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BodyLock Younger by J-Plasma+ (Renuvion®)

Body Lock Younger” LOCK beautiful body, transforming the appearance of a youthful body,
tightening up to the power of 2 technologies only at Nida Esth'.

Tighten immediately ✦ No scar ✦ Single treatment



What is BodyLock Younger by J-Plasma+ (Renuvion)

     The BodyLock Younger by J-Plasma + (Renuvion) is the latest combination in two advanced wave energy technologies that can replace surgery up to 80%. Let’s turn the history of the medical industry for beauty; the first time in Thailand to revolutionize conventional treatment. Say goodbye to sagging skin problems, transform into a beautiful figure and be ready to restore firmness and youthfulness of the skin. With APYXTM Medical's proprietary helium plasma energy, results are 80% equivalent to surgery, giving visible result immediately after surgery. It does not hurt and need to recuperate for a long period of time.

With the latest "New Generation" Handpiece with the high standard of surgery, the J-Plasma Precise FLEX is responsible for all 3 types of energy emissions:

  • Cool-CoagTM
  • Plasma Helium Energy
  • Mono Polar Energy 

     By combining the 3 energies together to straighten and tighten the skin for youthful, smooth and firm results which you can feel the difference from the very first time. It also has a small handpiece; therefore, the surgical incision is small with only 4-5 mm, thus reducing the risk of scarring and keloid.

     BodyLock Younger by J-Plasma+ (Renuvion) is certified by the US FDA, it can directly tighten the flabby skin to return and tighten it permanently. It uses helium plasma energy that has cooling properties combined with radio frequency energy to heat around 85 degrees Celsius, a heat level that has been confirmed to make the tissues underneath so the skin can shrink and tighten.

     In addition, the helium plasma energy can be directed to stimulate collagen production under the skin after the treatment, allowing the skin to be firmer, along with looking younger in the long run.

     However, BodyLock Younger by J-Plasma + (Renuvion) program should be supervised only by a qualified plastic surgeon and anesthetist. The procedure should also be performed in an operating room that is fully equipped with technology and facilities because BodyLock Younger by J-Plasma + (Renuvion) is a type of procedure which is semi-surgical; therefore, it must be assured of safety In a sterile laboratory for the most effective treatment.

Body Lock younger by J Plasma Before After Body Lock younger by J Plasma Before After Body Lock younger by J Plasma Before After Body Lock younger by J Plasma Before After

Procedures for BodyLock Younger by J-Plasma+ (Renuvion)

1. Pre- Body Lock Plasma

  • Body fat mass analysis with Robo-Body Scanning Analysis technology
  • 3D-Automated Body Design by Vectra 3D to design your own body with a qualified surgeon
  • Participate in a private consultation with a medical surgeon to design a treatment.

2. Body Lock Plasma

  • A qualified surgeon will design and simulate the desired body position, based on the clinical anatomy, in order to create the individual beauty with details that vary depending on age, problem and original anatomy of the body to achieve the results of beauty and youth.
  • Perform local anesthesia along with the anesthesiologist team to supervise the pulse and heart rate together with the qualified surgeon throughout the treatment period.
  • Body transformation to restore tightness to the body with the Body Lock Plasma program.

3. Post-Body Lock Plasma

  • Process results before - after treatment like Movie Comparison, showing you the result of a sleek and compact figure like animation.
  • Body Compressive Garment maintains tightness and the shape of a firm and beautiful body.

Treatment Process

  • Compare body age with real age and analyze excess skin problem and fat mass accumulated in specific areas with Robo-body Scanning Analysis.
  • Analyze the problem and scan the shape with Vectra 3D technology to simulate the realistic results before the treatment
  • Complete AI Plan to plan the treatment and design the shape that is right for you.
  • Undergo lifting treatment for sagging skin Ready to restore youthful skin with Body Lock Plasma by J-Plasma Renuvion program
  • Compare results after Movie treatment with IntelliStudio. Prove the results before after seeing with the eyes with animation

How does BodyLock Younger by J-Plasma+ (Renuvion) work? 

  • The qualified surgeon will puncture a small incision around 4-5 mm in size to insert the J-Plasma Precise FLEX handpiece under the skin.
  • Plasma, helium, and RF energy are released through the handpiece, which is then heated to 85 ° C, a level of heat that can shrink the fibers that hold the skin and tissues, resulting in firmer skin immediately after the procedure.
  • The plasma energy also stimulates the production of collagen beneath the skin's structure for a noticeably more youthful complexion.
  • At the same time, the handpiece will create cooling to the treated area at approximately 40 degrees Celsius, thus allowing the tissues in that area to cool until returning to the basic level.
  • All of these reactions take place in less than 1 second in order not to expose the skin and internal tissue to the heat for too long.
  • The result is a firmer skin and tissue which is not sagging along with the collagen stimulation for permanent firmness and youthful results.
How does BodyLock Younger by J-Plasma+ (Renuvion)  work?  Body Lock Younger by J Plasma

Advantages of BodyLock Younger by J-Plasma+ (Renuvion)

  • The unique THREE-IN-ONE energy transmission that does not damage the neighboring tissues
  • Safe and efficient proven to deliver clear and gentle results on tissues with plasma energy that provides both short term and long term therapeutic effects.
  • It is an alternative to traditional surgery and can be applied in a variety of applications to be used in conjunction with various surgeries.
  • It is a semi-surgical surgery that results in a small wound, reducing the risk of scarring-keloids and does not require long recovery.
  • It is a technology that has been certified by the US FDA.

In what areas can Body Lock Plasma by J-Plasma Renuvion treat?

Body Lock Plasma by J-Plasma Renuvion can be used to lift and tighten many areas of the body including:

  • Upper arms that are scaled and sagging
  • Excess abdomen in the front and sides
  • Breast 
  • Neck
  • Buttocks
  • Hips
  • Thighs and other areas as directed by your surgeon.

Who is suitable for BodyLock Younger by J-Plasma+ (Renuvion)?

  • Those who suffer from sagging skin from weight loss or after liposuction
  • Postpartum mothers who are worried about the problem of sagging belly
  • Those who want to see instant tightening results and permanent skin lifting
  • Those who are concerned about scarring after skin tightening 
  • Those who do not want to recuperate for a long time

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