beauty from inside to outside.  From medical research, it was found that "Deep Sea Fish DNA Stem Cells" is the main component in solving the problem of aging skin and wound healing by repairing the skin from the inside out by stimulating the creation of new collagen to replace the deteriorating original cells. It also makes the skin able to retain more water and increase skin elasticity, thereby reducing wrinkles and filling deep grooves such as the dimples, crow's feet, and wrinkles around the forehead. It also helps strengthen the skin at the cellular level, making the skin healthy as well as less allergic, tightening the pores, repairing scars, holes caused by acne and helping brighten skin naturally.


2 “Safety”

Stem cell extracts from deep sea fish DNA are biomolecules that are similar to human DNA, therefore it is very safe and does not provoke a response from the body's immune system. It also demonstrates long-term efficacy in regenerating new skin cells. It also helps promote healthy skin flexibility and restore balance in the skin layer.


How Does DNA Age Log Work?

DNA Age Log stimulates the creation of new collagen under the skin through facial injections. It also stimulates skin cells to produce hyaluronic acid
and collagen. As a result, it helps the skin to be more hydrated and also helps to make the skin more elastic. It also results in “regenerative effect”thus reducing wrinkles, filling the grooves and making the skin barrier to be stronger, thicker, at the same time helping to increase volume, tighten pores, restore, repair acne holes and reducing wrinkles while helping to brighten the skin naturally.


Area that Can be Treated

✦ All over facial areas

✦ Neck

✦ Wrinkles at various areas


Why DNA Age Log technology at Nida Esth' International?

✦ Because of Dr. Sunida Yuthayothin's ability in assessing skin problems and her more than 23 years of experience in beauty, "Dr. Nida" or "Dr. Nida" is the designer of treatment approaches that match the needs and achieve satisfied outcomes for all patients.

✦ Clear Vision 2D & 3D, a technology that analyzes and scans face skin issues at the cellular level, will help to scan deeply into each layer of the skin in 2D and 3D to determine the true skin problems of each patient.

✦ Body Simulation Design by Vectra 3D, which simulates a 3D virtual image following treatment, enables you to design a body that transcends time dimensions with a surgeon at the only Nida Esth' Medical Centre and the only technology in Southeast Asia, along with Robo-Body Scanning Analysis, a technology to analyze body mass, as well as evaluating the body age compared to the real age and with this exclusive that makes the patient virtually cross the dimension of time. Before deciding to have surgery, it can also analyze and determine the shape beforehand.

✦ Increase safety standards at Premium levels with global safety controls. Global Health Accreditation (GHA) International GHA COVID-19 to increase the safety of services combined with the beauty of "A masterpiece of art" for the confidence and confidence of the service users.

✦ Nida Esth' is a specialized cosmetic medical center that can treat each skin problem in the deepest and most precise manner thanks to its more than 15 cosmetic medical laser technologies, the largest number in Thailand, that meet the US FDA world-class standards.

✦ A team of skilled nurses with extensive expertise in the beauty industry are on hand to attend to patients' needs and address their concerns at all times.

✦ The Medical Customer Service team will be able to address your cosmetic issues and be there to look after you around-the-clock like a family member.

✦ Nurses who speak English and can attend to patients of all nationalities can address any concerns or issues with their appearance.

✦ By using cutting-edge technology to compare before-and-after photos of skin problems patients have been treated for, Nida Esth' assures results and ensures that changes are being made at every stage.

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