HARG Program

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HARG Program

  • Top innovation to strengthen your hair follicle to avoid hair loss
  • The most advanced and latest invention by medical researchers for hair follicular cell hair regrowth without surgery needed.
  • Confirmed and highly approved and recommended by top medical professional and researchers in Japan
  • Visible hair regrow in 2-3 mos*
  • Experience healthy and thick hair naturally.

Note: the response may vary to each person differently.

Research team which consists of doctors and scientists from outstanding University in Japan become successful in discovering the new regimen of hair growth using Hair follicular cell with non-surgical procedure.

Hair follicular cell: Hair Regenerative Therapy System (Hair follicular cell: HARG)

Results and advantages of HARG

  • 100% of the patients being treated are exceptionally satisfied with the remarkable result.
  • Visible hair regrow in 2-3 mos
  • Experience healthy and thick hair naturally with non surgical hair transplant.


A series of bound and determined study more than decades of scientist at the top University around the world found that the hair root plays an essential role for hair cycle. The function of hairs root is to collect minerals and nutrients present in the body and take this substances up through the roots to the rest of the hair, thus hair regrowth and thickness depends on what the hair root absorbs in the body. If a person does not have abundant nutrients and less production or dormant cells in the body, the hair root cannot give the necessary properties to make the hair grow normally.

But for some people with hair loss problems, it caused by genetic factors and androgen excess or hormone imbalances in the body. It has a strong impact for cell division area at the root hair thus making the cells responsible for hair growth will stop to work.

The effects are:

  • Age of hair will become short: normal age of hair is about 2-3 years
  • If the old hair fall, the body cannot recreate new hair

But this problem can be solve if we can stimulate dormant cells using stem cell therapy in the hair root that stopped working, it will activate and build new hair again.

Q & A

What is Harg

HARG is the new innovation for hair growth to stimulate inactive cell and to reproduce new hair. By using one’s own Hair follicular cell, it will deliver signals to their neighbor cells to refill the lacking of substances and action to create new hair.

How can harg create new hair
HARG consists of three steps

Step 1 Stem Cell of your own

  • Extract a small quantity of blood from the patient.
  • Put it in a centrifuge to create higher concentration of Hair follicular cell
  • Place it inside Adilight device: to stimulate stem cell in greater dominance

Step 2 Pure Peptide Protein

  • Kept in a storage of below -80 degree Celsius to keep the bio molecule preserved and alive.
  • This bio molecule will help make the hair grow thicker and stronger.

Step 3 Hair Photo activation

  • Stimulate Hair follicular cell activation in hair root,
  • Will boost the action of the hair hormone, hair nutrition, peptide protein and patient’s stem cell that was being injected to the scalp.
  • Assist the hair root to increase its activity for nourishing hair.

How long does it take to see the result?


Anagen is the growth phase; Catagen is the degradation phase; and Telogen is the resting phase. People with hair loss problem, their Anagen phase is shorter than the normal and Telogen phase will be at its longer period.

Expected results?

  • Growing phase last longer
  • Increase hair density
  • Increase diameter

How often for treatment:

  • 2 to 3 weeks interval for more serious case
  • 3 to 4 weeks interval for less serious case

Additional treatment:

  • Home use topical treatment is needed.
  • Supplements to balance hormone production is also important.

Is there any side effects?

  • No side effects. You will only see hair grows on you scalp again.